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Chapter 283: Green Sparrow

Chu Liuyues eyes curved downward as if she heaved a sigh of relief.

But in her heart, she wasnt surprised at all.

Instead, she was all the more confused.

Mu Qinghe seems to care about the Dijing Yuan meridian a lot.

Did he specifically come to Country Yao Chen to look for talents with the Dijing Yuan meridian But even though these people arent super common in the Tianling Dynasty, theyre definitely not rare.

Why would he come all the way here to look for such talents

The crowd looked at Chu Liuyue in shock, and they only recovered their senses after a while.

W-what does this mean

Chu Liuyue actually has the Dijing Yuan meridian

Doesnt this mean that she can follow Mu Qinghe to the Tianling Dynasty

Mu Qinghe put away his Yuan Stone.

Chu Liuyue tried to ask, “Lieutenant Mu, since weve already proved that I have the Dijing Yuan meridian, then whatever you said before—”

Mu Qinghe didnt show any emotion.

“Since you have the Dijing Yuan meridian, you can follow me back.”

Chu Liuyue held her breath.

She could clearly hear her own heart beating rapidly.

“Dont be happy too early.

Having the Dijing Yuan meridian is only the start; I still have some other requests at the back, and you still wont be able to follow me if you cant meet them,” said Mu Qinghe plainly.

Chu Liuyue lowered her eyes.

“Thank you, Lieutenant Mu.

Ill do my best.”

I knew things wouldnt be this simple.

But at least theres a chance, and it suits me better.

Even though Chu Liuyue really wanted to go back as soon as possible to make those who harmed her experience a hundred-fold of what she had been through, she knew very clearly that this wasnt the best time.

With her current abilities, she would just be digging her own grave if she went head-on against them.

Mu Qinghe acknowledged her, and nobody could tell his emotions from his face.

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief, but other people felt conflicted.

Everyone present came with much hope, but the demand of having the Dijing Yuan meridian was too high.

They simply couldnt satisfy it.

After so long, Chu Liuyue was the one who benefitted again!

How could this make them happy

After hesitating slightly, Emperor Jiawen still carefully asked, “Lieutenant Mu, do you only want people with the Dijing Yuan meridian Actually, there are some people who arent bad, though they dont have the Dijing Yuan meridian.

Do you want to pick again”

“If theyre all like him, forget it.” Mu Qinghes gaze swept past Rong Jin.

Rong Jin felt even more embarrassed.

As the Crown Prince, he had never experienced such a thing.

Even when his father had grounded him and took back his power, he never felt this humiliated.

This was akin to slapping him harshly in front of everyone.

Emperor Jiawen didnt know what to say for a short while.

Even if Mu Qinghe said that to Emperor Jiawen, he wouldnt dare to show any form of dissatisfaction, let alone Rong Jin.

After hearing Mu Qinghe say that, Emperor Jiawen couldnt continue speaking any longer and swiftly kept his mouth shut.

The entire palaces atmosphere became increasingly eerie and cold.

ButChu Liuyue was very composed; she calmly ate her food and ignored the surrounding gazes.

Rong Zhen clenched her teeth because she hated Chu Liuyue for getting such a rare opportunity.

She also regretted her previous impulsive actions.

After being lectured by Mu Qinghe, Rong Zhen already felt very humiliated.

But when she noticed how Mu Qinghe treated the rest—including Rong Jin—in a similar manner, she didnt feel so angry.

When she gradually calmed down, Rong Zhen also felt that her previous behavior was overboard. Who is Mu Qinghe Hes the Tianling Dynastys envoy, a superior lieutenant! Even Father has to abide by him; it doesnt matter if I get lectured.

Besides, Im still counting on Mu Qinghe to help heal my body!

Thinking of this, Rong Zhen flashed her mother a look.

Upon seeing the anxiety in Rong Zhens eyes, the Empress naturally knew what she meant.

However, this made her even more frustrated.

Does Rong Zhen think that I dont want to beg Mu Qinghe for help Why doesnt she know how to see what kind of situation this is

First, it was the Crown Prince; then, it was Rong Zhen.

These two siblings have consecutively been scolded in front of so many people and utterly humiliated me.

If we anger Mu Qinghe, he could kill us with a single finger.

How can I say anything else

Seeing that the Empress didnt do anything at all, Rong Zhen couldnt help but become anxious.

She even wanted to walk over a few times.

Luckily, the palace maids serving her had already received instructions from the Empress, so they silently stopped her.

Rong Zhen was very upset, but she didnt dare to cause a scene at this place.

Thus, she could only swallow her grievances.

At this moment, something suddenly flew in through the door.

Chu Liuyue took a look at it and was dazed.

The something was a green sparrow.

It was the size of a palm and was thoroughly green, but its claws and eyes were bright red.

The green sparrows eyes sparkled especially bright, seeming like rubies, and were very pretty.

This green sparrow waved its wings rapidly and speedily flew without a sound.

Hence, it had already reached the middle of the place when the crowd in the palace discovered it.

“Stop it!” hollered Rong Jin as he knitted his brows.

“How did you guys do your jobs What kind of place is this How can you not stop such a nonsensical thing”

The guards outside rushed in immediately and felt wronged when they heard Rong Jins scoldings.

This thing flew too quickly! We cant stop it at all!

“Your Highness, please calm down!”

“Theres an important guest here.


“This is my fiend,” said Mu Qinghe, who was sitting at the front.

Rong Jins remaining words were stuck in his throat; his entire person froze, his limbs icy cold.

Mu Qinghe waved his hands, and the green sparrow flew toward him.

The palace was deadly quiet.

The green sparrow landed on Mu Qinghes hand.

Mu Qinghe looked at it and saw blood underneath its wings.

He knitted his brows slightly, and coldness flashed across his eyes.

“Are you injured Who hurt you”

The green sparrow moved its wings and hid the bloodstain.

Mu Qinghe knitted his brows even more tightly.

Hong Yao was a seventh-grade fiend, and it was very formidable, so it rarely lost in battles.

For some reason, Hong Yao was quite frustrated yesterday, so Mu Qinghe let it out.

He didnt expect it to get hurt.

Who has such abilities in Country Yao Chen

Hong Yao bit the feathers on its wings in grievance.

Mu Qinghe said coldly, “How did you assure me that you wouldnt get into trouble before we came Did you learn your lesson yet”

Hong Yao didnt expect to be lectured after it was injured, and it felt increasingly wronged.

Its clear, ruby-like eyes blinked as tears quickly filled them, and it looked very pitiful.

Mu Qinghe sighed in his heart. It really has been spoiled by that person.

I only lectured it a little, and it feels wronged.

“Hong Yao—” Mu Qinghes voice was even sterner.

However, Hong Yao suddenly turned around.

Hong Yao then stopped in its movements as it dazedly looked at Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat.

The next moment, she saw that tiny thing flying toward her!


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