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Chapter 40: How Fragrant!

The entire court was deadly silent.

Everyone looked at Chu Liuyue as if they were staring at a maniac. Is she out of her mind She wants to be assessed on the last two categories Does she think that she really can pass all three assessments

Only a few people could pass all three assessments in the entire Country Yao Chen.

Bai Chen knitted his brows very tightly.

“Do you know what youre asking You really want to be assessed on the last two categories”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Bai Chen was silent for a moment before he waved his sleeves and clenched his teeth.


I do want to see what kind of tricks you can pull off.” After he finished his sentence, he signaled Chu Liuyue to open the remaining two boxes.

Chu Liuyue walked over and opened the one in the middle.

There was a piece of paper and a chessboard inside.

The black and white chess pieces were already placed on the chessboard, forming an endgame.

Chu Liuyue took one look at it and noticed that the chess pieces were placed in a regular manner to form an array formation on the chessboard.

The requirement for the Xuan Master assessment was written on the paper—”Youll pass if you manage to solve this chessboard in two hours.”

Perhaps two hours to solve an endgame was a tad too long for an average person, but in actual fact, this assessment was completely different from a normal chess game.

The black and white chess pieces, more or less, had the forces from heaven and earth.

They were placed in different positions and influenced each other, naturally forming a complicated chess game.

If she wanted to solve this problem, she needed to feel the circulating force between heaven and earth sensitively.

This point alone stumped most people.

Even though some people could forcefully feel the circulating force, they could not clearly see the pattern amongst the pieces, let alone figure out the solution for the endgame.

Hence, only truly talented people with the potential to become a Xuan Master could pass this assessment.

Bai Chen walked over, and his gaze landed on Chu Liuyue.

“You need to take the chessboard out…”

It would be easier for students to take the assessment as it lasted for two hours after all.

Chu Liuyue shook her head in rejection.

“Thank you, Teacher Bai Chen, for the kind reminder, but its okay.”

Bai Chen paused and sneered in his heart. She must have rejected it so decisively because she knows that she cant solve it and wants to give up.

He grunted.

“Dont act strong if you dont have the patience.

Do you think its so easy to become a Xuan Master” As he spoke, he was about to close the box.

When Chu Liuyue heard this, she pressed her lips against each other tightly. Is Bai Chen so sure that I cant pass and thought that I was going to give up

“Teacher Bai Chen, wait a minute.”

Bai Chen looked at her in frustration. What else is she going to play at

However, Chu Liuyue already picked up a black chess piece and placed it on the chessboard precisely without hesitation.


The chessboard made a soft sound.

Bai Chen was just about to scold her, but he suddenly felt a strange movement from the chessboard.

He looked over subconsciously and saw that the black and white chess pieces were as if controlled by an invisible force and had flown up gradually before landing precisely in the chess compartment beside it.


The chess pieces knocked against each other crisply, but it sounded like thunder in other peoples ears.

Chu Liuyue had actually succeeded in solving the endgame!

Bai Chen stood there dazedly and could not recover his senses for a long time.

H-how long did Chu Liuyue take to solve it

It seemed like it had not even been a quarter of an hour.

Including the conversation time between both of them, Chu Liuyue literally solved the chess puzzle after looking at it a few times.

Bai Chen was really shocked.

He had been in Tian Lu Academy for many years and had seen numerous Xuan Master talents, but he had never seen one that could solve this assessment so quickly and accurately.

One either had to know the answer beforehand or be extremely talented to be this fast!

This chessboard was one of Tian Lu Academys treasured items.

It would form different endgames for the various assessments.

Even he did not know what the chessboard would look like before he opened the wooden box.

This feat meant that Chu Liuyue was, indeed, very talented as a Xuan Master.

All along, Bai Chen felt that Chu Liuyue had passed the previous warrior assessment by playing some tricks since he did not feel any force circulating in her body.

If not, there really was no explanation for how she exuded such an intense suppressive aura and even faced his move head-on.

However, everything in front of Bai Chen made him realize that Chu Liuyue was indeed talented.

At the very least, she had the potential to become a top Xuan Master.

“Teacher Bai Chen, do I pass the test” Chu Liuyues lips curved up into a smile, and spoke in her usual nonchalant manner as if she did not notice how shocking her performance was.

However, Bai Chen could not be as calm as her.

His heart felt like it had been flipped right over.

That was because..

he was also a Xuan Master!

After entering Tian Lu Academy, the students would usually be assigned to various teachers to undergo cultivation.

This was even more so for Xuan Masters and heavenly doctors as they were unique.

Every teacher could be considered as individuals.

There were quite a few Xuan Master teachers in Tian Lu Academy.

They were all very competitive, especially when it came to showing off how incredible the students they taught were.

Bai Chen was very confident that Chu Liuyue was a very rare Xuan Master talent that would only appear once every 100 years.

Chu Liuyue waited for a while; when she saw that Bai Chen did not say anything, she could not help but call him.

“Teacher Bai Chen”

Bai Chen suddenly recovered his senses, and he looked at Chu Liuyue as if he was looking at a precious treasure.

He rubbed his hands together, and a passionate smile was plastered onto his face, which looked very weird with his originally stern look.

“Pass! Pass! Of course, you pass! Hehe, Little Liuyue, what other requests do you have Just name them! Ill do it for you!”


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