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Chapter 271: Fourth-Grade!

Chu Liuyue seemed like she was unable to hear all the discussions.

In actual fact, she wouldnt care even if she heard them.

She had refined medicine too many times.

Even if she didnt have enough force now, she still had her previous sharpness and experience—this made her more relaxed.

She placed the third ingredient in at a normal speed.

After seeing Chu Liuyues organized manner of handling the ingredients, the surrounding noise gradually quietened down.

The crowd looked at each other in shock.

Chu Liuyue doesnt look like she doesnt know anything… Her movements are even smoother and more natural than the others in the competition!

She moves so smoothly that it seems as if she has done this numerous times before.

The delight in Cheng Hans eyes gradually faded away.

As Chu Liuyue handled the remaining ingredients appropriately, the hopes of him watching a joke were dashed.

He was a stage-five heavenly doctor, and he knew more than others just by watching Chu Liuyue.

He could obviously discern the shocking talent that Chu Liuyue had exhibited gradually.

At first, he still thought that Chu Liuyue was lucky and felt that even a broken clock was right twice a day as she coincidentally found a balance when refining the medicine.

However, his heart gradually sank.

Situ Xingchen didnt have observation skills as great as Zuo Rong and the rest, but she was experienced in medicine refining.

When she saw the sky cashew—which shouldve long broken apart in Chu Liuyues cauldron—still floating inside unharmed, she finally realized that things were out of her control.

Situ Xingchen gradually knitted her brows. Why do all the things that happen to Chu Liuyue become so weird It was like this for the previous Xuan Master competition and the warrior competition.

Its the same, even when shes refining the medicine now!

Is there a problem with that sky cashew But those ingredients were prepared in advance, and Ive already checked both sets of ingredients.

So I know they are the same.

Time ticked past slowly.

Situ Xingchen casually glanced over and realized that Chu Liuyue had handled more than half of the ingredients at the side.

Situ Xingchens heart skipped a beat. Roughly calculating, Chu Liuyues medicine refining speed is actually higher than mine! The main point is that Chu Liuyue doesnt look like shes bent on winning.

She looks calm and collected instead.

I didnt even see her move much, yet shes already on this step!

Uneasiness overwhelmed Situ Xingchen as she unwittingly clenched her sleeves.

It was rough to the touch—this was the cloud embroidery that she had sewn on herself.

In the past, she would always secretly touch her sleeves when she was nervous or in a bad mood.

This was because caressing the cloud embroidery could make her calm down rapidly.

But that persons handsome appearance no longer appeared in front of her, and it was replaced by an intensely burning fire, as well as the burnt embroidery!

As if she was burned by fire, Situ Xingchen hurriedly let go of her sleeves.

However, her heart was filled with endless rage and humiliation!

She gradually looked at Chu Liuyue and suddenly remembered that Rong Xiu left with Chu Liuyue first.

Not long after that, Prince Li Mansion had thrown away all the clothes with the cloud embroidery and had even burned them in public!

Did Chu Liuyue say something to Rong Xiu If not, why would I be humiliated at that precise point in time

Situ Xingchen felt suffocated as her body slightly trembled, and she suppressed her emotions with much difficulty.

Her hatred for Chu Liuyue increased yet again.


A commotion was heard.

At the competition venue, the fire in Leng Chuans cauldron gradually faded away, leaving behind a round, turning pill.

An intense herbal fragrance permeated through the air, and an invisible wave started spreading in all directions.

Leng Chuan strongly hit the cauldron with both his hands.


The pill flew into his hands.

Cheng Lixue emotionally stood up. He did it!

Leng Chuan placed the pill into the jade box and looked at the few heavenly doctors.

Sweat covered his forehead, and his lips were pale, clearly showing that it wasnt easy for him to produce this pill.

Even though he had used up a lot of energy, he still succeeded in the end!

He took a deep breath in and tried hard to calm himself down, but his lips still curved up unwittingly.

He then walked toward Elder Feng Yi and the other two elders as he respectfully presented the jade box to them.

Displeasure flashed across Mo Cangs eyes.

Elder Feng Yi didnt have any expression as he gently opened the jade box—an emerald pill quietly laid inside.

The four lines engraved on the pill could be clearly seen.

“Fourth-grade pill!” Cheng Lixue glanced at it from the side, and he couldnt help but gasp in surprise.

The crowd went crazy.

A fourth-grade pill proved that Leng Chuan was already a true stage-four heavenly doctor!

“Thats right; it indeed is a fourth-grade pill.” After closer inspection, Elder Feng Yi pushed the pill to the other two judges and smiled at Leng Chuan.


Leng Chuans smile widened.

“Thank you so much, Elder Feng Yi!”

“Its just a low-grade, fourth-grade pill.

Isnt it too early to be happy” Mo Cang coldly spat out a sentence after he saw the product.

Leng Chuan immediately became awkward.

Cheng Lixue couldnt watch on anymore as he coldly laughed and said, “A low-grade, fourth-grade pill is still a fourth-grade pill! No matter what, its the first fourth-grade pill of the day! Besides, there might not even be a second fourth-grade pill!”

Mo Cang was stumped, and he turned away in frustration.

Cheng Lixue returned the jade box to Leng Chuan, and he smiled in satisfaction.

“You did great.”

Leng Chuan then relaxed.

“Thank you, three elders.”

The judge at the side wrote Leng Chuans result down.

Cheng Lixue sat down happily and looked very carefree, appearing as if he was certain that he had won.

“Feng Yi, I think your academys Ji Zixing is not bad, but hes a little slow in refining medicine! Theres only this amount of time left, I wonder—”


A buzzing sound was heard from the competition venue again!

Cheng Lixue looked over, and his voice suddenly faded away.

The noise was actually coming from the cauldron in front of Chu Liuyue!

Shes actually producing a pill too!


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