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In the blink of an eye, Chu Liuyue had already stayed at Tai Yan Academy for five days.

Other than regular resting, she invested most of her efforts in the library.

When the sixth morning arrived, Chu Liuyue put down the book in her hands and sighed heavily.

“There really isnt any…”

These few days, she had read through all the books on the second floor once.

However, she did not find anything related to Jingshen Finger.

This was within her expectations, but she was still rather disappointed.

She looked up.

The third floor was for Xuan formations, and the fourth was for medical formulas.

Even though she didnt really need books of these aspects, she could still go up to take a look at them.

Thinking of this, she finally went up.

Cheng Han arrived at the library again and saw two stacks of books beside each of the two guards.

Needless to ask, those were the records of the books that Chu Liuyue had read.

Cheng Hans eyelids harshly twitched.

On the first day, he knew Chu Liuyue was a ruthless character, but he still underestimated her pervertedness.

“Director, youre here!” The two of them had suffered for many days and became much frailer, but they still forcefully energized themselves upon seeing Cheng Hans arrival.

“How many has she read” asked Cheng Han as he forcefully tried to control his expression.

He had been busy dealing with Yang Jianqing and Heng Jingchuos matters these few days, so he had no time to come over.

He did not want to flip open those booklets at all!

The two of them looked at each other and felt a little guilty.

“Just say it!”

“Director, she has finished all the books on the second floor within these few days…” said one of them bravely.

Cheng Hans vision turned black, and his heart seemed to turn numb.

“Then… what about Earth-stage warrior techniques”

“…She didnt open any new Earth-stage warrior techniques other than the initial one.”

Cheng Hans black vision gradually subsided, and he gulped with difficulty. Thats good, thats good! Thats the most important thing! As long as she doesnt continue… everything can be saved!

“Shes still on the second floor”




Cheng Han was about to say something when he suddenly heard a familiar voice and turned his head in shock.

“Xingchen, whats the matter”

Situ Xingchen smiled lightly.

“I came here today to take leave from you for a while because I want to return to the palace.”

Cheng Han curiously asked, “Why do you suddenly want to go back”

Situ Xingchen normally spent most of her time in the academy and would only return to the palace when she had something to attend to.

Situ Xingchen nodded and said, “Elder Zong Ye arrived today.”

“Elder Zong Ye! So fast” Cheng Han was shocked.

“Yes, Father plans to hold a welcome party for Elder Zong Ye tonight, so I have to make a trip back.”

Cheng Han knew about this.

Elder Zong Ye was actually the brother of Country Xing Luos current Empress—Zong Yuxi—who was also Situ Xingchens biological uncle.

He was a Mingyue Tianshan elder and had a distinguished status.

Situ Xingchen was sent there when she was young because of this connection.

Mingyue Tianshan was very far from here, and the people there rarely left the mountain.

Hence, it was very rare for Elder Zong Ye to come out.

The reason for him doing so was because of Situ Ziyue.

Previously at the Qing Jiao Competition, he had lost to Chu Liuyue terribly, and both his physical and mental health was impacted greatly.

He was completely defeated, and his physical health didnt turn better, causing Zong Yuxi to be very worried.

Hence, she invited Elder Zong Ye over.

On the one hand, she wanted him to check if Situ Ziyues body was fine.

On the other hand, she wanted to see if he could counsel Situ Ziyue.

Of course, she herself also missed this brother of hers, who she hadnt seen in many years.

Now that Elder Zong Ye was here, they naturally had to give him grand treatment.

“You should.

When you see Elder Zong Ye, tell him I said hi,” said Cheng Han.

Situ Xingchen smiled and agreed.

However, her gaze silently swept past the booklets beside the two people, and bitterness flashed across her eyes.

“These booklets record all the books that Chu Liuyue read”

Upon this being mentioned, Cheng Hans face turned terrible.

“Ignore her! She just flipped through more books, but I bet she cant even remember one-hundredth of it!”

Situ Xingchens smile became slightly forced.

After hearing Cheng Hans words, she could guess how scary the number of books Chu Liuyue had borrowed and read in the library was.

I have been in Tai Yan Academy for so long, but Ive probably read fewer books than Chu Liuyue has in these few days.

Besides, I have already heard from Elder Mo Cang that Chu Liuyue found an Earth-stage warrior technique book!

This made her very indignant.

She could tell that Cheng Han was unwilling to talk about it, so she sensibly did not continue asking.

“When Im not around, I cant take care of the medicinal mountain.

Mentor, please forgive me.”

“Elder Zong Yes matters are more important.

You dont have to worry about the medicinal mountain.

Just go!” Cheng Han waved his hand.

Situ Xingchen then bowed again and turned around to leave.

Cheng Han looked back at the library.

He had never wished for time to pass more quickly as badly as he did now.

Chu Liuyue stayed on the third floor and fourth floor for two days, respectively.

Even though the Xuan formations here werent low level, and there were some rare, precious medical formulas, they didnt hold much meaning to Chu Liuyue.

The things she remembered in her mind were much more than the ones here.

The reason why she still spent so much time on these two floors was that she hadnt given up on the Jingshen Finger.

She had a gut feeling that there was something here related to the Jingshen Finger.

Thus, she became patient and continued to search for a few days.

However, there were no results.

When she was free, she would sometimes repeat the Jingshen Finger scrolls contents in her mind.

At the very least, she had done it at least a few hundred times, so she could even recite it backward.

However, it wasnt complete.

Chu Liuyue put down the medical formula in her hands.

Back then, she thought that ten days might not be enough, but it looked like she didnt have much need to stay here on the last day.

After thinking for a while, she finally decided to leave.

But when she was about to go downstairs, she felt a strange ripple above her head.

She immediately looked up! The ripple came from the fifth floor!


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