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Chapter 318: Departure

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and was slightly shocked.

“Oh I wonder where youve seen a fiend similar to Tuan Zi, Lieutenant Mu If they have the fate to meet, I believe Tuan Zi would love the other party a lot.”

Mu Qinghe stared at Chu Liuyue as if he was considering whether her words were true or false.

“Its my old friends fiend, but it wasnt a blood ferret.


He paused, and a cold smile suddenly appeared on his lips.

“Forget it.

Anyway, its dead; theres no point talking about it.”

Chu Liuyues heart was tugged hard.

She heard her own voice say, “Oh, thats such a pity… Something that is similar to Tuan Zi must be very cute too, but why did that fiend die Did it die in battle”

Mu Qinghe slowly retracted the smile on his face, and his expression was as cold as ice.

“Its owner died, so it followed her.

But as that fiend was pretty strong itself, it knew that it wouldnt be easy for it to die on its own.

Thus, it chose to commit suicide by exploding.”

Every single word was like a sharp knife that harshly stabbed into Chu Liuyues heart.

Even if she had long expected it, she still couldnt accept it when she heard it herself.

“Oh, right.

That old friend was the one whom I said you looked similar to.” Mu Qinghes face had no expression, and he talked in a calm manner as if he were just narrating something simple.

Chu Liuyue forcefully moved her lips as her limbs were cold and hard to move.

“…Is that so…”

“Cough cough—Cough cough.” At the side, Rong Xiu suddenly coughed violently.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly looked over.

“Rong… Prince Li, are you okay”

Rong Xiu stopped with much difficulty, and his pale lips curved up into a smile.

“Nothing much… Im just a little… tired.”

Chu Liuyue immediately said, “Then, Ill send you back to Prince Li Mansion.”

A faint smile was plastered on Rong Xius face.

“Thank you.”

Chu Ning was still worried.

“Yueer, Ill accompany you.”

Then, the few of them planned to leave together.

Mu Qinghe still stood there, looking at Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue walked for a while and turned around to ask, “Is there anything else, Lieutenant Mu”

Mu Qinghe paused and turned around to leave without saying anything.

Chu Ning stared at his back view, walked to Chu Liuyue, and whispered, “Yueer, did you offend Lieutenant Mu before”

Chu Liuyue nonchalantly smiled.

“Perhaps, but thats not important.”

Since Emperor Jiawen and the rest left, Rong Xiu and the others quickly returned home.

The crowd of onlookers also respectively went home after the event ended.

Tian Lu Academy regained its quietness.

Looking at the pile of Jiuyou Tower debris, Ye Zhiting rubbed his glabella painfully. Everything in the Imperial City has been in such a mess lately…

“Elder Ye.” A voice suddenly sounded.

Ye Zhiting looked up, and he quickly knitted his brows.

“Fu Yunshan Cheng Han”

“Elder Ye, we really didnt expect this kind of thing to happen.

Sorry that we came late and couldnt help,” explained Fu Yunshan with a face filled with regret.

Cheng Hans eyes swept past the debris, and he felt very delighted.

He couldnt help but mock, “Yeah! This Jiuyou Tower seems to have been here ever since Tian Lu Academy existed.

Now that its ruined, you must be feeling terrible, right Elder Ye However, theres nothing you can do about it.

Who asked for the fiend to be too incredible Everythings great as long as nobody is affected! Elder Ye, do you agree”

Ye Zhiting squinted his eyes at the two people and then laughed.

“Thats right.

This time, our academy isnt strong enough, thus causing things to escalate to this extent.

That ferocious fiend was indeed very powerful.

Even if you came to help at that time, I dont think itll be of much use.

After all, your abilities… Haha! I have always been blunt with my words.

You wont find fault with me, right”

Fu Yunshan instantly looked very awkward.

He secretly shot Cheng Han a look—I have long said that, given Ye Zhitings cultivation level, he mustve noticed that we were just at the side.

They clearly couldve helped, but they didnt move at all.

Ye Zhiting mustve hated them!

Cheng Han was mocked until his face was gone.

However, he thought of it in another way and realized that Tian Lu Academy was still the one who suffered the greatest loss today.

This point alone could make him happy for a very long time.

So, he didnt really care about Ye Zhitings words.

“Elder Ye, youve been in seclusion for a long time, and you might not know much about whats happening outside.

Our abilities might not be as good as yours, but its not as bad as—”

“Hahaha, I was just joking! Cheng Han, did you really take me seriously Its like how you lost to me back then and then jokingly said that you would send your disciple to fight with mine in the future, right”

Cheng Hans expression froze.

Ye Zhiting asked in confusion, “Why Is that not so I heard that the pill your disciple used to win the heavenly doctor competition that day was made by my disciple! If you were really hung up about what happened back then, you wouldnt have let your disciple accept the championship title, right”

Cheng Hans face changed, and it looked incredible. Even after not seeing him for so many years, Ye Zhiting still shows no mercy.

His mouth is as annoying as ever.

“I suddenly remembered that our academy is going back tomorrow and that there are some things I need to attend to.

Now that Tian Lu Academy has met with this incident, well only cause trouble if we continue staying.

Therefore, Ill take my leave first,” said Cheng Han as he turned around to leave.

Fu Yunshan was also very awkward as he forcefully added a few sentences, having no intentions of staying around anymore.

The moment Cheng Han walked away, he felt like there was someone missing from his side—Situ Xingchen.

He scanned his surroundings, but he didnt see Situ Xingchens figure.

Cheng Han asked a familiar student, “Did you see Xingchen”

“I think she just left.

Perhaps she went back to the inn.”

Cheng Han thought about it and agreed. She must feel terrible after personally seeing Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue being granted a marriage, so it is normal for her to go back.

Its good if she has some alone time to calm down.

Cheng Han took a deep breath in.

“Lets go!”


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