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Chapter 255: Burn It

Rong Xiu casually threw his outerwear to the side and lazily said, “Yan Qing, burn all the clothes with such cloud patterns when you go back.

Remember, you must do it outside the residence.

Dont dirty my place.”

Yan Qing—who was on the horse—hurriedly answered, “Okay!”

Chu Liuyue blinked as she guessed something. Rong Xius clothes are all in good condition, yet he decisively orders them to be burned…

She lowered his voice and asked, “Rong Xiu, do you really want to burn everything”

Rong Xiu leaned to the side, and his undershirt drooped down, revealing his hard chest.

His posture looked lazy, and he seemingly smiled.

“Its just a few pieces of clothes.

Its worth it if you feel happier after I throw them away and change to new ones.”

Just a few pieces of clothes Im afraid more than half of his clothes have this cloud pattern embroidered, right

Chu Liuyue paused.

“Didnt you say that you really like this embroidery pattern”

Rong Xiu looked at her, and the smiling intent in his eyes grew even deeper.

“But I like you even more.”

Compared to her, these things were just materialistic items.

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat as she glanced at him.

She picked up the cloak and threw it to Rong Xiu.

“Your Highness, arent you afraid of being cold”

Rong Xiu grabbed the cloak and laughed.

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to act stern, but after listening to Rong Xius hearty laughter, she was also influenced and started smiling after a while.

“Im afraid that Your Highness is going to spend a lot of money this time.”

“I dont care about that small amount of money, but its currently the start of autumn, and the weather does seem a little chilly.”

The smiling intent never left Rong Xius eyes as he suddenly grabbed Chu Liuyues hands and easily pulled her into his arms.

“I wont be cold anymore like this!”

Chu Liuyue wanted to rebut him, but he heard Rong Xiu gently hushing her.

She woke up abruptly and realized that the two of them were still in the horse carriage.

If they made any big movements, it would be very hard to clarify when others heard them.

She turned around and glared at Rong Xiu with much warning.

Rong Xiu then straightened up, leaned toward her ears, and said softly, “Dont worry; Im very obedient.”

When the hot air was blown into her ears, it instantly lit up a fire that warmed up her entire body.

Separated by the thin clothes, she could even feel the warmth in Rong Xius arms and his strong heartbeat.

Since things had already ended like this, there was no point in struggling.

Hence, she relaxed her body and lay in Rong Xius arms.

“Your Highness, you said that you wanted me to help.

It seems like it has got to do with Zhen Bao Pavilion”

Rong Xiu laughed softly.

“Actually, its nothing major.

I just missed my future wife very much, so I came over to ask you for help.”

Chu Liuyue was angered and amused.

“Your Highness, youre so handsome.

No matter where you stand, countless girls will flock toward you.

If you add in your seducing efforts, many women will fall head over heels for you.”

This was the truth.

Even though Rong Xiu normally looked as gentle as jade, he always had a vague and distant aura around him.

This caused many women to have a crush on him, but they did not dare to confess to him.

But if he said such words, all the women in the world would fall for him.

I thought Rong Xiu stayed at Mingyue Tianshan to recuperate all along That place isnt somewhere that everyone can go.

Rong Xiu has been there for so many years.

Even if you cant say that hes pure and dainty, he shouldnt be able to pacify people so easily, right

No, I almost forgot.

He has another mysterious identity—Your Grace!

However, Chu Liuyue didnt ask further as Rong Xiu had not mentioned it all along.

Rong Xiu laughed and asked, “Then, is Yueer amongst those people”

Seeing that Chu Liuyue kept quiet and did not say anything—looking like she did not plan to admit it—Rong Xiu did not think of it much as well.

His fingers on her stomach gently caressed her as he softly said, “Actually, I have a secret move.

But I can only let you know about it.”

Chu Liuyue turned around in confusion and asked, “What”

Rong Xiu finally could not hold himself back, and he kissed her lips.

“Youll naturally find out after we get married…”

Rong Xiu really did not dare to do much.

He only kissed and hugged Chu Liuyue for a while before releasing her.

When the horse carriage stopped in front of Zhen Bao Pavilion, Rong Xiu had already changed into a new set of clothes.

This set of clothes looked very similar to the one that was thrown away, but the pattern on the sleeves was different.

If one did not take a closer look, they would not be able to tell.

Actually, Rong Xiu did not want to change into this set of clothes.

However, many people had seen Chu Liuyue getting into his horse carriage.

If people saw that Rong Xiu had changed his clothes, it might tarnish Chu Liuyues reputation.

Rong Xiu alighted from the carriage first, and Yan Qing was already waiting by the side.

Chu Liuyue followed closely behind and found out that they were indeed at Zhen Bao Pavilion.

She looked at Rong Xiu in confusion. Were actually here

When the pageboy saw the horse carriage come, he had long recognized that the sign was from Prince Li Mansion.

Hence, he enthusiastically came up to welcome them.

“Greetings, Prince Li!”

When they saw Chu Liuyue getting off the carriage later on, their smiles became even brighter.


Liuyue! Youre finally here! Lord Chu Ning has just arrived, and Second Boss is accompanying him inside.”

Chu Liuyue was a little surprised.

“My Father Why is he here”

The pageboy was just about to explain, but Chu Ning—who had arrived at the main hall earlier on—immediately came out when he heard her voice.

Once he saw Chu Liuyue, he immediately walked forward.


Chu Liuyue then realized that Chu Nings face had green stubble after not seeing him for a short day.

“Father, its my fault.

Sorry for making you worry,” said Chu Liuyue guiltily.

Chu Ning carefully scrutinized her for a while before heaving a sigh of relief.

“Its great that youre fine! When I heard that Second Master Yan found you, I immediately rushed back.

I didnt expect him to say that you headed to Jia Nan Square and participated in the Qing Jiao Competition.

I was just planning to go look for you, but youre already here.”

At this point, Yan Ge laughed out loud and came out as well.

“Hahaha! Yeah! It seems like the competition went very smoothly”

As he spoke, he saw Rong Xiu.

He bowed down slightly, revealing an even more enthusiastic smile.

“It turns out that Prince Li is here too!”

Chu Ning appeased his heart, glanced at Rong Xiu, and solemnly said, “I heard Second Master Yan say that Prince Li has saved Yueer again this time”

Rong Xiu lightly smiled.

“Second Master Yan was just exaggerating.

Actually, I just coincidentally met her on the road.”

But Chu Ning felt traumatized.

“No matter what, I must thank you for helping her.

Youve already helped us many times previously.

Now that weve troubled you again, I really dont know how else to thank you…”

Chu Liuyue looked at Yan Ge in confusion.

Actually, when she and Rong Xiu came back earlier, Rong Xiu seemed to have sent a signal in the woods.

Not long later, Yan Qing came.

After walking for a while, they coincidentally met Yan Ge—who had gone out to look for her.

According to Yan Ge, Chu Ning had asked him to look for me.

However, it now seems like he has pushed everything to Rong Xiu


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