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Chapter 284: Especially Jealous

Everyone was stunned by this sudden scene.

The green sparrow is Mu Qinghes fiend.

Why did it suddenly fly toward Chu Liuyue

Mu Qinghe suddenly stood up.

“Hong Yao, youre not allowed to hurt anyone!”

However, Hong Yao ignored him and drew a green line across the sky as it directly rushed toward Chu Liuyue.

Just as the crowd was pondering over how Chu Liuyue was going to face this trouble, they saw the small ball pounce into Chu Liuyues arms suddenly.

Hong Yaos claws grabbed the clothes in front of Chu Liuyues chest tightly, and its two tiny wings expanded as it leaned against Chu Liuyue closely.

Hong Yaos round head kept rubbing itself against Chu Liuyues body, seemingly with much reluctance and longing.

Chu Liuyues heart harshly skipped a beat when she looked down and saw Hong Yao lying against her chest. Did Hong Yao… recognize me But… how is that possible My current look is completely different from before.

Even Mu Qinghe cant detect anything, so why would Hong Yao…

One had to know that Hong Yao was never intimate with strangers.

Sometimes, when Hong Yao threw its temper, it wouldnt even care about Mu Qinghe.

It could be considered as one of the most hot-tempered fiends she had met before.

Chu Liuyues heart started beating rapidly.

Now, she couldnt even care if Hong Yao had recognized her.

This unusual reaction would definitely arouse Mu Qinghes suspicions. I definitely cant expose my identity at this time!

Just as Chu Liuyue was hesitating about what to do, a red figure suddenly flashed before her eyes.

Chu Liuyue dazedly looked up; she saw Tuan Zi holding its claws together and ferociously glaring at Hong Yao, who was in her arms.

Tuan Zis pair of eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat.

The next second, Tuan Zi grabbed Hong Yaos wings and harshly flung it outward.

Hong Yao was deeply immersed in shock, happiness, and disbelief, so it didnt even detect the incoming danger.

When Hong Yao finally realized that something was amiss, Tuan Zi had already thrown it out.

Tuan Zi hurriedly dashed toward Chu Liuyue and glared at Hong Yao, looking like it wanted to fight with Hong Yao.

Hong Yao was flung away so harshly that its head started to whir.

When it finally stabilized its body with much difficulty, it suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Hong Yao raised its wing and glanced at it, only to shockingly realize that a bunch of its feathers had been plucked off.

It instinctively looked downward and was greatly hurt by that ball of green feathers.


Hong Yao let out a silent cry and charged toward Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi bared its cold teeth and met with Hong Yao without any avoidance.

Seeing that the two of them were about to brawl, Chu Liuyue immediately put a stop to it.

“Tuan Zi! Come back!”

However, Tuan Zi—who was always obedient—was especially stubborn this time.

It only paused for a while when it heard Chu Liuyues voice before rushing forward again.

I cant lose this time!

A green blaze started burning in Hong Yaos body.

The entire palaces temperature suddenly rose by a notch.

The crowd was shocked. This palm-sized green sparrow is actually so formidable!

Chu Liuyue was even more anxious in her heart.

Even though Hong Yao was only a seventh-grade fiend, its combat skills were enough to tie with an eighth-grade fiend due to its special bloodline.

How could the current Tuan Zi possibly be Hong Yaos match

Mu Qinghe coldly said, “Hong Yao, if you dare to continue causing trouble, then return to Qiu Shui Court immediately!”

This sentence finally had an effect.

Hong Yaos body shivered, and the fire around it started to fade away rapidly.

But it didnt move backward and continued to stare at Tuan Zi head-on.

The two of them ferociously glared at each other as if they were born to be mortal enemies.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. For some reason, this scene looks very familiar… In the past, Hong Yao and…

“Hong Yao.” Mu Qinghes voice didnt change much from earlier, but it was a lot colder.

Hong Yao knew that Mu Qinghe would really get angry if it continued to cause trouble, so it could only turn around indignantly.

When it turned around, it didnt even forget to shoot a reluctant glance at Chu Liuyue.

Tuan Zi grunted before returning and jumping onto Chu Liuyues shoulders.

Chu Liuyue shot a look of warning at Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi knew that it was in the wrong, so it obediently rolled up into a ball and rubbed its face against her cheeks in an attempt to make her happy.

Chu Liuyue was helpless, and she looked at Mu Qinghe.

“Lieutenant Mu, please forgive me.

My fiend is still young and doesnt know—”

“Hong Yao was the one who caused trouble first.” Mu Qinghe really didnt intend to blame anyone for this as he glanced at Hong Yao.

Hong Yao indignantly turned around, clearly showing that it wouldnt admit its mistakes.

Mu Qinghe paused for a while and didnt say anything more.

In actual fact, his current feelings were definitely not as calm as how he looked on the surface.

He knew Hong Yaos character the best.

No matter how close a person was to Hong Yao, it might not be very intimate.

To strangers, Hong Yao either had enmity, or it wouldnt even care about the other party.

Ever since that person died, Hong Yaos temper became even worse, and it usually ignores me frequently.

However, why did it act so weird when it saw Chu Liuyue today

He had previously seen everything very clearly.

Hong Yao acted very intimate toward Chu Liuyue, and it really depended on her.

All these years, Ive only seen Hong Yao do this in front of one person! Is there actually something wrong with Chu Liuyue

A ridiculous thought flashed across his heart, but Mu Qinghe immediately rejected it. No matter if its in terms of looks, age, or anything else, Chu Liuyue has nothing similar to that person.

Besides, given the situation that day, how could that person possibly survive

Mu Qinghe only felt that the path before him was clouded and that he couldnt see anything clearly.

“Hong Yao isnt usually like this.

The reason for its behavior today is probably because… its fated with you.” Mu Qinghes voice was a little hazy.

Chu Liuyue seemed to heave a sigh of relief, and her lips curved up.

“Its good if Lieutenant Mu doesnt blame me for this.”

Mu Qinghes mood was messed up, and he didnt plan on staying any longer.

“Lets end this here today.”

Its better if I go check on Hong Yaos injury. Mu Qinghe then lifted his leg and walked outside.

He paused for a moment when he walked past Rong Jin.

“Not any random trash can enter some places.”

Rong Jins face turned as white as a sheet, but he couldnt utter a single word.

Mu Qinghe then continued to walk forward.

Hong Yao followed behind him, but it turned back thrice for every step it took.

Its pair of beautiful, red eyes were filled with reluctance.

Chu Liuyues heart ached as she watched it, but she lowered her head in the end.

Hong Yao must have recognized me.

Even though I dont know whats going on, but…

Chu Liuyue didnt know how to describe what she was feeling.

It was like a heartache with indignance, but it also had hints of happiness and warmth.

It turns out that I am still remembered after my death.

Its a pity that it is impossible for me to reconnect with Hong Yao in such a situation.

On the other end, Mu Qinghe rejected Emperor Jiawen and the rests company as he left the palace on his own.

When he walked to somewhere isolated, he finally stopped and looked at Hong Yao.

“Say it.

What exactly is going on”


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