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Chapter 269: Chu Liuyues Compensation

A ball of fire suddenly appeared on Yang Jianqings body.

Following this terrifying boom, his entire body also exploded.

The fire quickly swallowed the spurting meat and blood.

Chu Liuyue immediately flung out a crystal barrier to block the horrifying force outside of her body.

Things had happened too quickly, and when everyone finally recovered their senses, Yang Jianqings corpse was already covered by the fire completely.

He didnt even leave behind a complete corpse!

“Damn it!” cursed Chu Liuyue under her breath.

She was already worried that this would happen earlier, so she specifically came forward to ask him.


The last bit of fire quickly vanished.

Other than a small burn mark on the floor, there was nothing else left there.

Quite a few people gasped.

In less than an hour, not only was Yang Jianqing exposed for using Red Blood Gu, his body had even exploded.

He had died, without leaving his corpse behind!

This had completely proven his crime, and there was nobody left to defend him.

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings.

The cold and hidden aura didnt appear again.

However, she had a feeling that Yang Jianqing was related to that person!

No matter if it was Yang Jianqing bringing the Red Blood Gu today or his explosion at the end, they were all controlled by that person.

She had clearly seen that Yang Jianqing didnt want to die.

If she had a bit more time, she mightve actually heard something useful from him.

However, the other party was too strong and didnt leave behind any chances.

The other party directly ended Yang Jianqings life.

The square fell into an eerie silence for an extended period of time.

After a while, Sun Zhongyan said, “Its our negligence which caused so many accidents to happen during this Qing Jiao Competition.

But Director Cheng Han, shouldnt you give us an explanation”

“First, it was Heng Jingchuo; then, it was Yang Jianqing.

What exactly is going on If the Red Blood Gu wasnt discovered, everyone here wouldve been implicated! Can you bear this responsibility, Director Cheng Han”

There were at least 10,000 people in the square, and many were strong people and geniuses from the three academies!

Country Yao Chens royal family was also here!

If an accident had happened… the consequences were unthinkable!

“I-I…” Cheng Han was also panicking.

One Heng Jingchuo wasnt enough, so a Yang Jianqing came too!

Cheng Han really couldnt defend himself no matter what he tried.

“I really dont know!”

Fu Yunshan laughed in a perfunctory manner.

“Youre the director.

Do you think that this will end just because you saidI dont know after all that has happened”

Cheng Han was stumped. I think I have something against Country Yao Chen! Every time I come over, nothing good happens!

Cheng Han took a deep breath and bowed toward Emperor Jiawen.

“Your Majesty, please forgive me.

I wont absolve my responsibility for this issue.

Ill investigate this and Heng Jingchuos matter after the Qing Jiao Competition ends.

If I find any problems, I definitely wont let this slide.”

Emperor Jiawen also minded this matter a lot.

But since Cheng Han had already said this, it wasnt good for the Emperor to continue forcing him.

Thus, he could only raise his hand.

“I know your character, Director Cheng Han, and you definitely wont let your students do such a thing.

Now that the Qing Jiao Competition hasnt ended, we should wait till everything finishes before we discuss how to investigate the issue together.”

Now that the person with the highest status had spoken, others naturally wouldnt harp on the same issue.

Sun Zhongyan looked at Cheng Han with deep meaning.

“Your Majesty is kind, but we cant just let this matter slide.

Director Cheng Han, were waiting for you to give us a satisfying answer.”

Fu Yunshan supported Sun Zhongyan and said, “Thats right! We have enough time and patience.”

The implications of this matter are too great! We cant just sit around and ignore it.

If we do, we wont even know when well die!

Cheng Han felt very wronged, but he could only agree.

“Since this matter has ended, then lets talk about my issue.” Situ Xingchen—who had always been quiet at the side—finally spoke.

At this point, she looked at Chu Liuyue with a different gaze. I didnt expect Chu Liuyue to be Ye Zhitings disciple… Mentor has always felt regret after losing to Ye Zhiting, and he has mentioned this several times over the years.

She obviously knew how powerful Ye Zhiting was, so this incident made her feel even more uncomfortable.

I really dont understand.

How did Chu Liuyue get chosen by Ye Zhiting

Chu Liuyue met Situ Xingchens gaze, and she magnanimously said, “Okay! Even though I wasnt targeting you when I took action and I can ensure that the force didnt affect you at all, since your pill-producing process was interrupted, Ill compensate for it.”

Situ Xingchens expression became strange.

“Compensate How are you going to compensate for the pill that I was about to finish producing”

Chu Liuyue raised her chin.

“Dont you still have a set of herbs”

Situ Xingchens face changed.

“You want me to refine the medicine again”

Not to mention that there wasnt enough time, but she didnt have that much strength left, even if there was time!

When she was producing the pill earlier, she had already felt her energy being exhausted.

Thus, she definitely couldnt try again!

Chu Liuyue blinked.


I said Ill compensate you, so I naturally will do it.”

“W-what” Situ Xingchen did not understand what she meant.

Chu Liuyue explained, “I mean that Ill represent you and refine the medicine for the second time.

After I produce the pill, itll be considered as your result.

What do you think of that”

At this point, even the others outside of the competition venue had a strange expression, let alone Situ Xingchen.

Chu Liuyues suggestion seems right, yet… it feels wrong

Situ Xingchen was so angry that she laughed.

“This is the compensation that you were talking about”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Yeah! Why, do you think that it isnt enough”

Situ Xingchen was literally speechless. How much confidence does Chu Liuyue have in herself that she thinks she can use this method tocompensate me Since I was four, I started memorizing medical formulas.

After many years of hard work and cultivation, I can only forcefully produce pills now.

Chu Liuyue shouldnt have been Ye Zhitings disciple for long, and she might not even be a stage-two physician! How can someone of this standard represent me and help me refine the medicine What a joke!

Situ Xingchen suppressed her overflowing mockery and criticisms as she calmly said, “So you mean that, no matter what kind of medicine you produce, itll be my result Then, may I ask what your heavenly doctor cultivation level is”

Chu Liuyue could hear Situ Xingchens nonchalance and disregard for her as she smiled and said, “I cant really say my cultivation level, but youll find out later.

This is the only solution I have.

If you dont agree to this, I dont have any other ways.”

Situ Xingchen sneered in her heart.


I really want to see how Chu Liuyue will have the cheek to say that the trash she produces is my result!


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