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Chu Liuyue quickly surveyed her surroundings, and her lips curved up into an interesting smile.

Tian Lu Academy was the top academy in the entire Country Yao Chen and held a very high status.

Even in the Imperial City, where every inch of ground was worth a huge amount of money, Tian Lu Academy still occupied a very large area.

The lapis lazuli structure made the entrance seem traditional yet magnanimous.

In front of the entrance was a black crystal stone in the shape of a longsword that descended from the heavens and stabbed right into the ground.

‘Tian Lu Academy was carved in gold on it.

These were already worth an extravagant amount, let alone the things inside the academy.

Before the entrance was a wide court made up of white jade.

This was also Tian Lu Academys territory; it was the venue they used when they recruited students annually.

However, there was nothing on the court when Chu Liuyue came to participate in the assessment.

There was only a small square table in front of that middle-aged man.

There were three black, wooden boxes on the table, which clearly represented the so-called three different assessments.

It seemed like they did not even intend to give Chu Liuyue a proper chance of assessment on the court.

Chu Liuyue bowed and asked gently, “Thank you, Senior.

Sorry if Im rude, but may I know your name”

The middle-aged man was originally upset with Chu Liuyue since he felt that she was delusional for wanting to enter Tian Lu Academy as an invalid.

However, they could not reject the Emperor, though they knew that their efforts would be wasted.

He originally had something urgent to do today, but he was sent over to assess Chu Liuyue at the very last minute.

He was extremely upset and, of course, would not give Chu Liuyue an easy time.

Thus, he also haphazardly prepared the things needed for her assessment.

He sneered in his heart upon hearing Chu Liuyues tone.

There was no use for anything else if she did not have any abilities.

She did not even need to try to lick his boots.

“Bai Chen!”

Chu Liuyue laughed and pointed at the court not far away.

“Senior, Ive heard that Tian Lu Academy assessments are usually held on that court, but it seems like its not open today… May I know if you will be able to do me a favor”

Bai Chen looked at her mockingly as if he had heard a joke.

“You should know that the other participants have their assessments on that court because they have all sorts of fights and battles there.

The forces generated would then be neutralized by the array formation on that court.

As for you… do you even have a use for it”

The crowd heard this and burst out laughing.

“Exactly! Does she need it Haha!”

“Tian Lu Academy only accepts the top few talents.

How dare a person like her without a Yuan meridian dare to dream of entering Shes just going to humiliate herself.”

“Did you see how the rest dont even want to care about her They only gave her a chance because of the Emperor… There will only be an extra laughing stock in the Imperial City from now on…”

Chu Liuyue seemed to have not heard the mockery, and her expression did not change.

She looked at Bai Chen and asked persistently, “Then… what must I do to make you open the court”

Bai Chen sized her up and did not notice any force moving within her.

He could not help but sigh.

“As long as you can open any one of these three black, wooden boxes.”

The black, wooden boxes were made using great amounts of a special black spiritual wood.

The boxes had different seals according to the various assessments.

It was impossible for an average person to open them.

If a student wanted to obtain the assessment questions, they had to open the black, wooden box personally.

This was precisely the assessments first stage.

Chu Liuyue nodded and did not say anything else.

She moved forward and directly went for the box on the left.

The crowds faces were filled with excitement for the show.

The thin, white hand landed on the black, wooden box.

Bai Chen frowned slightly. You dont even know where you stand. 


A small, crisp sound was made.

Chu Liuyue easily opened the box.

The atmosphere turned stiff in no time.

Bai Chens expression froze. How is that possible

Chu Liuyue had already picked up the piece of paper in the box.

“You pass if you become a stage-three warrior.”

The stage-three warrior requirement seemed simple, but the students that Tian Lu Academy accepted were all under 20 years of age.

They would unquestionably be talents if they could reach the standards of a stage-three warrior.

Bai Chen did not even have time to think about how Chu Liuyue opened the box.

He saw the topic she chose and burst out laughing.

“Warrior Assessment!” He looked down at Chu Liuyue from above.

“You pass if you reach the standards of a stage-three warrior.

However… I remember that your Yuan meridian is lacking, and youre not even a warrior, right”

The crowd immediately chuckled, not even bothering to hide their laughter.

The others might have a chance of achieving this condition, but as for Chu Liuyue, she would not reach it in her entire life.

Some people even hissed.

“Get lost! Stop humiliating yourself!”


Bai Chen shook his head and was about to pack his things.

“Wait a minute,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

“Senior Bai Chen, if my capabilities reach the standards of a stage-three warrior, do I pass”

“What” Bai Chen suspected that he had heard her wrongly.

Chu Liuyue asked again, “If I can win against a stage-three warrior, will you say that Ive met the condition”

Bai Chen hesitated for a while and nodded later.

“Of course! But… can you do it”

Chu Liuyues lips curved up slightly.

“I want to try.”

Bai Chen understood and waved his long sleeves.


Ill lower my abilities to a stage-three warrior.

If you can last three moves from me, you win.” After he finished talking, he waved his long sleeves, and the court buzzed softly.

After this, he suddenly raised his power and jumped up like an eagle that soared in the skies.

He instantly flew more than ten feet away and landed in the center of the court accurately and silently.

Chu Liuyue walked over step by step and stood in front of Bai Chen.

“Senior, please enlighten me.”

Bai Chen did not care about her.

Without talking, his palm turned into a fist and went straight for Chu Liuyue.


He moved at lightning speed and appeared in front of Chu Liuyue in the blink of an eye.

His strong punch cut across the air, and he utilized his immense strength.

In the blink of an eye, his fist was only less than an arm away from Chu Liuyue.

He did not need to use martial arts skills when he lowered his abilities to a stage-three warrior; he could just use his physical strength to go against Chu Liuyue.

This one punch would end everything.

Chu Liuyue saw the rapidly approaching fist from the corner of her eye.

She stood there with her back straight and seemed frightened to death by the outsiders.

Bai Chen thought the same way.

However, when he thought that his punch would definitely land on her, the young girl in front of him suddenly disappeared.

Chu Liuyues body moved in some way, and she had actually avoided the punch miraculously.

Bai Chen was instantly stunned by what he saw.

A chill ran down his spine the next moment.

A cold, murderous intent wrapped him completely.


He subconsciously circulated his force and executed an attack.

“Lightning Shock!”

Hong! Long! Long!

A blue fireball suddenly exploded.

However, there was no one there.

Bai Chen was shocked before looking beside him in realization.

As expected, an unharmed Chu Liuyue was standing right there.

Chu Liuyue looked at him with a beaming smile.

“Senior Bai Chen, it seems like youve used more than a stage-three warriors ability, right”

Bai Chens heart dropped. I fell for her trap! 


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