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Chapter 265: Explanation!

Chu Liuyue then hurriedly walked past Situ Xingchen and rushed to the young man.

“Hand over that thing!”

The young man was frightened by Chu Liuyues actions and moved backward.

“What do you want I dont know what youre talking about!”

He pointed at the flipped over cauldron beside him and yelled, “You ruined my pill!”

This young man—Yang Jianqing—was the other student from Tai Yan Academy who chose to produce a pill.

Not long after Situ Xingchen started forming her pill, he had also reached the same step.

When Chu Liuyues dagger flew over, the pills outline could already vaguely be seen in the cauldron.

Now that it was suddenly ruined, Yang Jianqing furiously glared at Chu Liuyue after he recovered his senses.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes.

“You know very clearly what I want.

Do you want to give it to me yourself, or must I take action”

Yang Jianqings heart could not help but tremble due to the petrifying suppression emanating from Chu Liuyues body.

Chu Liuyue looked like she was a young girl in her teens, but she faintly had an aura that did not allow anyone to disobey her.

Yang Jianqing could not help but feel guilty as the black, gem-like eyes kept staring at him.

He looked away, and his voice became softer as he said, “I-I dont understand what youre saying! Chu Liuyue, we were competing just fine, yet you rushed over at this time! I want to ask you: what are you doing!”

Chu Liuyues gaze turned cold, and she was about to go forward.

At this point, the spectators finally recovered their senses.

Cheng Han was the first to harshly shout, “Chu Liuyue! How dare you What kind of place do you think this is How can you do whatever you want”

Chu Liuyue sneered and turned around.

“Director Cheng Han, if it isnt because your students did something wrong, I wont suddenly come to the arena.”

“What are you talking about” Cheng Han knitted his brows, and his blood boiled.

“Are you hinting that Yang Jianqing has a problem”

Chu Liuyue shrugged.

“No, Im explicitly saying it.”

Cheng Han was stumped, and he was so angry that his entire body shook. Who exactly is Chu Liuyue How dare she openly question our Tai Yan Academy Not only did she ruin our students pills, but she even defamed us in this manner!

He knew he could not argue against Chu Liuyue.

Besides, given his current status, it was inappropriate if he debated with Chu Liuyue in public.

He swiftly looked at Sun Zhongyan and boomed, “Sun Zhongyan! Is this the kind of student your academy brings out She is too gutsy and does whatever she wants! Can she really disregard everyone else just because she took first place in two competitions”

Sun Zhongyan was also shocked by Chu Liuyues actions.

However, he always had a good impression of Chu Liuyue, so he still felt that there was a reason behind her actions, even if she acted too impulsively.

“Liuyue has always been sensible.

There must be a reason behind her actions.

It wont be too late for you to find fault with her when she gives us a clear explanation.

Right, Brother Cheng Han”

Cheng Han clenched his teeth. Sun Zhongyan is really protective of this Chu Liuyue!

“Sun Zhongyan, Chu Liuyue ruined the last competition of this years Qing Jiao Competition.

How can you still act as if nothing happened when she has caused so much trouble”

Sun Zhongyan glanced at the competition venue, coughed, and reminded him, “Brother Cheng Han, cant the competition continue Liuyue only went up and flipped over Yang Jianqings cauldron to stop him from producing the pill.

The others arent affected at all—Oh, right, theres still Situ Xingchen.”

Cheng Han was stunned.

He realized that this was indeed the case after he turned around to take a closer look.

Other than Yang Jianqing and Situ Xingchen, the others really werent affected!

On the one hand, the competition venue was huge, and each student occupied a big area to refine their medicine conveniently.

Hence, there was a lot of space between each student.

On the other hand, Yang Jianqing and Situ Xingchen were both Tai Yan Academys students, and they were neighbors.

So even though Situ Xingchen was largely affected by the commotion, the others—who were further away—were spared of this trouble.

Cheng Hans lips moved, and he felt embarrassed and furious.

“Therefore, this further proves that Chu Liuyue did it on purpose! If not, why didnt she interrupt the many other people in the competition except for my academys students She even targeted the two that were producing pills!”

Sun Zhongyan laughed.

“Brother Cheng Han, Liuyue obviously went for Yang Jianqing.

Everyone could see this, and Liuyue herself has admitted to it.

As for Situ Xingchen… Honestly speaking, isnt it more of her own fault that her pill was ruined”

“Nan Feng Academys Qi Yunfeng was also producing a pill, and hes beside Yang Jianqing.

The distance between the two of them is the same as the distance between Yang Jianqing and Situ Xingchen.

Isnt Qi Yunfeng doing just fine”

Fu Yunshan stroked his beard in a smug manner.

“Yunfeng has always been stable.”

Fu Yunshan was still quite worried when he saw Situ Xingchen and Yang Jianqing producing pills consecutively.

However, he did not expect Chu Liuyue to come out of nowhere and affect the two people!

Now that the two academies were at each others throat, he naturally just stood at the side and watched the commotion, even adding oil to the fire.

“Just now, I did see that the fire in Situ Xingchens cauldron wasnt very stable.

It seems like her situation was similar to my academys student before.

Lixue, what do you think”

Cheng Lixue was just feeling pity that his academy had lost a student that could fight for a good ranking.

When he heard Fu Yunshan, he immediately understood what happened.

“Thats right.

The pill-producing process uses up a lot of energy.

If one doesnt have the capabilities to sustain it, the fire in the cauldron will extinguish at any time, causing the student to fail.

From what I think… Situ Xingchens pill… perhaps might not have…”

“Cheng Lixue! Dont talk nonsense! Xingchen was clearly about to produce her pill earlier! If it werent for Chu Liuyue interrupting her, why would Xingchen fail” retorted Cheng Han immediately, and his face turned green. Hes clearly doubting Situ Xingchens abilities!

Cheng Lixue chuckled.

“Director Cheng Han, Im not spouting nonsense.

As a heavenly doctor, wont you know this very clearly She was about to produce her pill, but she hasnt done it yet.

Nobody will know the results until the last minute.”

Itll be great if we can take this opportunity to kick out Situ Xingchen and Yang Jianqing!

Cheng Han knew what Nan Feng Academy intended to do, and he did not want to argue with them any longer.

Instead, he looked at Sun Zhongyan.

“No matter what, Chu Liuyue must give an explanation for this.

If not, its fine if we dont participate in this Qing Jiao Competition!”

With this sentence, the crowd was silenced.

They did not expect Cheng Han to threaten them in such a manner.

Upon thinking about it more, it was understandable.

Tai Yan Academy did not take first place for the warrior competition or the Xuan Master competition, so the heavenly doctor competition was their only hope.

If Yang Jianqing and Situ Xingchen really didnt get a good ranking because of this, they wouldve utterly lost.

Sun Zhongyan looked at Chu Liuyue hesitantly.

Chu Liuyue gave him an assuring gaze.

“Director Cheng Han, please listen carefully since you want an explanation.”

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and pointed at Yang Jianqing.

Her gaze was cold and sharp, and her every word struck ones ears like thunder.

“He has Red Blood Gu with him!”


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