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Chapter 282: Yuan Stone

The palace was instantly silenced.

Everyone looked at Chu Liuyue in shock. Does she know what shes saying Someone with the Dijing Yuan meridian is a top talent that only appears once in a hundred years!

In Country Yao Chens history, there were few such people, and all of them were very formidable.

When everyone was young, they would undergo a Yuan meridian test.

Once one was found to have the Dijing Yuan meridian, they would immediately become a familys cultivation focus.

This kind of talent cultivated much faster, and they were much stronger than ordinary cultivators.

But Chu Liuyue…

“Chu Liuyue, we all know that you took first place in the Qing Jiao Competition, and its an indisputable fact that youre a real talent, but are you sure that you have the Dijing Yuan meridian Lieutenant Mu is here; you cant lie to his face!”

The Lu familys head—Lu Ming—suddenly spoke.

“You said you have the Dijing Yuan meridian, but why hasnt there been news of this after so many years Chu Xiao, Chu Liuyue used to be part of the Chu family, so you should be the clearest about this, right”

If this were true, the Chu family wouldve long announced it to the whole world.

How would they still treat Chu Liuyue in that manner

When everyone heard this, they all looked at Chu Xiao with hidden excitement as if they were watching a play.

Everyone could tell that Lu Ming said this on purpose.

Chu Liuyue was indeed part of the Chu family in the past, but everyone knew that they had severed ties with each other.

The two parties had completely fallen apart, and their conflict could never be resolved.

This was especially so because the Chu family had suffered quite a few times.

Now that Chu Liuyue had suddenly turned over a new leaf and became a genius from a good-for-nothing, the Chu family would definitely suffer and regret it the most.

Chu Xiao had a dark face ever since he walked in.

In actual fact, he had been in a very bad mood ever since he knew that Chu Liuyue took first place in the warrior competition.

After that, his mood just took a turn for the worse, and it had arrived at an unsalvageable state.

When Chu Liuyue first entered Tian Lu Academy and took first place in the mid-semester assessment, they could still comfort themselves and say that this result was just slightly better than Chu Xianmins.

They could say that it wasnt a terrible loss for them.

But it was different this time.

The Qing Jiao Competition was a competition where the top talents from the three academies battled each other!

Being able to take first place—even two first places in this competition—was more than enough to prove Chu Liuyues formidable talent!

As for Chu Xianmin She had long been drowned in the sea of talents and wasnt worth mentioning.

However, Chu Liuyue had become famous from the competition, and her name was known throughout the city.

Chu Liuyue had long harshly flung Chu Xianmin far behind her.

If Chu Liuyue was still part of the Chu family, they would be able to dominate the Imperial City in the future.

But… Chu Liuyue had already severed all ties with them!

She was even their enemy!

Even though Chu Xiao really hated Chu Liuyue to the core, he was overwhelmed with regret.

Upon seeing Chu Xiaos sorrow, Lu Ming was secretly elated.

Recently, Lu Yao didnt have a good time in the Chu family, which embarrassed their entire Lu family.

Now, he had finally found a chance to take revenge!

“Chu Liuyue used to lack a Yuan meridian when she was born, but she somehow recovered it after that.

I dont know if she has the Dijing Yuan meridian,” said Chu Xiao as he suppressed his anger.

Mu Qinghe squinted his eyes. Lacked a Yuan meridian

This wasnt a big problem to him, but this should be an unsolvable problem in a place like Country Yao Chen.

It would be interesting if Chu Liuyue had actually recovered from the lack of a Yuan meridian and obtained the Dijing Yuan meridian.

Lu Ming laughed out loud.

“Oh, right! I almost forgot that she isnt part of the Chu family after she recovered her Yuan meridian! Its normal that you dont know about it.

Chu Xiao, I said it by accident, so please dont take it to heart!”

Chu Xiaos expression became stiff, and he casually acknowledged Lu Ming.

However, his face was as tense as ever.

Emperor Jiawen looked at Sun Zhongyan.

“Elder Sun, Liuyue has entered Tian Lu Academy for a period of time already.

You should know about this, right”

“This… Your Majesty, please forgive me.

Due to various reasons, Liuyue did not undergo the Yuan meridian test when she entered the academy,” said Sun Zhongyan as he looked at Chu Liuyue.

“However, Liuyue has always been stable and trustworthy; shes definitely not someone who lies.

In addition to her outstanding performance in the Qing Jiao Competition, I believe that she indeed has the Dijing Yuan meridian.”

Sun Zhongyan was openly standing on Chu Liuyues side and putting in a good word for her.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled.

Even though she didnt become Elder Suns disciple, he had always taken great care of her and helped her countless times.

It was rare for someone to be so nice to her.

Chu Liuyue stepped forward and said loudly, “If Lieutenant Mu doesnt believe me, we can conduct a Yuan meridian test now.”

Now is the best opportunity, and I must grab it!

Mu Qinghe looked at Chu Liuyue for a while.

Suddenly, he took out a black jade card and flung it toward Chu Liuyue.

“Since this is so, do the test!”

That black jade card stopped in front of Chu Liuyue and quietly floated in the air.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it and could immediately confirm that this was a Yuan Stone—which was used to test ones Yuan meridian.

A faint doubt popped up in her heart—Why does Mu Qinghe carry this around with him Even though Yuan Stones arent rare objects in the Tianling Dynasty, usually only aristocratic families and academies have them.

Mu Qinghe actually brought this along with him when his current status… Perhaps it is for him to test ones Yuan meridian conveniently

Chu Liuyue felt like something was amiss.

However, she looked calm and didnt show that there was anything wrong.

“Place your hand on the Yuan Stone and inject your force into it.

Itll then test your Yuan meridian standard,” said Mu Qinghe.

Chu Liuyue nodded, stepped forward, and placed her hand on the Yuan Stone.

It was cold to the touch.

Chu Liuyue gathered her focus, controlled some of her force, and injected it into the Yuan Stone.


A bright star suddenly appeared on the black Yuan Stone.

One star, two stars…

Stars started accumulating, causing the black Yuan Stone to look like it was the mesmerizing night sky that was filled with stars.

Mu Qinghe focused on it. She actually has the Dijing Yuan meridian!

An average cultivators Yuan meridian could only summon ten stars.

However, a person with the Dijing Yuan meridian could easily summon up to 100 stars.

All the stars currently gathered on the Yuan Stone proved that Chu Liuyue was way over this boundary.

Chu Liuyues heart jumped. This is weird.

Why did the stars appear on the Yuan Stone much faster and in higher quantities than expected It seems like its still going to continue!

Her thoughts changed, and she immediately summoned her force back.

The stars on the black Yuan Stone finally stopped increasing in number.

Chu Liuyue pulled back her hand and looked at Mu Qinghe.

Mu Qinghes gaze was deep, and he said with deep meaning, “Thats right.

You indeed have the Dijing Yuan meridian.”

The crowd went crazy.


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