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Chapter 278: Eyes

“How are you worthy of this character”

This question echoes in Chu Liuyues ears, and she almost burst out into laughter. Me, not worthy That is my name! How am I not worthy!

From Mu Qinghes reaction, Chu Liuyue almost thought that he was speaking up forher.

But… could it be If Mu Qinghe had been loyal to her—if he had never betrayed her, why would she have died so tragically a year ago

And if this was indeed the case, how could he not have been implicated after she died

The lieutenant of the Black Guard was an important position.

Given Jiang Yuchengs ambitions, how could he possibly let her remaining allies continue to remain in such a position

Chu Liuyue was almost certain that Mu Qinghe had allied himself with Jiang Yucheng behind her back! Otherwise, there was no other explanation for everything that happened later.

Seeing his reaction, Chu Liuyue was surprised, but she found it ludicrous at the same time. Where was he when I was crying out for help What did he do when I was forced to combust myself After I died, he even killed the snow deer and turned it into a pair of boots for him to trample on day and night! Is it not contradictory for him to say something like this

Chu Liuyue had a lot of questions and a lot of anger.

They built up in her, making it hard for her to breathe.

But at last, she took a deep breath and looked down.

“Names were given by parents.

Even if you think Im not worthy, you have no right to change it.”

“Liuyue! What are you saying!” Emperor Jiawen was stunned, and he began reprimanding her.

“Hurry up and ask Lieutenant Mu for forgiveness!”

As he spoke, he looked toward Mu Qinghe nervously.

“Lieutenant Mu, this child is still young.

She didnt mean to offend you, so please dont take it to heart.

If not… Liuyue can change her name to a different character”

It is just a name! Do we have to kick up such a big fuss

Even he didnt have the guts to oppose Mu Qinghe, not to mention a mere Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue had always been intelligent, what is up with her today!

Mu Qinghe looked at Chu Liuyue intently.

“No need.”

After saying that, he turned around to leave.

His steps seemed even, but he moved fast.

Emperor Jiawen looked at Chu Liuyue with warning in his eyes.

“You lass, you got lucky today! Dont do this again; do you hear me!”

Chu Liuyue relaxed a little.

Even though she knew that Emperor Jiawen was afraid of being implicated by her, she was still grateful that he spoke up for her.

She smiled, her eyes curving like crescent moons.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Emperor Jiawen scoffed; he then turned and caught up with Mu Qinghe.

The entourage quickly disappeared.

The square only regained its liveliness after a while.

Chu Liuyue heard a number of people talking about her.

“I wonder what that Lieutenant Mus background is… What did you think about his earlier comments regarding Chu Liuyue”

“I thought that he had his eye on Chu Liuyue.

After all, that face… But it seems like she has offended him!”

“There are so many people here, but he only talked to Chu Liuyue.

I think its not as simple… That person looks like a killing machine… How could he possibly be drawn to pretty women I think that Chu Liuyues future… is precarious!”

Clearly, not many people saw the earlier exchange in a positive light.

Mu Hongyu ran over and asked nervously, “Liuyue! What happened earlier”

Chu Liuyue replied calmly, “What else could it be He was just asking about my name, and he didnt seem to be happy about my name.”

“How are you so calm! That is…” Mu Hongyu lowered her voice.

“That person is from the Tianling Dynasty!”

“I know.” Chu Liuyue nodded nonchalantly. I used to be from there too.

I was even his master!

“You… sigh!” Mu Hongyu looked at Chu Liuyues calm and collected manner.

She felt like it was futile for her to say anything more. Does Liuyue not know that her life will be in danger if she upsets that person! Didnt she see how respectful His Majesty was to him

Mu Hongyu was more worried than her friend was!

“Since the competitions over, its time we head back.

Shall we go” said Chu Liuyue as she walked forward.

Mu Hongyu hurriedly caught up.

She tried to say something but decided against it when she saw Chu Liuyues tired expression.

Chu Liuyue had been competing in the last few days, and she had not gotten proper rest.

Since things are already like this, lets just leave it be! At this thought, Mu Hongyu became more relaxed, and she left with her friend.

“Hey, Liuyue, your earlier competition…”

Gu Mingfeng and Cen Hu caught up with them.

They were nonchalant and calm, so the others couldnt say much either.

After they left, the remaining people dispersed as well.

The people from Nan Feng Academy and Tai Yan Academy prepared to leave as well.

“Xingchen Xingchen” Mo Cang raised his voice when he saw that Situ Xingchen was still staring in a particular direction.

Situ Xingchen returned to her senses.

“We should go!”

Mo Cang walked over to her side and followed her gaze.

“Youre looking at that… Lieutenant Mu”

Situ Xingchen nodded, feeling a little regretful.

“I didnt expect to see such a character like this…”

Country Xing Luo isnt worse off than Country Yao Chen, so why dont we have a chance like this

“Its not up to us to try and figure out such a strong existence…” Mo Cang muttered, a little fearful when he recalled Cheng Hans earlier attitude. That person… is strong beyond belief!

Situ Xingchen didnt say anything.

Other than Lieutenant Mus appearance, what bothered her the most was…

Why did Chu Liuyue catch his eye Tens of thousands of people were in the square, and Chu Liuyue was far away from him, so why did she catch his eye In terms of looks, Im no less attractive than Chu Liuyue.

Also… what did he mean with those words

Others might think that Chu Liuyue was unlucky and might even get punished for it, but…

Situ Xingchen didnt sense the man directing any hostility toward Chu Liuyue.

Something seemed off to her.

Mu Qinghe was a little distracted on the journey to his residence.

He hadnt thought of that person for a really long time.

But for some reason, he recalled a lot of things from the past when he saw that young lady.

He wanted to shake the images from his head, but the harder he tried, the clearer they became.

Those scenes appeared before his eyes again and again.

Her smiling face, her worried face, her nervous face, her sly face, her serious face… And her look of despair…

All these images overlapped and faded away, leaving nothing but a pair of eyes.

Full of life and reflective like onyxes.

He suddenly froze! Right! Chu Liuyue has the same eyes as her!


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