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Situ Xingchens eyes suddenly brightened up! Heavens Chosen Son! This is the biggest secret behind Rong Jin!

The moment the Empress said it, she immediately reacted—I still said it aloud, and I even did it in front of Situ Xingchen!



The Empress was furious as she picked up the things around her and threw them at Situ Xingchen.

“How cunning! You actually calculated against me!”

She had kept this secret for so many years and didnt even tell anyone despite the torture she had suffered in the past few days.

Si Huijing didnt expect Situ Xingchen to get the words out of her mouth in the end.

The Empresss hand was cut by the sharp shards, and she was bleeding everywhere.

But at this point, she completely couldnt feel the pain as her heart and mind were just focused on killing Situ Xingchen in front of her.

However, the current her was just a good-for-nothing.

She couldnt even walk herself, let alone handle Situ Xingchen.

Situ Xingchen easily avoided the Empresss attacks, but she didnt move backward.

Instead, she moved forward and directly squatted in front of the Empress.

“Her Majesty, what did you say just now… Heavens Chosen Son What does that mean”

The Empress lifted her hand to slap her.

With a smile on her face, Situ Xingchen clutched the Empresss wrist with one hand.

However, her eyes and brows were filled with a cold threat.

“Since youve already said it, why dont you tell me everything Dont worry; Ill tell the Crown Prince everything word for word.

Im guessing this is also the reason why my father is determined for me to be engaged to the Crown Prince”

Blood churned in the Empresss stomach, and she actually spat out blood. I didnt guess wrongly! Situ Xingchen does have ill intentions! And that cunning father of hers!

“Who Who exactly told you” The Empress tried very hard to push Situ Xingchen away, but it was to no avail.

In the end, she just shouted at her at the top of her lungs.

She had never told anyone about this, and she even only revealed a little information to Rong Jin.

Up till now, he didnt even know what it meant.

But how does that old fox Situ Yan know about this The many things that happened in the past quickly flashed across Si Huijings eyes like small pearls that were finally strung up.

Its no wonder that Situ Yan took the initiative to form a marriage alliance! Its no wonder that they liked Rong Jin from the start! Its no wonder that they havent dissolved the marriage agreement up till now! This cunning father-daughter duo was coming for this!

Situ Xingchens ears buzzed due to the Empresss racket, which completely used up the last ounce of her patience.

She flung the Empress away and looked down at her from above.

“Her Majesty, there doesnt seem to be a point in saying all of this now.

Why dont you just say what you should This way, you can protect the Crown Prince, right Without me and my fathers help, you and the Crown Prince wouldnt even last to this day.

Were now considered to be sitting on the same boat, so why must you persist bitterly Do you really think that you can salvage the situation on your own—just based on your half-paralyzed body”

Situ Xingchens words were very harsh.

The Empress was enraged, But after thinking for a while, she realized that Situ Xingchens words made sense.

It would be bad if this carried on.

She suffered so much and spent so much effort to reach this stage.

How could she let everything go to waste

After keeping quiet for some time, she finally looked up and saw Situ Xingchen.

“Its not impossible if you want me to tell you, but you must make a vicious oath.

If you betray Rong Jin and me in the future, youll be struck to death by lightning!”

Situ Xingchen was elated. Whats so scary about making a vicious oath As long as I know what the so-calledHeavens Chosen Son means, I have ways to solve this problem.

“Okay! I, Situ Xingchen, solemnly swear—”

“Greetings, Third Prince!” Voices were suddenly heard from outside the palace.

Situ Xingchen was shocked, and she immediately looked out. Why did Rong Jiu come at this time

“How is Her Majesty today” This was clearly Rong Jius voice.

“Third Prince, the Empress is normal.

Shes stuck in her residence and refuses to come out.”

“Mm, Ill go in to take a look,” said Rong Jiu as he walked toward the residence.

The guards all knew that Rong Jiu was sent by His Majesty to investigate the Empress, so they directly let him in.

His footsteps became increasingly nearer.

Situ Xingchen panicked. If Rong Jiu discovers me here, everything will be exposed!

She rapidly leaned toward the Empress and softly whispered, “For the Crown Prince, you know what you should do.”

Then, she immediately found a place to hide herself.


The door was pushed open, and Rong Jius figure appeared at the entrance.

Rong Jiu could see the rooms situation with one glance.

He squinted his eyes.

“Her Majesty, whats… with you”

Mu Qinghe brought Chu Liuyue along on the imperial sword and went north.

Since he had set up a barrier, the two of them didnt attract anyones attention as they silently left the Imperial City.

Upon seeing that they were exiting the city gate, Chu Liuyue got increasingly curious. Where exactly is Mu Qinghe bringing me This direction… Normally, people wont even come here since there are many mountains with dangerous terrain here.

The more important point is that if we continue forward, it will be Country Yao Chens imperial mausoleum.

However, Mu Qinghe was silent, and she couldnt ask anything.

The two of them continued progressing forward.

Chu Liuyue finally confirmed her guess when she saw the steep mountain. Mu Qinghe has brought me to Country Yao Chens imperial mausoleum!

Looking down from mid-air, she could even clearly see the warriors in charge of guarding the peak.

A faint barrier enveloped the entire mountain peak.

Chu Liuyue was shocked. This barriers strength has exceeded my expectations! Its like… it was set up by a stage-six warrior!

An idea popped up in Mu Qinghes mind as he finally brought Chu Liuyue to the ground and landed at the foot of the mountain.

After Chu Liuyue stood still, she suppressed her curiosity and looked up.

Golden Inheritance Peak—this was the highest and most dangerous mountain peak within miles of the Imperial City.

Every Country Yao Chens emperor would be buried in the imperial mausoleum under this peak.

One glance at it, and it felt like a sword that descended from heaven and harshly pierced through the floor.

Sharp! Solemn! Mighty!

Chu Liuyue had never come here before, so the reason why she understood this place was due to Golden Inheritance Peak looking like the symbolic sword statue outside of Tian Lu Academy.

At first, she had noticed this unwittingly and was even curious about it for some time.

“Lieutenant Mu, why did you bring me here” Chu Liuyue turned around and looked at Mu Qinghe.

Mu Qinghes gaze was rather deep and mysterious.

He stared at Golden Inheritance Peak for quite some time before booming, “Were going into the imperial mausoleum.”


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