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Chapter 258: Deserves to Die

Situ Xingchen was immersed in her great humiliation and sorrow as she floated forward.

Her entire person was numb as if she had lost her soul.

Her eyes had no focus, and tears kept streaming down her face.

After walking for some time, Situ Xingchen sensed someone walking toward her.

She instinctively avoided the person, but it seemed like the person had moved along with her.

It happened again.

She then realized that something was wrong, so she looked up.

Three men were standing in front of her.

The few of them were wearing torn and tattered clothes and looked like they were in their thirties.

They had stubble on their faces, and they emitted body odor—which made them even more uncouth.

At this point, their greedy eyes lawlessly swept across her body.

Even though the young girl was wearing a hood, her pretty features could still be vaguely seen.

“Little girl, where are you going all alone”

“How dare you” Situ Xingchens face turned cold when she heard their disgusting voices. As Xing Luos eldest princess, nobody has ever spoken to me like that!

When the few men heard her shout, they became even more excited instead of fearful.

“Oh It seems like this girl is fiery! Its okay; we love to see you like this! Hehe, it seems like youre not from the Imperial City.

Do you want us to bring you around” As he spoke, the man at the front stretched out his hand and directly grabbed Situ Xingchens arm.

Situ Xingchen immediately drew her sword and slashed that mans hand.

However, the man managed to avoid it quickly.

When Situ Xingchen slashed the air, she realized that the men were also cultivators, even though they looked despicable.

The one who first took action was definitely a stage-three warrior already.

Situ Xingchen normally specialized as a heavenly doctor and wasnt very talented in her warrior cultivation.

Her current skills could only reach that of a stage-three warrior forcefully.

“Little girl, you use your sword in such a flimsy manner.

Dont wave it and become a joke! Hahaha!”

The few men bellowed in laughter.

They had long known that this girl was from Tai Yan Academy.

If they did not have any abilities, why would they dare to do anything to her However, they did not expect her skills to be so-so.

When Situ Xingchen brandished her sword, they could tell that she did not have any combat experience.

This is great! The three men looked at each other before they lunged at Situ Xingchen.

Situ Xingchen was shocked. All of them are stage-one warriors at least! Im definitely not their match!

When she thought of this, she hurriedly moved backward and took out something from her sleeves.

“You want to call for help” A sharp-eyed man saw her actions, immediately stepped forward, and kicked away the item in her hands.

Situ Xingchen was in pain and immediately slashed out her sword.

But how could she be the three mens match when they ganged up on her

After several struggles, she was quickly disadvantaged.

“Hehe, little girl, stop fighting.

I promise you that youll be very comfortable—”

The few of them rushed forward, and one man even directly removed Situ Xingchens hood.


A pretty face appeared in front of their eyes.

The three men were stunned as they did not expect her to be so beautiful.

Taking advantage of this, Situ Xingchen immediately waved her hands.

“Whats that” The few men instinctively blocked and realized it was black powder.

“I even thought it was something powerful.

Hah, little girl, youre—” Just as the man in front was talking, his face suddenly contorted.

This was because he saw his arm—which was stained by the black powder—starting to rot silently and quickly.

He then felt the excruciating pain.

“M-my hand!”

“Ah! My face!”

The mens faces and bodies were all stained with the black powder, causing them to drop on the floor and start groaning in pain.

But the powder was very formidable, and the men rotted into inhumane forms in the blink of an eye.

They looked extremely horrifying.

The air suddenly moved, and a black crack appeared.

An elder in black suddenly walked out and respectfully greeted Situ Xingchen.

“Greetings, Your Highness.

Im sorry for coming late.

Please forgive me.”

His voice was hoarse and deep, and he spoke very slowly—which sounded weird.

Situ Xingchens face was icy-cold as she walked over and picked up the item that was kicked away.

Actually, she had already injected her force into the item the moment she picked it up, calling Lian Ning over.

“Elder Lian Ning, you shouldve arrived earlier, right” Situ Xingchen coldly asked as she put on the hood again.

Lian Ning laughed.

“Your Highness, youre so intelligent.

Why would you care about these few things You summoned me over for something else, right”

Situ Xingchen did not hide anything from him.

“Thats right.

I need your help with something.”

“Your Highness, you can tell me about whatever you want.”

“Help me check on Chu Liuyue.”

Surprise flashed across Lian Nings eyes.

“Why would you want to check on her”

Situ Xingchen knitted her brows.

“You know her”

Lian Ning chuckled.

“She was the Crown Prince—Rong Jins fiancée after all.

Hence, I obviously know a thing or two about her.”

Displeasure filled Situ Xingchens eyes.

Lian Ning was so concerned about Rong Jin because her father wanted her to have a marriage alliance with Rong Jin after he dissolved his marriage agreement.

Even though she expressed her reluctance on this matter, her father never seemed to have let go of this idea completely.

This was why Lian Ning knew many things about Rong Jin.

Lian Ning saw that Situ Xingchen did not look good and that she had clearly cried.

He knew very clearly that Situ Xingchen liked someone else.

It seems like this definitely has to do with Prince Li now.

But… why does she suddenly want to check on Chu Liuyue

“Dont worry, Your Highness.

Ill do it immediately.” He agreed without asking any further.

Before he left, his gaze landed on the few rotten corpses on the floor hesitantly.

“Your Highness, these people…”

“Ill handle them myself.”


Ill take my leave first.” Lian Ning then stepped into the empty space and silently left.

Situ Xingchen walked forward, stared at the incomplete corpses, suddenly raised the sword in her hands, and harshly pierced forward.

As if she was a psychopath, she first cut off their limbs before gouging out their eyeballs.

She finally stopped to breathe heavily when the trio became a pile of rotten meat.

She completely destroyed the trios corpses until they couldnt be seen.

Then, she spat out a few words coldly.

“B*tches! They deserve to die!”


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