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Chapter 250: Tie

That crystal barrier is Rong Xius personal item.

Even though Ive only seen him use it twice when I was at Mingyue Tianshan for so long, I have a very deep impression of it.

This is because I remember the pattern etched on it very clearly.

Situ Xingchen had once asked around in secret and found out that Rong Xiu valued that crystal barrier a lot; he would not easily show it to others.

However, such a valuable item actually appeared in Chu Liuyues hands.

Previously, Situ Xingchen still had other doubts.

But now that Rong Xiu had personally appeared, she finally could not continue lying to herself.

She could only admit that Rong Xiu took the initiative to give it to Chu Liuyue.

In other words, Rong Xiu had willingly given the crystal barrier to Chu Liuyue.

Rong Xiu looked very gentle and calm like jade, but he was actually cold and proud.

He had never thought highly of anyone before, let alone giving people such a precious gift.

Even to a girl!

Situ Xingchen did not dare to think about what this meant.

Once she thought about it, her heart felt like it was tightly clenched, and she would feel terrible.

Cheng Han—who was beside Situ Xingchen—had already realized that she seemed a little unusual ever since Rong Xiu appeared.

“Xingchen, youve been so distracted these days.

Is it because—”

Situ Xingchen was shocked and immediately shook her head.

“Its not because of him! Mentor, please dont misunderstand!”

“I havent even said the reason why.” Cheng Han was very experienced, and he could easily guess his disciples thoughts.

Situ Xingchen was stumped, and she knew that there was no point in denying it further.

She tightly pressed her lips against each other and did not speak another word.

However, Cheng Han knitted his brows.

“Xingchen, youve always been the best in all aspects.

Why would you—”

Whats so good about Rong Xiu Even though hes Country Yao Chens Prince Li, he looks like hell be blown away by the wind at any time, let alone cultivate.

This kind of person is an idle prince at best.

How can he be worthy of Xingchen

So many young talents like her, but she ignored all of them.

Instead, she actually likes such a person! Just look at Rong Xius previous attitude! Since when did he care about Xingchen

Situ Xingchen shook her head, lowered her voice, and sounded like she was begging him as she said, “Master, please dont say anymore.”

Looking at her wronged and upset appearance, Cheng Han felt his heart ache.

“Okay, okay.

I wont say anything else.

You should know what to do about this.”

They came here to take first place in the Qing Jiao Competition, not anything else.

Situ Xingchen forcefully nodded and wanted to put away her thoughts.

However, Rong Xiu was still the person she had missed for so long.

How could she truly completely ignore him after seeing him today with much difficulty

Almost instinctively, her gaze turned and landed on Rong Xiu again.

Rong Xiu sat there quietly, and there was an unseen, strange aura around him—which separated him from the rest.

This was the dignity in his bones.

Rong Xiu clearly looked gentle and harmless on the surface, but he made people fearful for some reason.

Relaxed, calm, and composed.

Sometimes, even she—who had a distinguished status—would feel insufficient in front of him.

Some people naturally seemed able to control everything if they wished.

Many surrounding people also scrutinized Rong Xiu secretly.

However, he seemed not to notice it—or perhaps he did not even care—as his pair of clear eyes were fixed on the competition venue.

Situ Xingchen followed his gaze, and her heart felt sour. Hes indeed looking at Chu Liuyue! Furthermore, his eyes look especially gentle when he stares at her.

Even though it was only a flash across his eyes, Situ Xingchen had seen it! She silently clenched her teeth, but the ripple in her heart could not be appeased for a long time.

Seeing that Rong Xiu had appeared here, Chu Liuyue initially found it weird.

But she roughly guessed why he had come after hearing his conversation with Elder Sun.

Her brows slightly lifted as she decisively retracted her gaze and turned her attention to the chessboard.

I should solve the final Xuan formation first, thought Chu Liuyue as she placed her pieces down.

Su Bai—who was beside her—could not help but look at her as a complicated gaze flashed across his eyes.

He had already guessed that Chu Liuyue was very talented as a Xuan Master, but he did not expect her to be this good.

Su Bai had already predicted the final outcome after seeing Chu Liuyues smooth actions in solving the final Xuan formation and when he saw his quiet chessboard.

In actual fact, he already knew that he probably wasnt Chu Liuyues match when she protected her chessboard.

He pinched his glabella, and then he bitterly laughed.

He did not place a chess piece down for a long time.

Time seemed to pass very slowly, but it also seemed to pass very quickly.

Su Bai felt like he had only been dazed for a while, but he shockingly discovered that only a short period of time was left when he looked up again.

Upon seeing that Su Bai could not make it, Cheng Han said, “If none of them can solve the last Xuan formation at the end of the competition, both of them will be tied at second place.

Brother Zhongyan, am I right”

Sun Zhongyan hesitated for a while.

He clearly saw that Chu Liuyue was ahead of Su Bai, but she was still a few steps away from solving the final Xuan formation.

According to the rules, if the competitors could not solve all the Xuan formations within the stipulated time, they would only be second—not first—no matter how great their results were.

If both of them tie for second place, it will be slightly disadvantageous for Chu Liuyue… After thinking for a while, Sun Zhongyan still nodded in agreement.

“Brother Cheng Han, youre right.”

It is a pity that Chu Liuyue came late.

If she came two hours or even one hour earlier, she could definitely solve the last Xuan formation.

“Its pretty good if both of them are tied for second place!”

At least they didnt lose! Its already surprising that Chu Liuyue can get this ranking.

Su Bai looked up and realized that there was not much time left.

He only solved a small portion of the chessboard in front of him.

He helplessly smiled and actually placed his piece down directly.

When Chu Liuyue detected his movement, she turned around to look at him with furrowed brows. Su Bai actually chose to give up at this time…

“It seems like both of us are going to share the same ranking.” Su Bai smiled in a self-deprecating manner. Originally, I thought Id definitely take first place… Its a pity that a sick freshman like Chu Liuyue appeared.

Chu Liuyues lips curved up slightly.

“Sorry, I dont like to be second.”

Su Bai was dazed.

He then saw Chu Liuyue put a piece down with one hand.

Her other hand also set another piece down almost simultaneously.

Chu Liuyue was solving the chessboard with both hands! One had to know that this was not actually chess-playing but solving a Xuan formation.

Every chess piece had different energy incorporated within.

If one mistake was made, the entire Xuan formation would be affected and collapse.

Chu Liuyue was actually daring enough to use both hands at the same time as she felt that using one hand was not fast enough.

Was she not worried that all her efforts would be wasted if she made any small mistakes

Chu Liuyue did not care about what was happening around her as her hands quickly overlapped.

A chain of chess pieces landing sounds was made.

Finally, the judge announced, “Times u—”


The last Xuan formation broke with the sound.

Five stars lit up on the stone table in front of Chu Liuyue, dazzling and shining brightly.


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