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Chapter 273: Congratulations

“Mo Cang, isnt it inappropriate for you to say this Liuyue is representing your school in the competition, yet you said that shes putting on an act… Do you wish for your academy to lose” asked Elder Feng Yi calmly.

Mo Cang was stumped.


But Elder Feng Yi had already retracted his gaze and looked at the pill in the jade box.

The four lines on the pill were very visible, but the fourth line was a little faint like Leng Chuans.

Elder Feng Yi thought for a moment and said, “low-grade, fourth-grade.”

Ji Zixing looked very calm; he knew what standard his pill had reached.

Cheng Lixue hurriedly took the pill, and upon closer inspection, he knitted his brows and reluctantly said, “low-grade, fourth-grade.”

Mo Cang symbolically looked at the pill and gave the same comment, not saying anything else.

Elder Feng Yi nodded at Ji Zixing.

“Its not bad that you can produce a pill after seeing the medical formula for the first time.

It seems like you have once again improved recently.”

Ji Zixing cupped his hands.

“Thank you for the compliment, Elder, but I still have many things that Im not good at.”

Actually, Ji Zixing still felt that he wasnt smart enough.

Out of all the people that chose theadvanced medical formula, he was the slowest one.

He spent a whole hour researching the medical formula, and he was also the last to try and produce the pill.

Even Chu Liuyue—who had appeared halfway—was faster than him.

Even though he produced the pill successfully, he was still clumsier than the rest.

“You have your own merits; you dont need to be too humble.” Seeing that Ji Zixing didnt become arrogant because of his success in the competition, Elder Feng Yi was even more pleased.

Ones character was also an important aspect of being a heavenly doctor.

“Go and rest first.

You just have to wait until Liuyue finishes on her end.”


Only Chu Liuyue was left in the competition venue.

Everyones gazes were gathered on her.

Expectant, doubtful, sarcastic…

Chu Liuyue pretended like she didnt notice any of them and was still very patient.

But to save on her force, she shrunk the fire in the cauldron and gathered all the remnants in one area.

This way, she could sustain for a longer time.

But as time flowed past, the others gradually became frustrated and doubtful.

“Why hasnt Chu Liuyue ended yet Didnt someone say that shes fast Ji Zixing has already completed his pill for a period of time, yet theres not much progress for her pill.”

“Is there a problem”

“I think shes most likely going to fail! Think about it, Leng Chuan and Ji Zixing—who have successfully produced pills—didnt take as long as her!”

“I think so too! I think shes still not capable enough… Even though shes Elder Yes disciple, I dont think she has cultivated for long, right”

Tian Lu Academys crowd felt very conflicted.

On the one hand, they were happy that Ji Zixing produced a pill and that he had the chance to compete against Leng Chuan.

On the other hand, they were worried that Chu Liuyue wouldnt succeed.

Situ Xingchen stood at the side of the competition venue and felt that every second was spent like a year.

Looking at Chu Liuyue refining medicine in her original spot, Situ Xingchen felt very unhappy.

Previously, she was overwhelmed with anger as she felt that Chu Liuyue had blocked her path to victory.

Hence, she impulsively agreed to let Chu Liuyue represent her in the competition.

But when she gradually calmed down, she realized that this wasnt beneficial to her at all.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue had not made much of a commotion, Situ Xingchen finally stepped up.

“Chu Liuyue, I was thinking for a long time, and I still feel that its inappropriate for you to represent me in the competition.”

Situ Xingchens voice was gentle and curt, and her tone was very sincere.

With slightly knitted brows, she looked even more pitiful.

“I believe that you didnt purposely interrupt the production of my pill, so its unfair for you if Im so calculative toward you.

Dont worry, I wont blame you if you cant produce a pill—”


Fire suddenly rose in the cauldron in front of Chu Liuyue.

At the same time, a huge wave struck the cauldron strongly.


A strong, indescribable herbal fragrance exuded from the cauldron.

Chu Liuyue extended her wrists, and the pill landed in her hands.


Chu Liuyue quickly placed the pill into the jade box at the side.

This chain of actions was very smooth, and the crowd only realized what had happened when Chu Liuyue had closed the jade box with a bang.

Chu Liuyue actually succeeded!

Situ Xingchen was in a daze, and all the blood in her body seemed to have frozen.

Chu Liuyue then looked at her.

“What did you say just now”

Situ Xingchen opened her mouth, but she couldnt utter the remaining words at all.

She was still under great shock, and she couldnt recover her senses.

“Hm” Chu Liuyue tilted her head and asked again.

Situ Xingchens lips moved, wanting to use her usual smile to hide her awkwardness and embarrassment.

However, she realized that her face felt like it was wearing a thick mask, and she couldnt move it at all.

Even twitching her lips was as heavy as ever.

Chu Liuyue actually did it! How can I smile

“N-nothing much…” Situ Xingchen was filled with regret. Why did I say that earlier I look extremely stupid now.

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders and smiled carelessly.

Without asking further, she walked toward Elder Feng Yi and the rest.

She stood in front of them, presented the jade box in her hands, and politely said, “Sorry for making you wait.”

Elder Feng Yi laughed.

“Not at all! The heavenly doctor competition doesnt have a fixed duration anyway.

Besides, youve successfully produced a pill!”

As he said this, he opened the box nervously and curiously.

The pill appeared in front of him.

The moment he saw the pill, Elder Feng Yi suddenly widened his eyes.


Elder Feng Yi excitedly picked up the pill and inspected it closely, only able to suppress the excitement in his heart after some time.

“This is… a middle-grade, fourth-grade pill!”

“What!” Cheng Lixue and Mo Cang were originally upset, so they sat in their own seats and didnt take a closer look.

Both of them spoke in unison upon hearing Elder Feng Yis words.

“Feng Yi, did you purposely rate her higher because shes your academys student” asked Mo Cang in a rush.

Elder Feng Yi waved his hand.

“Youll find out why if you see the pill for yourself.”

Mo Cang doubtfully took the pill, and his face changed.

Cheng Lixue felt like something was amiss, and he also leaned over.

He saw that there indeed were four lines on the pill.

However, the most important part was that the fourth line was obviously clearer than Leng Chuan and Ji Zixings.

This was indeed a low-grade, fourth-grade pill!

Elder Feng Yi laughed out loud.

“You wont object to this rating now, right”

The two of them were silent.

Elder Feng Yi raised his voice, and his eyes were clear.

Filled with pride, he said, “Congratulations, Liuyue, this pill is a low-grade, fourth-grade one!”

This was the pill that had the highest standard in this years competition!

It had undoubtedly taken first place!

Chu Liuyue looked at Situ Xingchen elatedly.

“Congratulations, Eldest Princess Situ!”


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