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Chapter 248: Hes Here

Sheng Yiming wanted to refute Chu Liuyues words, but he realized that she was right. Everyone saw what happened very clearly.

I was indeed eliminated due to my own mistakes.

I can no longer stand in the arena now that Chu Liuyue has directly pointed it out, no matter how thick-skinned I am.

Sheng Yimings head felt heavy. All these years, I was an outstanding talent that everyone envied.

Since when was I so easily defeated and even needed to leave the competition in shame

His intense desolation almost made him unable to stand properly.

Xi Wanwan—who had nervously been watching on from below—sensed that something was wrong and hurried over.

“Yiming, youre injured.

Why dont you rest for a while”

Fu Yunshan knew that the situation could not be salvaged, so he could only shake his head and sigh.

With Xi Wanwan helping Sheng Yiming ease out of the situation, he finally recovered his senses and forcefully walked down.

When he walked past Chu Liuyue, he could not help but turn around to take a look.

That young girl looked very relaxed as she stared at her chessboard calmly.

She was very different from his previous nervous and embarrassing appearance.

Sheng Yiming felt increasingly uncomfortable.

He hurriedly retracted his gaze and left with his head hung low.

Chu Liuyue gently placed a piece down, not even giving him an extra look.

Sheng Yiming wanted to fish in troubled waters silently, but Chu Liuyue did not want to waste any time on him.

As for that Xi Wanwan… Shes just a jackal of the same tribe.

When Sheng Yiming came down, the crowd softly discussed for a while before turning their attention back to the duo in the competition.

The competition was going to end soon, but nobody knew who was going to solve the Xuan formation first.

Suddenly, there was an uproar in the crowd.

At first, Chu Liuyue did not take the commotion to heart, but the sounds gradually grew louder and louder as if something was not right.

She finally retracted her gaze from the Xuan formation and looked up.

She saw a familiar figure far away.

The man was decked in white, and he donned a black cloak.

Just by standing there, he automatically attracted everyones gaze.

He looked as sturdy as a tree, and he looked like a very humble gentleman.

These words used on him could only show off a portion of his characteristics.

Many girls in the square blushed as they looked at him, feeling both excited and nervous.

On the other hand, the men felt very guilty as they didnt even have the desire to compete with the man due to them being vastly different.

Such a fairy-like person was definitely not someone an average person could compare with.

This commotion was also caused by this mans arrival.

Even though she was in the arena, Chu Liuyue could still clearly hear many peoples excited whispers.

“Who is that Who is that Since when did Country Yao Chen have such a handsome young man”

“There are tons of men out there… but I didnt expect there to be such a man here…”

“I think hes Country Yao Chens Seventh Prince, who is also the sickly Prince Li.

I heard that he has always been resting at Mingyue Tianshan and that he only returned to the Imperial City just recently.”

“So its him! I thought hed look sickly and frail, but I didnt expect…”

“Even though rumors have it that he has always been sick, his appearance is enough to make countless women go crazy over him, right”

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows a notch. A demon is indeed a demon.

He can easily cause such a commotion no matter where he goes.

However, we bid farewell in the woods outside the Imperial City.

Why did he suddenly come here Why isnt he doing his own things

Yan Qing—who was behind Rong Xiu—started sweating when he heard the commotion. Master is so… He clearly knew that he would cause a commotion, yet he still came here so openly—forget it.

Our trip is actually considered low profile already.

Prince Li only came with one guard.

No matter what, it cant be considered as being high profile.

The most high profile thing is Masters face!

When Master returned to the residence with messy bloodstains all over, he frightened Yu Mo and me.

However, Master has never been in a better mood before.

Not only was he lazy to act sick in the mansion, but he even went outside.

Originally, Yan Qing was still confused.

However, he immediately understood why when he saw Chu Liuyue in the competition.

Master clearly came here for someone! But Yan Qing felt even more confused. According to Yan Ge, Master came back with Ms.

Chu in the afternoon.

Why did he suddenly come to see her again after such a short while

Yan Qing naturally did not understand anything.

Other than something calledmissing her in this world, there was alsopossessiveness. Rong Xiu finally captured her back, so how could he just quietly stick around

Rong Xiu looked at the young girl in the arena and walked forward.

His body seemed to have an invisible aura, which made people instinctively move backward and make way for him when he walked past them.

Situ Xingchen froze when she saw Rong Xiu appear.

The man that she had been thinking about day and night appeared in front of her suddenly and unexpectedly.

As she was too shocked and surprised, even Xing Luos eldest princess did not know what to do.

In actual fact, they had not met in a long time.

Rong Xius face looked more mature than before, and he felt even more prestigious and cold.

Her heart started racing, and her cheeks turned red.

Situ Xingchen nervously checked herself and secretly regretted it in her heart. If I knew he was coming today, I definitely wouldve dolled myself up before I left the house.

However, all these were minor things that were quickly washed away by the happiness of meeting him again.

Situ Xingchen took a deep breath in.

When Rong Xiu finally walked nearer toward her, she softly called out, “Senior Brother Rong Xiu!”

Rong Xiu stopped in his tracks and looked over.


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