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Chapter 257: Humiliation

After Situ Xingchen and Cheng Han left, Situ Xingchen rejected a few people that wanted to accompany her and proceeded on alone.

She aimlessly walked through the streets, not knowing what exactly she felt.

She only felt that her mind was blank, and she did not wish to think of anything.

But the earlier scene in the square kept replaying in her mind, causing her to be increasingly upset.

Situ Xingchen kept thinking about it again and again, and she suddenly thought—Why dont I go to Prince Li Mansion

Ever since she arrived at the Imperial City, she knew that Rong Xiu was given the title of Prince Li and that he lived at Prince Li Mansion—which she always wanted to visit.

But she had an extraordinary status, and she felt that it was too much to invite herself over.

Hence, she did not go.

However, she did not want to care about so much now.

She could not say for certain why she suddenly thought of this idea, but her feet continued to walk in the direction of Prince Li Mansion instinctively.

Even though she had not personally gone to Prince Li Mansion before, she had thought about its location in her heart many times.

Worried that others would recognize her, Situ Xingchen found a deserted corner and put on a cloak to cover her figure completely.

She also put up the cloak hood to cover herself up.

Even if someone walked straight toward her, they would not recognize her unless they took a close look.

After tidying herself up, she walked toward Prince Li Mansion.

When Situ Xingchen was a short distance away from Prince Li Mansion, she found many people gathered around here.

Six rows of people were gathered outside Prince Li Mansion as if they were watching a commotion.

Situ Xingchen was very surprised. Prince Li Mansion is where a prince stays.

How can a bunch of commoners be outrageous enough to crowd around here I wonder what Prince Lis subordinates are doing.

They cant even handle such a small thing.

She walked a few steps forward and wanted to see what was going on.

However, she quickly smelled those peoples pungent sweat, which made her extremely uncomfortable and disgusted.

Situ Xingchen stood there with her feet rooted to the ground, unable to proceed on.

She refused to push these people away and walk between them.

I think its just a small commotion. Situ Xingchen turned around when she thought of this, planning to leave.

Just as she turned around, she heard the people around her discussing.

“… I really dont know what Prince Li is thinking! These clothes are in good condition, so why would he just throw them out like this”

“Yeah! Look at the clothes material; all of them are extremely valuable! This is akin to burning silver taels!”

“But the clothes are really in good condition; even the cloud embroidery is extremely intricate.

Its such a pity…”

Situ Xingchen skipped a beat when she heard a few words; then, she hurriedly turned around and tried to squeeze into the crowd to take a look.

But the people in front were all huddled together, and she did not want to use her force to create a bigger commotion.

Situ Xingchen stood on her toes and forcefully saw a few guards standing in the circle.

There was also a bright, red fire dancing in the middle.

She could not see anything else.

Helpless, Situ Xingchen could only lower her voice and say, “Excuse me…”

The few men in front were initially annoyed, but when they turned around, they saw a slim girl standing behind them.

Even though the girl was wearing a cape and a hood, her voice was gentle and melodious.

They could tell that Situ Xingchen was a beauty just by hearing her voice.

Judging by the clothes she is wearing, it seems like its Tai Yan Academys uniform It looks like Tai Yan Academys students came to join in the fun.

The few men looked at each other, and something flashed across their eyes as they made way for her.

Very quickly, a road was paved.

Situ Xingchen was very focused on what was happening within the circle, so she completely did not notice the few peoples expressions.

When she finally endured the pungent smell and walked toward the center of the circle, she was shocked by the scene in front of her.

A giant, black metal container was placed on the ground, and a fire was burning intensely within it.

She could clearly see the tips of the fire licking every piece of extravagant clothing.

She saw the cloud embroidery on the top piece being quickly hurled into black smoke under the strong fire.

Her heart seemed to be harshly squeezed by something as uneasiness filled her heart.

“Just hear what youre saying! What kind of status does Prince Li have He just threw a few pieces of clothing, so whats there to be upset about”

“He can give us these clothes too…”

“What are you thinking Do you deserve to wear Prince Lis clothes Besides… He has always been sick.

Who knows if these clothes…”

Situ Xingchen heard the discussions around her, but she no longer reacted to them as she dazedly stared at the burning clothes.

A lot more clothes were beside the metal container…

Yan Qing stood beside the metal container and commanded the guards to throw the remaining clothes into it.

His cold face still did not have any expression.

“His Highness said that all the clothes with this cloud embroidery must be burned! Dont leave any piece behind! If another of such clothing is found in the mansion and dirties His Highnesss eyes, you will not be able to bear the consequences!”

“Okay!” The guards did not know the reason behind this order, but they obeyed it anyway.

But when Situ Xingchen heard those words, it was as if lightning had struck her. All the clothes with this cloud embroidery… must be burned Didnt Rong Xiu always like this kind of cloud embroidery He even drew the pattern himself.

Why would he suddenly…

Her entire body was frozen, and her blood seemed to stop flowing. Cloud embroidery… Yes, I secretly copied the cloud embroidery and sewed it on my own clothes because I like him.

Whenever Im free, I often stare at the cloud embroidery on the clothes, which is akin to seeing him.

I have even embroidered the pattern on my academy uniform.

Did Rong Xiu see it His eyes have always been sharp.

Why wouldnt he have seen it Does he want to burn such similar clothes because I have this cloud embroidery

What did the person say just now Dirty his eyes Does he hate me so much that he doesnt even want to wear such clothes again Just because of the cloud embroidery, he even wants to get rid of them completely

Situ Xingchens limbs were cold, and her heart was completely cold.

It was as though it had been harshly trampled and thrown into the snow.

She shivered, but hot tears streamed down her face. I have never been so insulted all these years!

For a moment, she even felt like her clothes were enveloped by that fire, causing her entire body to burn as well.

Situ Xingchens gaze stiffly turned as she stared at the pile of clothes beside the metal container.

There were even people bringing out more clothes from Prince Li Mansion.

He doesnt want any of them! Situ Xingchen could not watch on any longer.

She dashed out of the crowd and quickly left.

It was very crowded, and everyone was watching the commotion, so nobody noticed her small movements.

But the few men that had made way for her looked at each other and also left silently, running in the direction that Situ Xingchen left in.


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