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Chapter 272: Acting the Part

The numerous herbs gradually started to merge and form a pill outline in the bright, red fire.

It was indeed the noise that would only be generated when one was producing pills!

Cheng Lixue shockingly stared at Chu Liuyue.

As he was too shocked, his voice was even sharper as he said, “When did she prepare all those ingredients”

Didnt Chu Liuyue just go onto the competition venue She actually progressed to this step when we werent paying attention for a little while

Not only Cheng Lixue, but everyone watching Chu Liuyue refining medicine was in disbelief.

“I was always watching Chu Liuyue refining her medicine, but I felt like she didnt do much.

Yet, she has already finished preparing all those ingredients”

“Its too fast… Wont her speed be considered as one of the top three in todays competition”

“I think she can even be first! Did you notice that she directly placed the medical formula down after glancing at it once, without ever looking at it again after that Did she actually memorize that medical formula with one glance”

“Its nothing much to have a photographic memory, but the point is that she didnt even stop in the middle and kept throwing ingredients into the cauldron! She didnt show any hesitation, and she didnt make any mistakes at all.

This is why shes so fast!”

Mo Cang was also stunned when he saw this.

As one of Tai Yan Academys elders, he didnt have a good impression of Chu Liuyue.

Therefore, he coldly smiled and said, “So what if shes fast There were also people before her who tried to produce pills quickly, yet they still failed in the end.”

Elder Feng Yi stared at the pill forming in Chu Liuyues cauldron and felt very nervous.

Hearing Mo Cangs words, he could not help but retort, “No matter if she can form the pill in the end, she has already proved her talent.”

Mo Cangs eyes grew even colder, but he didnt know how to rebut Feng Yi.

Mo Cang could only grunt, and his eyes were filled with contempt.

At the start, Elder Feng Yi really didnt harbor much hope for Chu Liuyue, but now…

His gaze turned and landed on Chu Liuyues face.

Even at this nerve-wracking moment, the pretty young girl still looked as calm as ever.

Chu Liuyue did something that was as difficult as ascending the sky to others, but she didnt seem to care about it.

I think Director really accepted a good disciple…

Some would succeed, while others would fail in a competition.

All the successful ones would present the pills they made for evaluation, while the failed ones would leave the competition in a dispirited manner.

But out of all of the successful ones, nobody else produced pills.

The best was onlysuperior third-grade.

It was obvious that these people didnt pose a threat to Leng Chuan.

Gradually, the competition was only left with Chu Liuyue and Ji Zixing.

Not long after Chu Liuyue, Ji Zixing also finally started trying to produce a pill.

This also meant that, other than Nan Feng Academys Leng Chuan—who had produced a fourth-grade pill—only the remaining Chu Liuyue and Ji Zixing had the same hope.

Both these two people were even from Tian Lu Academy!

Elder Feng Yi smiled as he leaned against his chair.

He then spoke in a seemingly nonchalant manner.

“Even though Zixing is slow, hes still stable, unlike Liuyue—whos a little anxious.”

Cheng Lixue knew that the only thing he could do now was wait, so he sat in his seat and didnt say a word.

Now, he just hoped that both Chu Liuyue and Ji Zixing would fail in producing their pills.

This way, Leng Chuan could thoroughly take first place!

Elder Feng Yi glanced at Mo Cang and lightly knocked his head.

“Oh, I almost forgot that Liuyue is representing Situ Xingchen in the competition.

No matter if she wins or loses, its all for your Tai Yan Academy.

Mo Cang, dont take the criticisms I said earlier to heart!”

Mo Cang took a deep breath in.

If it werent for so many people watching, he wouldnt have held himself back.

He wouldve taken action directly!

Feng Yi looked very down-to-earth, but he was very cunning.

Everyone could tell that this heavenly doctor competition had nothing to do with Tai Yan Academy.

If Chu Liuyue lost, it meant that Situ Xingchen lost.

If Chu Liuyue won, it still meant that she won, and it would put Tai Yan Academy in a bad light.

At this point, Mo Cang started to regret it. Why did I agree to Chu Liuyue representing Situ Xingchen in the competition

Situ Xingchen also realized that something was wrong.

From the moment Chu Liuyue tried to produce the pill, she had been silently hoping that Chu Liuyue would fail.

But what disappointed her was that Chu Liuyue continued in an organized manner.

Even though this had exhausted a large portion of Chu Liuyues energy, making her lips pale, the fire in the cauldron showed no signs of extinguishing or being affected.

As she stared at the pill that gradually became rounder and smoother in the cauldron, Situ Xingchens heart hung high. If Chu Liuyue really succeeds…

As she meticulously controlled the fires changes, Chu Liuyue stared at the cauldron in front of her with much focus.

She was bent on putting her best foot forward this time.

It wasnt to compensate for Situ Xingchen, but it was for other considerations.

Previously, Chu Liuyue had always been hiding her talent and capabilities as a heavenly doctor since she didnt want to reveal too much and cause trouble for herself.

However, it was obvious that trouble would come knocking on her door, even if she did not look for it.

From Chu Xianmin to Heng Jingchuo and Yang Jianqing… Everything revealed an eerie aura.

Chu Liuyue had a strange prediction in her heart.

The same person seemed to be controlling everything behind the scenes, and this person was obviously targeting her!

Chu Liuyue thought repeatedly, but she couldnt figure out who would waste so much effort to go against her.

Barely a few people had such means.

So instead of hiding and shunning, why not directly show everything she had and lure the culprit out of their hiding place

She was in the light, while the other party was in the dark.

Hence, she was originally disadvantaged.

But if she stood under the brightest sun, any shadows would show themselves!

Chu Liuyue stared at the pill in the fire.

Perhaps it was her hallucination, but she felt that her force was more nourished after she broke through and became a stage-two warrior.

This caused the effects to be even better when she refined medicine.

This was also why she could finish preparing the ingredients and start producing the pill faster than expected.

But… Why is it taking so long to produce the pill


A boom was heard from Ji Zixings cauldron.

A round pill was formed.

At the same time, an intense herbal fragrance started diffusing through the air.

Tian Lu Academys crowd finally felt secure.

Ji Zixing placed the pill into the jade box and presented it.

Elder Feng Yi opened the jade box, and he couldnt help but look at Chu Liuyue. Chu Liuyue clearly started earlier than Ji Zixing, but why hasnt she finished yet…

Mo Cang sneered.

“I thought she was very capable, but it turns out… Hmph, shes just putting on an act!”


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