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Chapter 253: Sour

Si Ting looked over.

Seventh Prince, Rong Xiu.

The distinguished Prince Li; also… the person she likes.

Si Ting stopped in his tracks and did not move forward.

Even if it were him, he had to admit that Prince Li—who had not been in the Imperial City for long—was very handsome.

Si Yang could not help but nudge Si Ting with his elbow and muttered, “Hes just a bottle of medicine.

I really dont know what the sick pervert likes about him… His face!”

Whats the point of a man being so good-looking

When Si Yang first heard that Chu Liuyue liked Prince Li, he was very unconvinced.

Compared to my Big Brother, other than Big Brothers status being a little low, he surpasses Prince Li in all other aspects.

Besides, Big Brother is going to be the Si familys head in the future.

Seriously speaking, theres not much difference between the two of them.

I really dont know what Chu Liuyue is thinking!

Si Tings gaze looked light as he glanced at Si Yang.

Si Yang knew that he had said something wrong, so he hurriedly kept quiet.

However, Si Yang did not know that Si Ting was thinking the exact opposite of Si Yang.

Prince Li was known to be weak and did not have actual power.

He also did not have much talent in cultivating.

However, she still liked him even so.

No matter how good other people were, whats the point if one did not like them

Besides… Si Ting always felt that this person was not very similar to the rumors.

He could detect a faint suppression coming from Rong Xiu.

It definitely was not an aura that a person—who was sick all year long—would have.

Chu Liuyue did not detect the interaction between the two as she walked to Rong Xiu.

“Rong—Your Highness, why are you here What do you need my help with”

Rong Xiu smiled.

“Its just a small matter, but I have to trouble Ms.

Liuyue to follow me.”

Chu Liuyue silently cursed to herself. Weve just separated for less than two hours.

What is so urgent that he had to come over and ask me for help He clearly did this on purpose.

However, when she saw Rong Xius gentle gaze, her heart softened as she felt a faint sourness.

Her lips curved up slightly.

“Since Your Highness asked me, of course, I have to help you.”

Satisfaction flashed across Rong Xius eyes.

If it werent for the others present, he would have already carried her away.

Cen Hu scratched his head as he looked at the two people who were about to leave.

He could not help but ask, “Liuyue, are you leaving just like that Arent you going to celebrate with us”

They already wanted to celebrate with Chu Liuyue when she took first place in the warrior competition yesterday, but they postponed it as she had her Xuan Master competition today.

Now that she took first place in the Xuan Master competition, they had to hold a celebration for her!

“Didnt you say that well go to Phoenix Rest—Aiyo!” Cen Hu held the back of his head and looked at Mu Hongyu wrongfully. Why did she hit me

Mu Hongyu flashed a smile at him.

“His Highness needs Liuyues help, so how can we hold her back We still can celebrate for Liuyue after she comes back!”

Cen Hu did not understand why, but his survival instincts kicked in as he sensed Mu Hongyus hidden murderous intent.

“Y-yes! Go ahead; well wait for you!”

Mu Hongyus almond-shaped eyes sparkled as she looked at Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu.

She seemed to have guessed where Liuyue went the day before.

Chu Liuyue trembled from Mu Hongyus gaze.

“Then… Ill come back as soon as I can.”

She then left with Rong Xiu, together with Yan Qing following closely behind.

“I saw something at Zhen Bao Pavilion, and I heard that it is related to Ms.

Liuyue…” said Rong Xiu nonchalantly.

The people who heard it revealed looks of understanding.

So its related to Zhen Bao Pavilion! No wonder!

Everyone in the Imperial City knew that Chu Liuyue had an extraordinary relationship with Zhen Bao Pavilion.

Even the Crown Prince, Rong Jin, and Fourth Princess Rong Zhen could not get any good deals at Zhen Bao Pavilion.

Hence, it seemed wise for Prince Li to be so meticulous and directly ask Chu Liuyue for help.

However, Situ Xingchen almost crushed her silver teeth as she controlled her feelings with much effort.

The others did not feel like it was anything much, but the duos every move was absolutely scorching to her.

Help Im afraid thats just an excuse!

Situ Xingchen never knew that the cold Rong Xiu could actually look at a woman with such a gaze—gentle, loving, and doting.

If this doesnt prove anything between the two of them… Situ Xingchens nose felt sour.

She thought that even if Rong Xiu did not harbor any romantic thoughts for her, he would still treat her as his junior.

After all, they had spent so much time at Mingyue Tianshan together.

However, everything that happened today woke her up from her beautiful dream.

He doesnt even remember who I am! That gaze was so cold and nonchalant as if he was looking at a stranger!

“Mentor, Im not feeling very well.

Ill head back first,” said Situ Xingchen softly.

Cheng Han sighed.


Tomorrow is the heavenly doctor competition.

You should get some rest and prepare for it.”

Situ Xingchen acknowledged him and turned around to leave.

Chu Liuyue followed Rong Xiu out and saw a familiar horse carriage. Did Rong Xiu come in a horse carriage Thats true.

To everyone in the Imperial City, hes still the Prince Li that cant even stand the wind.

Yan Qing went forward and got on the horse.

Rong Xiu walked over and personally lifted the curtain.

However, Chu Liuyue did not move as her gaze slowly swept past Rong Xiu and lingered on his sleeves.

Then, she smiled seemingly.

“The pattern on Your Highnesss clothes is really special.

Is it the only one in this world”

Rong Xiu squinted its eyes slightly. How sour.


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