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Chapter 251: Method

Chu Liuyue actually successfully solved the last Xuan formation at the very last minute, becoming the only person who succeeded in the Xuan Master competition!

As they stared at the five dazzling stars, the crowd had different reactions.

Some were shocked, some found it weird, and some were happy.

Others were frustrated.

However, all of them felt that Chu Liuyues actions were unbelievable.

One had to know that she only used two hours—from rushing over and joining the competition that was halfway until the end—to solve the five Xuan formations.

Even the people who had doubted her before could not help but admit that Chu Liuyues Xuan Master talent was very rare.

Chu Liuyue stood up and politely smiled at Su Bai.

“Thanks for letting me win.”

How did I let her win Su Bai laughed bitterly.

“I admit defeat.

I truly lost to you.”

Su Bai was very honest as he took a deep breath and cupped his fists toward Chu Liuyue.

In actual fact, he had already lost when Chu Liuyue had protected her chessboard completely.

Chu Liuyue was even stronger than he thought.

The crowd dazedly stared at the scene.

Sun Zhongyan was the first to recover his senses, and his heart beat wildly.

“I hereby announce the top Xuan Master for this years Qing Jiao Competition is… Tian Lu Academys Chu Liuyue!”

The crowd had already heard a similar sentence the day before.

However, nobody wouldve ever expected Chu Liuyue to take first place in the Xuan Master competition after becoming the top warrior yesterday.

“This sick pervert really doesnt allow anyone to live,” exclaimed Si Yang.

He had a feeling that the distance between Chu Liuyue and him would only grow bigger.

Not only for him but the other people here as well.

This type of person was born to be the envy of others.

Mu Hongyu and the rest heaved a sigh of relief as they cheered excitedly.

Up till now, Tian Lu Academy had claimed first place in two categories of the Qing Jiao Competition.

The key point was that it was Chu Liuyue who took first place both times.

She had clearly put on a solo show during this years Qing Jiao Competition.

On the other hand, the two other academies had a stiff atmosphere.

When Sheng Yiming heard Sun Zhongyans announcement, he finally could not hold it in any longer.

The blood rushed up to his head, his eyes rolled up, and he fainted over.

Xi Wanwan hurriedly helped him up.

“Yiming! Yiming, are you okay!”

Fu Yunshan looked at him in disappointment and frustration.

“He just fainted because he couldnt take the impact.

Bring him back and let him rest.”

Its fine that Sheng Yiming lost in front of everyone today, but its too humiliating for him to end up in this state.

Sheng Yiming really has to change this character of his.

“Oh, oh! Okay! Ill bring him back right away!” Xi Wanwan was very worried about Sheng Yiming, so she did not notice Fu Yunshans displeasure.

She waved toward the people beside her and got them to help her bring Sheng Yiming away.

But Xi Wanwan heard a familiar voice just as she turned around.

“Please hold on…”

Xi Wanwans heart skipped a beat as she instinctively stopped and turned around.

Chu Liuyue crossed her arms, smiling at Xi Wanwan.

However, Chu Liuyues smile made Xi Wanwan uneasy.

She guiltily avoided Chu Liuyues gaze and asked uncertainly, “Are you calling me”

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded.

“Of course.

There are some things that you need to explain.”

Xi Wanwan was instantly anxious. Is Chu Liuyue going to expose me in public

No! Nobody noticed my actions when I did it quietly, and that thing doesnt even leave behind any traces.

Even a fifth-grade Xuan Master like Sun Zhongyan cant find anything wrong with it! Didnt Si Ting also surrender

Xi Wanwan felt assured as she forced a smile.

“Oh May I know what this is about If its unimportant, why dont we talk about it later Yiming is still unconscious, and we have to send him back quickly—”

“Its not anything major.

Itll be over in a jiffy,” said Chu Liuyue before she suddenly turned to Si Ting.

“Si Ting, why did your chessboard suddenly collapse when you were doing well during the competition earlier”

Si Ting was dazed.

He did not expect Chu Liuyue to do this.

He pressed his lips against each other tightly. If I directly accuse Xi Wanwan without evidence, it wont be of any use.

I might even drag Chu Liuyue down.

Upon hearing Chu Liuyue call Si Tings name, Rong Xius thin lips curved up slightly in a seemingly smiling manner. This little fellow still wants to help others…

Yan Qing suddenly felt a chill travel down his spine as his masters aura suddenly became icy cold.

He immediately minded himself and tried hard to minimize his existence.

But Chu Liuyue had already picked up the chessboard Si Ting had used.

“I think theres something wrong with this thing.”

A thought popped up in Si Tings mind. Can Chu Liuyue produce evidence

He walked forward and spoke with a low voice.

“My chessboard collapsed just now because Xi Wanwan did something to it.”

“Si Ting! You cant talk nonsense!” Xi Wanwan screamed an octave higher as if she were a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“So many people here have been watching me.

How can I possibly do such a thing”


There are so many eyes watching you, yet you dared to do such a thing.

Youre incredibly calm, and even I admire you,” praised Chu Liuyue genuinely.

It looked like she would even clap for Xi Wanwan if she wasnt holding the chessboard in her hands.

Xi Wanwans face immediately turned red.

When she saw Chu Liuyues calm composure, her assured heart started to waver. P-perhaps Chu Liuyue really has a way

“Liuyue, what did you discover” asked Sun Zhongyan with knitted brows.

He also knew that Si Ting was eliminated in a strange manner, and he did suspect Xi Wanwan.

However, he did not discover any clues.

Thus, he did not pursue the matter.

He only planned to ask Si Ting in detail after everything ended.

He did not expect Chu Liuyue to make the first move.

“Nothing much.

I just unintentionally found something extra on the chessboard,” said Chu Liuyue as she knocked on the chessboard.

Xi Wanwan stared at it closely. There is nothing on the smooth and clean chessboard.

Chu Liuyue is clearly lying to me!

Xi Wanwan sneered and became even more confident.

“Chu Liuyue, you said that theres something extra there.

May I know what it is I cant seem to find anything.”

The others were also confused since they did not know what Chu Liuyue was referring to.

Chu Liuyue smiled cryptically.

“You will find out soon.”

Chu Liuyue then waved her fingers, and a silver light suddenly appeared.

Her fingers gently swiped across the chessboard, and a faint mark was left on the chessboard.

Her fingers lightly moved as if she was hooking something.

The originally dull chessboard suddenly lit up with a pattern.

The lights intersected in a bright and clear manner.

Sun Zhongyan widened his eyes slightly. Thats… Thats actually the last Xuan formation on the chessboard! Chu Liuyue actually restored the state of Si Tings last Xuan formation!


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