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Chapter 270: They Got It Easy!

Chu Liuyue walked to the competition venue and stood at Situ Xingchens position.

Situ Xingchen failed to produce a pill, so only specks of black and gray were left in the cauldron.

Chu Liuyue took a look at the formula before cleaning the cauldron.

Situ Xingchen watched her coldly.

Numerous eyes from the square were focused on Chu Liuyue.

Curious, doubtful, excited.

“Isnt Chu Liuyue too confident in herself She really dared to go up there herself!”

“Shes Elder Yes disciple! Im sure shes capable, right”

“I thought someone said that, even though she passed all three assessments to get into Tian Lu Academy, she was the worst at the heavenly doctor assessment”

“Itll be too embarrassing if she cant produce anything…”

Everyone partook in heated discussions.

Chu Liuyue pretended not to hear them as she placed her thin white hand over the cauldron.

A bright, red fire then appeared in the cauldron.

Chu Liuyue casually picked up a herb from the side.

It was a fist-sized, orange fruit —sky cashew.

When Chu Liuyue put it into the fire, the fire started to envelop it rapidly.

The sky cashew quickly decreased in size.

Situ Xingchen was standing nearer, so she saw everything more clearly.

Contempt popped up in Situ Xingchens heart when she saw Chu Liuyue putting the sky cashew into the cauldron to refine it first.

Sky cashews were very soft and delicate, especially the mature ones—their appearance might even be destroyed by a light poke.

All the medicinal effectiveness in this item was within its juice, so one had to be extremely meticulous to extract the juice when they were refining this ingredient.

The most important point was that, once the sky cashews juice had flown out and made contact with the air, its medicinal effectiveness would quickly dissipate.

Thus, heavenly doctors would usually refine sky cashews last.

They could then use the sky cashews medicinal effectiveness to the greatest extent.

Chu Liuyue went onto the competition venue and actually extracted the sky cashew first!

It seems like shes really ignorant.

I really wonder how Ye Zhiting taught his only disciple.

Chu Liuyues actions had clearly attracted the other heavenly doctors attention.

Elder Mo Cang couldnt help but laugh.

“Shes really Elder Yes disciple.

Shes so innovative and actually placed the sky cashew in first.

Even I wont have such courage!”

Elder Feng Yi looked calm and lightly said, “This is just the beginning.

Its not too late to comment when the results come out.”

“Haha! Youre right; theres only one set of ingredients here, so the competition will naturally end if the sky cashew is ruined here!” Elder Mo Cangs words were brimming with sarcasm. I was still thinking about how incredible Ye Zhitings disciple would be.

However, I didnt expect her not to know the basics!

Elder Feng Yi glanced at him.

“At the very least, Liuyue wont purposely put Red Blood Gu in the cauldron.

Even if she fails, she will fail legitimately.”

Elder Mo Cang was stumped.

His face darkened, and he kept quiet.

Cheng Lixue did not even care about both of them as he nervously watched the scene.

Nan Feng Academy was only left with one person now —Leng Chuan—and he was currently producing his pill!

Only Situ Xingchen was left on Tai Yan Academys side, and she was even represented by Chu Liuyue.

Therefore, there wasnt much hope there.

Tian Lu Academys Ji Zixing was the slowest amongst them.

He only started his attempt to produce a pill at this point, so his capabilities were limited.

As long as Leng Chuan succeeded, he could basically take first place!

Zuo Rong and the rest were also watching nervously.

“Why did Liuyue put the sky cashew first”

Even they didnt understand this.

If she fails because of this, then…

“Wait a minute! Its been quite a while, but why hasnt the sky cashew broken yet” muttered Zuo Rong with furrowed brows.

According to the sky cashews traits, it would automatically break open after it was placed in the fire.

However, the sky cashew in Chu Liuyues cauldron was still in good condition until now!

Even though its skin was rough, and it had become a small ball, it was still whole!

Suddenly, a thought popped up in Zuo Rongs mind.

“I-is Liuyue planning to refine the sky cashew like this”

The surrounding few heavenly doctor teachers looked at him weirdly since they clearly didnt understand what he meant.

Zuo Rong suppressed his inner excitement and said, “I mean that she seems to be planning to refine the juice inside the sky cashew before extracting it!”

A teacher at the side immediately retorted, “How is that possible A mature sky cashew is very fragile, and it cant handle fire at all! If you can keep controlling the fire to a certain extent, then you can refine it without breaking it! However, this has a high demand for ones control, so its—” Impossible.

At this point, the few of them suddenly kept silent because Chu Liuyue was truly doing this!

The perfect and unharmed sky cashew was the best evidence!

Zuo Rong couldnt help but look at Chu Liuyue.

However, he saw that she looked very calm and had already started putting in the second ingredient.

The sky cashew was quietly floating in the fireball.

Chu Liuyue is indeed thinking of this! Zuo Rong swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty. Even I might not be able to do this since this demands too much of ones talent as a heavenly doctor!

Refining sky cashews was not something difficult, but one required sharp control and power to refine it so precisely!

Even though Zuo Rongs cultivation level was higher than Chu Liuyue, and he was more capable than her, he believed that he might not be able to do it as well as Chu Liuyue.

“This… is probably the heavenly doctors spirit that Director had mentioned before…” muttered someone softly.

This kind of talent could only be a gift from heaven, and it couldnt even be begged for.

“I finally know why Director was willing to accept her as his disciple.” Zuo Rong laughed bitterly.

“This girl is even stronger than what I imagined…”

He thought that he had already thought of Chu Liuyue highly enough, but he didnt expect himself to still underestimate her.

No wonder shes so calm.

Even though she just started cultivating as a heavenly doctor, her future achievements are destined to surpass all of us for certain!

“Situ Xingchen is pretty talented, but its a pity when shes compared to Liuyue…”

“Haha, this is a good thing! That Cheng Han is always very proud, and he became even more so after he accepted Situ Xingchen as his disciple! Just think about it; he always looked super confident every time he talked about Situ Xingchen and the heavenly doctor competition these few days.

Isnt it precisely because he felt that nobody could compare to Situ Xingchens talent”

“I wonder if Liuyue can produce pills… She hasnt started cultivating for long, right Even though shes very talented, she cant do it if she doesnt have sufficient resources…”

Hearing the few of them talk, Zuo Rong could not help but smile delightfully.

“Hehe, so what If we can tell this, I dont believe Cheng Han wont know this too! They have it easy with Liuyue representing Situ Xingchen to refine the medicine.”


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