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Chapter 264: Ill Compensate You for It!

Only five people chose theadvanced formula.

Now that the first one who tried to produce the pill had failed directly, they were instantly left with four people.

The main point was that he had previously used too much energy.

Hence, he didnt have enough remaining strength to try again, even though he had a second set of ingredients beside him.

Thus, he had completely lost his chance of obtaining a rank! He would be like the people who were eliminated due to failure; he would not have an eventual ranking.

This kind of result was cruel but also inevitable.

From the moment he chose theadvanced formula, he shouldve been prepared for this.

Cheng Lixues face immediately darkened.

Out of the five people in the arena, Nan Feng Academy had two, Tai Yan Academy had two, and Tian Lu Academy only had one person.

They originally had an advantage, but they only had one person left after this—just like Tian Lu Academy.

The most important point was that they didnt know if the last one could make it!

Mo Cangs eyes were filled with unconcealable delight.

“You see! What did I say just now The worst thing you can have when refining medicine is an anxious mindset.

If youre not stable enough, youll never succeed! Of course, the most important thing is also your talent and capabilities!”

“Enough! You can say this when your academys students produce pills!” Cheng Lixue interrupted Mo Cang in frustration.

Mo Cang grunted and did not argue with him. Well see whos the embarrassed one when the results come out later!

Elder Feng Yi did not talk much to the two of them and only looked at the competing students with a smile.

Anyway, Tian Lu Academy had taken two out of three first places in this years Qing Jiao Competition.

Hence, it did not matter much if they didnt take first place in the heavenly doctor competition.

Chu Liuyues outstanding performance in the previous few days had reduced quite a bit of his stress.

That young man did not continue trying and left the arena defeatedly.

Situ Xingchen briefly glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and retracted her gaze. Now, there are only three people left against me.

“Brother Zhongyan, more than half of the competition is over, and it will end in a while.

It looks like Elder Ye isnt coming” asked Cheng Han on purpose.

Sun Zhongyan knitted his brows. On the first day, I already told Cheng Han that Elder Ye was in seclusion.

Why is he still asking

“Uncle-Master has always been carefree and is only interested in refining medicine after so many years.

I believe everyone knows this, right”

Cheng Han laughed out loud.

“Brother Zhongyan, dont misunderstand.

I just feel that its a pity.”

Sun Zhongyan instinctively felt that Cheng Han would not say anything nice, so Sun Zhongyan did not reply to him.

However, Cheng Han was very confident today, and he was determined to show himself off.

Naturally, he would not stop at that.

“On one hand, Ive always respected Elder Ye, but its a pity that Ive only seen him a few times after so many years.

On the other hand, Elder Ye is very strong, and hes outstanding in terms of medicine refining.

However, he has nobody to continue his legacy, even until now… Isnt this very much a pity”

Cheng Han squinted his eyes as if he were recalling something.

“Ten years ago, I had an agreement with Elder Ye to let our disciples battle in the future, but now…”

Sun Zhongyan sneered. Agreement That was just a joke!

Ten years ago, Cheng Han had broken through and became a stage-five heavenly doctor.

Cheng Han thought that he was strong enough, so he specifically came over to Tian Lu Academy and challenged Elder Ye.

At that time, Elder Ye had already been famous for quite some time.

Let alone in Country Yao Chen, nobody in the neighboring countries was his match.

Cheng Han came over, brimming with confidence, but he lost badly and returned defeatedly.

The so-calledagreement to have their disciples battle was just said to ease Cheng Han out of the situation back then.

How dare he have the cheek to mention it

Cheng Han was very delighted.

Ye Zhiting was indeed very formidable as a heavenly doctor.

Even now, Cheng Han knew that there was a high chance he was not Ye Zhitings match.

However, Ye Zhiting had never taken a disciple!

As long as Xingchen takes first place at the Qing Jiao Competition in Country Yao Chens Imperial City, trampling on all those other people under her feet, it will help avenge me from a certain angle.

“Who said Uncle-Master doesnt have a disciple” interrupted Sun Zhongyan as he smiled nonchalantly.

Cheng Han was stunned.

“Oh Elder Ye has a disciple Why didnt I hear of this earlier Is it someone in the competition”

As he spoke, he rapidly scanned the competition venue.

Cheng Han remembered that the only person from Tian Lu Academy who chose theadvanced formula was another heavenly doctors disciple…

As for the others, their standards were even lower, and Cheng Han could not find an extraordinary one up till now.

Since when was Ye Zhitings taste so bad

Sun Zhongyan was nonchalant.

“Uncle-Masters disciple didnt compete today.”

Cheng Han found it weirder and laughed strangely.

“Why is that so Could it be that Elder Yes disciple doesnt care about the Qing Jiao Competition Or… do they not even have the right to compete”

One had to, at least, be a stage-two heavenly doctor to sign up for the heavenly doctor competition.

Sun Zhongyan was so angry that he laughed. Does this Cheng Han really think that hes formidable just because he has Situ Xingchen as his disciple I wonder what his reaction would be if he knew that Uncle-Masters disciple is Chu Liuyue, who had taken first place in the earlier competitions!

“You dont have to worry about this, Brother Cheng Han.”

Cheng Han laughed but felt even more delighted. If they really are talented, why wont they compete I think that they most likely arent worthy enough!

Listening to the debate and the hidden enmity between the two of them, Chu Liuyue could not help but curve her lips. Cheng Han is too over-confident.

Situ Xingchen is talented as a heavenly doctor, but her talent is limited.

Even if she is considered amazing here, shes nothing at the Tianling Dynasty.

At this point, Situ Xingchen also attempted to produce the pill.

Weng! Weng!

The sound of her producing the pill was clearly much louder than that of the young man before.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

The fire within the cauldron in front of Situ Xingchen gradually formed the outline of a pill.

The crowd was excited.

Situ Xingchen stared at it closely, and her heart was in her throat. I must be stable… I must make it through this last stage!

The process of producing a pill used up a lot of energy, and her face turned pale within a short amount of time.

The fire in the cauldron seemed to be unstable, but it still burned on shakily.


Chu Liuyues gaze focused!

A familiar and dangerous aura suddenly came to her.

The next moment, she abruptly stood up and rushed to the competition venue.

She was very fast and reached the edge in the blink of an eye.

“Liuyue, what are you doing”

Everyone was shocked when they saw that Chu Liuyue suddenly appeared, but they did not even have the time to stop her.

Chu Liuyue flung her wrist out, and a dagger flew out.


The dagger deeply pierced the cauldron in front of a young man.

The intense impact caused the cauldron to flip over.

Situ Xingchen was not far away from the young man.

When she saw Chu Liuyue rushing over, Situ Xingchens heart skipped a beat, and she lost control of the fire in the cauldron.


Situ Xingchen lost control, and the fire in the square cauldron started burning wildly.

The pill that had already formed its outline suddenly broke into pieces.

Situ Xingchen was stunned for a moment, and she finally could not hold herself back.

“Chu Liuyue, what are you doing!”

Chu Liuyue ignored her and rushed toward the young man. Just now he was holding—

“Chu Liuyue!” Situ Xingchen suddenly exploded and quickly stopped Chu Liuyue.

She hollered, “Were in the middle of a competition, and I was producing a pill.

Yet, you suddenly charged over and ruined my pill! What are you trying to do”

Chu Liuyue looked at her coldly.

“You better not stop me.

As for your ruined pill, Ill just compensate you.”


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