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Chapter 280: Forget It

“Oh Thats such a coincidence!”

Just as Emperor Jiawen heaved a sigh of relief, he saw that Mu Qinghes face had no smiling intent.

Mu Qinghe even looked at Chu Liuyue with an interrogative gaze.

Emperor Jiawen just realized that this didnt make Mu Qinghe happy.

“You cultivate in all three disciplines Which one are you better at” asked Mu Qinghe lightly.

The palace was very quiet as everyones gazes kept shifting between Mu Qinghe and Chu Liuyue.

Yesterday, Mu Qinghe already acted very differently to Chu Liuyue.

Now that he was here, he spoke to her again…

One would be lying through their teeth if they said that he had nothing to do with Chu Liuyue.

However, they just didnt know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Before Chu Liuyue could speak, Sun Zhongyan had already spoken.

“Liuyue took first place in the warrior and Xuan Master competitions during the Qing Jiao Competition.

Shes also very talented as a heavenly doctor…”

Yesterday, Sun Zhongyan had heard this person mention something to Emperor Jiawen, and it seemed like Mu Qinghe purposely came over to pick a few outstanding individuals.

Even if Mu Qinghe really didnt like Chu Liuyue, he wouldnt do anything unreasonable in consideration of her talent.

Mu Qinghes gaze remained unchanged.

“Oh So it seems like youre an all-rounder”

Chu Liuyue could hear the sarcasm in Mu Qinghes voice.

He had been around her for many years, and she was very familiar with his every word and action.

Even though his face looked paralyzed most of the time and didnt have much of an expression, Chu Liuyue could always guess what he was thinking. It seems like he is looking down on me being a so-calledall-rounder.

“Rong Xiao said that youre 14 this year.

Whats your warrior standard”

“Lieutenant Mu, Im a stage-two warrior.”

“What Xuan Master grade are you”

“Second grade.”

“What kind of pill can you produce”

“Fourth-grade ones.”

Mu Qinghe chuckled.

“It seems like youre pretty talented as a heavenly doctor, but youre just so-so.”

Chu Liuyue bent her knees and bowed.

“His Majesty and Elder Sun are too kind toward me.

Of course, my small talent isnt good enough for you, Lieutenant Mu.”

As he stared at Chu Liuyues calm and fearless expression, the anger in Mu Qinghes heart—which was derived from being offended—had unknowingly dissipated by quite a bit.

“At least you know your limits.”

When that person was 14 back then… Mu Qinghes face suddenly became cold as if he had thought of something. Why did I think about that person again Shes not the only cultivator that cultivates all three disciplines in the world, but how many of them can actually be compared to her

Mu Qinghe didnt speak any longer as he walked toward his seat with a cold face.

Emperor Jiawen stood beside him and could sharply feel that Mu Qinghes aura had suddenly become cold.

Emperor Jiawen couldnt help but be curious. What happened Werent they talking just fine Chu Liuyues every word was spoken in a very polite manner, and she didnt make any mistakes.

So why does Mu Qinghe seem to be unhappy with her

Even if Chu Liuyues talent cant be compared to those in Tianling Dynasty, she is definitely one of the better ones in Country Yao Chen!

Emperor Jiawen was confused, and so were the others.

Chu Liuyues state is actually justso-so in Mu Qinghes eyes! Then, arent the rest of us even worse

But upon thinking about it further, this Lieutenant Mu looked like he was in his twenties, but his abilities far surpassed all of them.

Hence, his actions seemed understandable.

It seemed like the Tianling Dynasty was really much stronger than what they had imagined.

After Mu Qinghe and Emperor Jiawen sat down, the crowd then sat down carefully.

The two of them sat at the front, but Emperor Jiawen was still sitting in the middle.

But even though Mu Qinghe just sat there, he had an even stronger aura, and his surroundings seemed to freeze.

The crowd in the palace became even more restrained.

Even though many of them wanted to behave properly in hopes of Lieutenant Mu having a good impression of them, they still honestly sat around when under a strong warriors suppression.

Mu Qinghe was quite frustrated.

After he went back yesterday, he also felt that he had lost control of himself.

Whats Chu Liuyue Shes just an ordinary girl in the small Country Yao Chen.

I came here to do something important, yet I thought of many ridiculous things after seeing Chu Liuyue, even messing up my mood.

I really care too much about Chu Liuyue, or perhaps, Chu Liuyue reminds me of that person too easily.

Clearly, only their eyes are similar and nothing else, but…

Mu Qinghe poured a cup of wine for himself and slowly felt around.

When Chu Liuyue looked up, she saw Mu Qinghe in deep thought.

However, she wasnt sure what he was thinking about.

Her gaze landed on his wine cup, and she smiled in a self-deprecating manner. In the past, Mu Qinghe never drank a sip of alcohol.

Only a year has passed, yet so many things have changed.

As if noticing her gaze, Mu Qinghe looked at Chu Liuyue.

“What are you looking at”

Chu Liuyue stood up and smiled.

“It mustve been really tiring for you to come all the way here.

I was too impulsive yesterday, so I wish to give you a toast.

I hope that youll forgive me.”

She then picked up the wine cup in front of her and drank it in one go.

“Slut!” cursed Rong Zhen angrily. Ever since Mu Qinghe came in, Chu Liuyue has been using all sorts of methods to attract his attention.

She is even openly seducing him now! There are so many people present, and all of them have more rights than her to toast Mu Qinghe!

Mu Qinghe then looked at the wine cup in his hands.

The strong alcoholic fragrance entered his nose; he knitted his brows in disgust, and he placed the wine cup down.


The ceramic wine cup landed on the table with a crisp sound.

The palace was silent.

The crowd exchanged looks among themselves. Is he… angry again

“I never ever drink wine,” said Mu Qinghe coldly.

Every single word of his was very cold and stiff.

Confusion flashed across Chu Liuyues face. He still doesnt drink wine Then, why did he pour wine just now… Oh, so he was thinking of something else

Whenever Mu Qinghe was in deep thought, he would always pick up something wrong while in a trance.

It seems like he is still the same as before.

Emperor Jiawen realized something and hurriedly hollered at the palace maids at the side.

“How did you serve him Who brought this wine up”

“Your Majesty, please forgive me!” A palace girl hurriedly knelt down and kept begging for forgiveness.

However, she felt very aggrieved. Who knew that this valuable guest doesnt drink wine Isnt he a lieutenant in the military Why wouldnt he drink wine

Chu Liuyue hurriedly looked down as if panic flashed across her face.

“I was the one who offended you, and everything is my fault.

Lieutenant Mu, Your Majesty, I hope you wont implicate anyone else.”

“Well see if she still dares to be so gutsy!” Rong Zhen grunted in delight. Originally, Mu Qinghe already disliked her.

Well see if she still dares to be arrogant after this.

Didnt she just take first place in the Qing Jiao Competition Whats there to be proud of Cant she see that other people dont even care about her

But Rong Zhen didnt think that Mu Qinghe wouldnt think highly of anyone else in this large palace if he looked down on Chu Liuyue.

Mu Qinghes face darkened for a while.

Just as the crowd was thinking about how he was going to punish Chu Liuyue, he said, “Forget it.”


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