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Bai Chens low but powerful voice echoed throughout the court.

The originally noisy crowd was instantly silenced.

Everyone looked at the court in shock and suspected that they had misheard something.

What did Bai Chen say previously

Chu Liuyue… passed

After the temporary deadly silence, the crowd erupted into heated discussions.

“How is that possible How did Chu Liuyue pass that”

“Exactly! Shes not even a stage-one warrior, right How can she pass so easily”

“Did she really just enter Tian Lu Academy like that Its way too simple!”

“Even though its weird, Chu Liuyue seemed to have really endured Bai Chens last move,” muttered someone in confusion.

Some people suddenly quietened down and looked at each other awkwardly.

Oh, right!

Bai Chen had said previously that Chu Liuyue would pass if she met and endured his move head-on.

Chu Liuyue really did not move back a single step and had faced the impact forcefully.

“Did… Bai Chen do it on purpose” said someone uncertainly, but he hurriedly covered his mouth after he finished his sentence.

Questioning Bai Chen in front of him was akin to questioning Tian Lu Academy.

Bai Chen surveyed his surroundings with a gloomy gaze and took a deep breath before announcing, “I know a lot of people might think that Ive let her off easily, but I dare to guarantee with my reputation that there was no problem in the entire assessment.

Tian Lu Academy is the top academy, and we always conduct our assessments fairly.

Chu Liuyue has indeed passed the warrior assessment.”


Not only did he not let her off easily, but he had even secretly increased the difficulty of the assessment.

Even a true stage-three warrior might not be able to pass the assessment this smoothly.

However, Chu Liuyue did it.

Even though he looked down on her previously, he naturally admitted her abilities after she did this.

Bai Chens determined words had successfully stumped everyone else.

Bai Chen was famous for his terrible temper as a teacher at Tian Lu Academy.

Since he had confirmed Chu Liuyues abilities, other people were in no position to say anything about it.

Bai Chen looked at Chu Liuyue with a complicated gaze.

He never expected Chu Liuyue to pass the assessment.

“From now on, youre a student at Tian Lu Academy.”

The crowd went crazy.

Originally, they thought that they could watch Chu Liuyue turn into a laughing stock today, but who knew she could really make it in Only the top few talents in Country Yao Chen could enter Tian Lu Academy.

It was really strange for an invalid like Chu Liuyue to be admitted.

Chu Liuyues red lips curved up.

“Thank you, Senior Bai Chen, or perhaps I should call you Teacher Bai Chen.”

Bai Chen grunted.

He clearly saw that Chu Liuyue did not look shocked at all.

Composure was written all over her face, and she had clearly expected this outcome.

In other words, she was confident of her admission into the academy.

Bai Chen previously thought that she was delusional for telling the Emperor that she wanted to enter Tian Lu Academy, but it seemed like she was clearly very confident of herself.

“Entering Tian Lu Academy is just the start.

Theres nothing to be proud of.

You should know that the academy is filled with talents.

Only the top few can become true, strong warriors.” Bai Chen felt that he had lost face, so even though Chu Liuyue had passed the assessments, he did not give her a good time.

In actual fact, he still looked down on Chu Liuyue.

This was because he had never felt any force circulating within Chu Liuyue throughout the entire process.

He did not know how she endured the last obstacle.

A person lacking in a Yuan meridian could definitely not become a true cultivator.


One could probably reach the standards of a stage-three warrior using other means, but it was impossible for them to advance.

Even though Chu Liuyue had entered Tian Lu Academy, she would probably achieve nothing.

After he finished his sentence, he waved his sleeves and was about to leave.

“Teacher Bai Chen, please wait a minute,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

Bai Chen turned around in frustration.

“What else do you want Youve already passed the assessment.

Someone will bring you into the academy later.”

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Teacher Bai Chen, the assessment hasnt ended yet.”

Bai Chen knitted his brows.

“What do you mean”

Chu Liuyue smiled and pointed at the two black, wooden boxes not far away.

“Arent there two more assessments”

Bai Chens face turned cold.

“Didnt you previously hear the rules properly You only need to pass one assessment out of the three.” Now that Chu Liuyue had already passed the warrior assessment, she did not need to carry on with the other two.

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Can a person only be assessed in one category”

“Do you not understand…” Bai Chen suddenly paused in his sentence. Hold on, Chu Liuyue is saying…

“Teacher Bai Chen, from what I know, theres no such restriction in the academys assessments, right”

Bai Chen did not speak for quite some time.

They prepared three different assessments because there were three types of cultivators in Mainland Xuan Wu.

Different people had different talents.

Even though some were untalented as a warrior, they had shocking potential in other areas.

This type of person would either be a Xuan Master or a heavenly doctor.

There were very few such people, and even more so for heavenly doctors as there might not even be one in ten thousand.

“So, youre saying that…” Bai Chen opened his mouth and became nervous for some reason.

Chu Liuyue took a step forward and said calmly, “Im saying that I want to be assessed in the other two categories.”


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