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Chapter 252: Favor

Not only Sun Zhongyan, but all the Xuan Masters present were stunned.

All of them knew how complicated the last Xuan formation was.

It would be hard for them to draw even a tiny part of it out, let alone reproduce the entire formation.

Also, Chu Liuyue had restored the formation from the initial state to the final state.

This was much harder than memorizing a book backward.

However, Chu Liuyue seemed to remember it very clearly as she smoothly made every move.

“Even if she solved that Xuan formation, she couldnt have completely memorized it…”

Even the Tian Lu Academys people could not help but discuss softly.

“Did she really see that Xuan formation before”

It seemed like this was the only explanation of how she could solve the Xuan formation so quickly and even reproduce it entirely.

Dongfang Qing coughed.

“Um… Dont you know that this girl has a photographic memory”

Even though Chu Liuyue had always been low-key during her meditation class, he had observed Chu Liuyue a few times.

He had long realized that none of the Xuan formations seemed to pose a problem for Chu Liuyue.

As long as she wanted to, not only could she quickly solve a Xuan formation, but she could also draw the entire Xuan formations pattern out.

It was another matter if she could erect advanced Xuan formations as she couldnt produce such strong and intense energy at her current cultivation stage.

However, Chu Liuyue was very clear about how to execute every single force.

Dongfang Qing remembered very clearly that Chu Liuyue seemed to be bored in class on time, so she repeatedly played with the chessboard in her seat.

At that time, he casually glanced at Chu Liuyue and noticed that she was drawing out Xuan formations.

Since then, he knew that this girl was not simple.

This was also why he wanted Chu Liuyue to participate in this Xuan Master competition no matter what.

“Really” Even Sun Zhongyan was in disbelief.

He usually didnt interact with Chu Liuyue.

Except during the mid-semester assessment, he had not seen Chu Liuyues skill with Xuan formations. Now, it seems like shes really…

“But what does she want to do”

Very soon, everyone understood the reason for Chu Liuyues actions.

After Chu Liuyue reproduced that Xuan formation line by line, she suddenly stopped.

“If I didnt guess wrongly, you stopped here previously, right”

She showed the chessboard to Si Ting.

Si Ting was very shocked and nodded.

“Thats right.”

Chu Liuyues lips curved up into a smile as she looked at Xi Wanwan.

When Xi Wanwan saw that Chu Liuyue had reproduced the chessboard, her back broke out into a cold sweat.

With a wave of Chu Liuyues fingers, a faint line was picked out from the chessboard.

“Xi Wanwan, do you recognize what this is”

The thing in Chu Liuyues hand was only an inch long.

Even though it was transparent, it reflected light under the sun, so the crowd could still see it.

“Thats…” Sun Zhongyans expression changed.

“Silver Soul Hook”

When they heard the three wordsSilver Soul Hook, many people looked stunned.

Rumors had it that this item was made from rare snow silk, which was soft and transparent.

However, it was very hard and even sharper than swords.

But the major disadvantage of this item was that it could only be used once.

Once one used this Silver Soul Hook, it would become very fragile and would essentially be useless.

From another perspective, this was also its advantage.

It was very suitable to be a secret weapon at least.

It could cause great damage, but it would not leave any traces behind.

After a while, it would completely disappear without a trace.

However, snow silk was very precious.

An average person might not even have the chance to see it, let alone use it.

“All these chessboards were properly checked before they were brought to the competition, so they definitely wouldnt be mixed with anything else.” Sun Zhongyan immediately realized something and stared at Xi Wanwan.

In a stern voice, he said, “Xi Wanwan! How do you explain this”

Xi Wanwan had long frozen when she saw Chu Liuyue pick up that Silver Soul Hook.

Her entire body was cold, and her mind kept whirring.

She almost could not hear what Sun Zhongyan said.

Her face was as white as a sheet as she instinctively denied it.

“I-I dont know! Its not me!”

Chu Liuyue gently touched the Silver Soul Hook in her hands and lazily said, “Its okay if you dont admit it.

People who touched this Silver Soul Hook will have a faint silver mark left on their hands.

Do you dare to show us your hands”

Xi Wanwans body trembled as she unwittingly hid her hands. How would I know How was I supposed to know

“I didnt! I didnt!” Xi Wanwan still denied it, but everyone could tell what was going on from her guilty look.

Fu Yunshan also looked terrible.

“If youre clean, you wont be afraid of being checked.

Wanwan, you just need to stretch your hands out and prove your innocence.”

Xi Wanwan was very anxious as tears welled up in her eyes, but she refused to stretch out her hands.

“Director, please believe me.

I really didnt do it…”

After seeing her behavior, what else did Fu Yunshan not understand Xi Wanwan definitely used that Silver Soul Hook in secret!

“When one is solving Xuan formations on the chessboard, every single force must be used adequately.

Once one makes the wrong move, the entire chessboard will fall apart.

If a Silver Soul Hook lands on the chessboard at this moment… The consequences are unimaginable.”

Chu Liuyue shook her head slightly emotionally.

“Such a small thing is pretty valuable.

Its a pity that its gone so easily… Xi Wanwan, do you still want to deny this”

Xi Wanwan could not utter a single word as she collapsed on the floor.

She dazedly stared at Chu Liuyue and could not figure out how the Silver Soul Hook was discovered.

She also didnt know how Chu Liuyue picked it up.

She only knew that her future was completely ruined now that the matter had been exposed.

Fu Yunshan was also furious.

He hollered, “Why did you do this You have truly humiliated my Nan Feng Academy!”

To think that I was still putting in a good word for Xi Wanwan earlier.

Its now like a resounding slap that hit my face.

Xi Wanwans tears kept dropping down profusely.

“Its all my fault.

Director, please punish me! Just dont implicate others…”

Sun Zhongyan said loudly, “Brother Yunshan, you should give everyone an explanation for this.”

Fu Yunshan had never been this humiliated.

At this moment, he really wanted to slap Xi Wanwan to death.

He took a deep breath in and said every single word clearly.

“Xi Wanwan has ill intentions and despicable methods.

From today onwards, shes expelled from Nan Feng Academy, and she will never be recruited again!”

As if lightning had struck her, Xi Wanwan fainted due to the strong impact.

Fu Yunshan did not even take another look at her as he suppressed his anger and cupped his fists toward Sun Zhongyan and Cheng Han.

“Its all because I didnt discipline her well enough.

Im sorry.”

Since Fu Yunshan had already stated his stance, others naturally could not say anything more.

Chu Liuyue gently flicked her fingers, and that useless Silver Soul Hook instantly became powder.

She then placed the chessboard down and walked out of the competition venue.

Si Ting wanted to step up and thank her, but he heard a low laugh come from beside him.


Liuyue, now that youre done helping others, can you do me a favor”


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