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Chapter 249: Do a Small Favor

Rong Xiu stopped in his tracks and looked over.

When he saw Situ Xingchen, a faint doubt appeared in his clear eyes.

“You are”

Situ Xingchen felt as if someone had poured cold water over her, and her originally excited heart felt cold.

However, she still forcefully maintained the smile on her face.

“Senior Brother Rong Xiu, Im Xingchen!”

Rong Xiu squinted his eyes as if he was trying to recall who the girl in front of him was.

Yan Qing—who was behind him—softly reminded, “Your Highness, shes Elder Zong Yes niece.”

Rong Xiu looked like he suddenly recalled something upon hearing Yan Qings words.

“Oh, so youre Eldest Princess Situ.”

After seeing Rong Xius reaction, Situ Xingchen knew that he really didnt remember her.

This caused her heart to feel empty.

Rong Xius distant tone hurt her even more.

Ever since she knew that the Qing Jiao Competition would be held in Country Yao Chen, she had always been imagining the scene of the two of them reuniting.

She had thought about this scene countless times, but she did not expect it to end up like this.

He actually did not even recognize me. She took a deep breath in and suppressed her disappointment with much difficulty. Actually, both of us have not seen each other for more than two years, and I dont look the same as before.

Hence, it is normal for Rong Xiu not to recognize me very quickly.

After comforting herself in her heart, Situ Xingchens eyes gradually looked more natural.

“We havent seen each other for a long time, but you look even better than before, Senior Brother Rong Xiu.”

Rong Xiu coughed and smiled warmly, but the smile did not reach his cold eyes.

“Eldest Princess Situ, youre too kind.

My body is weak, and Im just a bottle of medicine.

Im not worthy of your praises.”

Situ Xingchen was stumped because she knew that Rong Xiu definitely was not as weak as he seemed on the surface.

In the past, she had personally witnessed how outstanding he was.

However, it was clearly not the time to talk about this.

Something flashed across her eyes as she softly said, “Senior Brother Rong Xiu, youre being too polite by addressing me like that.

Since we came from the same clan, you can just call me—”

“Eldest Princess Situ, I dont think so,” interrupted Rong Xiu calmly.

Even though he was smiling, his attitude was even more distant and colder than before.

“Youre Elder Zong Yes niece, but Im under Elder Zhu Ying.

There are 80 elders in Mingyue Tianshan in total, and each of them has their own different clans.

Besides, the two elders have been diligently cultivating in isolation and dont interact much.

I think were not considered as part of the same clan.

Eldest Princess Situ, you shouldnt call me Senior Brother.”

When they heard this, the originally dazed crowd finally understood what happened.

It turned out that both of them were from Mingyue Tianshan, but they did not follow the same person.

In this way, they really could not be considered as senior brother and junior sister.

Besides, everyone could tell that Rong Xius attitude was adamant even though he was polite.

This clearly showed that he did not want anything to do with Situ Xingchen.

Situ Xingchen really bumped into a wall of dust.


Situ Xingchen did not expect Rong Xiu to clarify their relationship so easily, and she did not know what to say for a short period of time.

She had a distinguished status, and she was very outstanding both in terms of looks and talent.

Her father, her mother, her brother, and many other people had doted on her.

When young men faced her, they were clueless about what to do, or they were very hardworking and put her in the spotlight.

She was used to being doted on, so she did not know what to do when Rong Xiu ignored her.

She was just about to say something, but she met with Rong Xius quiet and slightly oppressive gaze.

She instinctively kept quiet, and her pretty face turned red and white.

However, Rong Xiu seemed not to notice her embarrassment as he walked straight toward Tian Lu Academys seating area.

Yan Qing glanced at Situ Xingchen and silently prayed for this eldest princess. It isnt wrong to like Master.

However, how can Master be nice to her when she has offended his loved one During the short time when Master returned to the Imperial City, Master has already found out everything related to that person in the past few days.

Naturally, he has also heard about how Eldest Princess Situ repeatedly put that person in a difficult spot.

Master has an incredible memory, and he can remember every book he read or person he saw very clearly.

Whatever he did just now was just to embarrass her.

As one stared at Rong Xius leaving figure, his back was tall, but it looked cold and distant as well.

Situ Xingchen walked back two steps in disappointment and could not recover her senses for a long time.

“Rong Xiu, why are you here”

Sun Zhongyan and the rest were also very surprised when they saw Rong Xiu.

A few days ago, Rong Xiu said that he had something to handle, so he left the academy.

They did not expect him to come here directly after returning.

Sun Zhongyan asked worriedly, “Hows your body”

Rong Xiu smiled lightly and shook his head.

“Dont worry, Elder Sun.

Im feeling fine.

I just need Ms.

Liuyue to help me out with something, so I specifically came over here.”

Once he said this, not only Elder Sun, but even the surrounding crowd—who was eavesdropping—was surprised.


Liuyue Is he referring to Chu Liuyue

What help does the grand Prince Li need from Chu Liuyue

Elder Sun was also curious, but he did not ask further and nodded.

“That girl is currently competing, so Im afraid you need to wait for a while before it ends.”

Rong Xiu smiled.

“Its okay.

Ill just wait here.” He then found a place to sit to watch the match quietly.

Yan Qing followed behind Rong Xiu, and his lack of a smile made him look like an ice mountain.

This made many girls—who had their eyes on Prince Li—much more fearful and calm.

Prince Li looks like he has a good temper, but this cold guard… doesnt look like someone to be messed with.

Rong Xiu ignored the surrounding gazes as he quietly watched the competition.

It truly looked as if he was patiently waiting for the competition to end.

This scenario made quite a few people discuss quietly.

“Why does Prince Li know Chu Liuyue What help does he need from her”

“Who knows Prince Li is a higher-up, so how can we find out anything about him”

“Could it be that Prince Li and the Crown Prince—I heard that Prince Li once helped Chu Liuyue previously during the Crown Princes birthday banquet.”

“How can that be It must be because Prince Li is kind! How can Chu Liuyue attract Prince Lis attention She isnt part of an aristocratic family anymore…”

“But her father—Chu Ning—is the imperial guards Commander in Chief! Besides, shes so talented! Chu Liuyue will definitely become popular in the market after the Qing Jiao Competition.”

“I dont think theyre possible…”

Situ Xingchen naturally also heard these discussions.

Her heart—which had calmed down with much difficulty—started to feel ripples again.

She tightly clutched her sleeves, spending a lot of effort to restrain herself from going forward and questioning them.

Others dont know, but I know it clearly! The crystal barrier that Chu Liuyue previously used belongs to Rong Xiu!


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