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Chapter 281: Dijing Yuan Meridian

The crowd couldnt understand Mu Qinghes thoughts, and all of them quietened down.

On the other hand, Chu Liuyue was very calm.

She sat down as if nothing had happened, allowing all sorts of gazes to size her up.

She could roughly guess that Mu Qinghe had thought of the past, but she didnt know where his anger came from.

After meeting him, she realized that Mu Qinghes personality seemed to have changed.

Even though he was also quiet in the past, he wasnt as temperamental.

Emperor Jiawen eased the situation.

“Hehe, Lieutenant Mu, didnt you say last night that you came here to pick some people to follow you back and cultivate Is that true”

Once this was said, everyones attention immediately shifted to Mu Qinghe.

Countless pairs of eyes were filled with hope and excitement.

Follow Mu Qinghe back

Doesnt that mean going to the Tianling Dynasty

Thats an enormous opportunity!

The Tianling Dynasty is a very formidable existence.

In the entire Country Yao Chen, only Emperor Jiawen has the right to go there.

Others cant even think about it, yet we have such a chance now!

Mu Qinghe actually came to pick people personally.

“Thats right.”

Mu Qinghes two simple words immediately caused the crowds hearts to rise.

Even though Emperor Jiawen already knew about this yesterday, he still felt very emotional when talking about it now.

His pair of old and always unaffected eyes were filled with unconcealable excitement and glory.

“Almost all of Country Yao Chens outstanding talents are here.

Do you have anyone that you like here”

Other than the princes and princesses, important characters from aristocratic families, Tian Lu Academys Elder Sun, and the others were seated here.

Of course, there was also Fu Yunshan and Cheng Han.

Upon hearing Mu Qinghes definite answer, the two of them looked at each other, and they could see desire in the other partys eyes.

Mu Qinghe really came here to pick people, and he wants to bring them back to the Tianling Dynasty! I really dont know what kind of luck Country Yao Chen has! But since were here, we might be able to join in! After all, there are quite a few outstanding talents in our academies!

If they can be chosen… their future possibilities are endless!

Mu Qinghes gaze lightly swept past the crowd.

All those who were looked at by him unwittingly sat up straight and held in their breaths.

“Lieutenant Mu.” Rong Jin suddenly stood up.

“May I know if I-I can recommend myself”

Rong Jin habitually wanted to sayas the prince, but he suddenly realized that even his father didnt dare to pull his rank in front of Mu Qinghe.

Thus, he hurriedly changed his sentence.

Emperor Jiawen was also very surprised because he didnt expect Rong Jin to suddenly take the initiative and speak up.

But from another perspective, Rong Jin was indeed the most talented at cultivation amongst his prince brothers.

Hence, Rong Jin could give it a try.

If even he couldnt gain Mu Qinghes approval, then the others werent even worth mentioning.

After all, Rong Jin was the Crown Prince, and he should have some courage.

Mu Qinghe glanced at him.

“Stage-four warrior”

This kind of strong warrior just needed to glance at someone to tell their cultivation level.

Rong Jin nodded nervously.

“I should be able to break through and become a stage-five warrior in another months time.”

The crowd looked at Rong Jin in shock.

It wasnt that easy to break through and become a stage-five warrior.

Some people would forever be stuck in front of that door for the rest of their lives.

But since Rong Jin dared to say this in public, he had to be very confident in himself.

Noticing the crowds reaction, Rong Jin couldnt help but feel delighted.

Even though he lost to Heng Jingchuo during the Qing Jiao Competition a few days ago and was even poisoned by him, it wasnt completely disadvantageous.

After clearing the remaining poison in his body, Rong Jin shockingly discovered that he had signs of breaking through.

He had been diligently cultivating in the past two days, and he could vaguely touch the invisible barrier.

Hence, he was certain that he could definitely break through in another months time.

This was also a surprise for him, and he planned to announce it when he actually broke through.

However, he couldnt care about that now.

As long as I can get Mu Qinghes praise, then…

“Should be Theres no should or should not in cultivation.

As long as you havent broken through, youre still a stage-four warrior.” Mu Qinghes voice was cold, sounding as if he was very unaffected.

Rong Jin was stunned.

He looked up and saw the obvious nonchalance in Mu Qinghes eyes.

That was the attitude of one staring at an ant!

Rong Jin was dazed.


“You should already be in your twenties, right”

Rong Jin hesitantly nodded.

Mu Qinghe lightly grunted.

“Then, how do you have the cheek to stand here and say that you want to recommend yourself How… do you have the right”

Rong Jin never expected himself to be humiliated by Mu Qinghe in front of so many people.

His face immediately flushed red.

Mu Qinghes every word made him embarrassed to no end.

Rong Jin had always been talented since he was young, and he had always been praised.

This was the first time someone had looked down on him.

Emperor Jiawen looked very awkward.

Rong Zhen thought for a while before she playfully smiled and said, “Lieutenant Mu, my brother is already the most outstanding one.

If you dont like him, then nobody else here can fit your standards.”

Rong Zhen smiled brightly, and her tone was upbeat as if she were talking in a coy manner.

Mu Qinghe glanced at her.

Rong Zhens heart beat really quickly; she was nervous yet expectant.

“What are you” spat Mu Qinghe coldly.

Rong Zhens smile instantly froze.

The palace fell into dead silence.

As her lips curved up, Chu Liuyue looked down and played with the empty cup in her hands.

Mu Qinghe climbed up from the very bottom of the ladder, so he is very resilient.

After he became my henchman, many women wanted to give themselves to him.

Skinny, chubby, pretty, and ugly.

Which has he not seen before But even until my death, he still didnt have a wife or concubine even though he was 27 years old.

Rong Zhen truly doesnt meet his standards.

I wonder where she got her confidence from, which made her think that Mu Qinghe would buy into her methods.

“I-I…” Rong Zhen had never been this humiliated in public, and her face—covered with makeup—became as pale as ever.

Emperor Jiawen scolded Rong Zhen harshly in his heart. How stupid! Didnt she see that even I dont dare to put in a good word for Rong Jin Yet, she still dared to say that… Shes really embarrassing the entire royal family!

“This isnt a place for you to speak!” hollered Emperor Jiawen harshly.

Tears welled up in Rong Zhens eyes, and she lowered her gaze.

The Empress looked behind and ordered the people behind her to pull Rong Zhen to make her sit down.

The atmosphere in the palace became even stiffer.

Mu Qinghe asked, “Who here has the Dijing Yuan meridian”

Dijing Yuan meridian!

Every single word made everyone dazed.

How many years did it take for someone with the Dijing Yuan meridian to appear It didnt matter if Mu Qinghe didnt say anything, but he made an extremely high demand once he did!

If he is finding people according to his standards, Im afraid nobody here will pass!

“I think there isnt any.”

Chu Liuyues heart fluttered, and she stood up.

“I have it.”


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