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Chapter 41: All-Kill!

Chu Liuyues eyes twitched.

Little Liuyue

Previously his face was still filled with frustration, yet his attitude completely changed in the blink of an eye.

His face change came faster than flipping a book page.

“Um… Teacher Bai Chen, you dont have to be so polite…”

“What do you mean polite Since youre a student of Tian Lu Academy, I should take care of you as a teacher,” said Bai Chen hurriedly.

As he talked, he carefully observed Chu Liuyues expression and secretly regretted it in his heart.

How could I treat her in that way previously Little Liuyue must have had a bad impression of me.

If I knew that she had such formidable talent as a Xuan Master, I would have treated her nicely. Upon thinking this, he could not help but ask about the Chu familys 18 generations in his heart.

Invalid How useless the Chu family is! They do not have the eyes to recognize true talent and even implicated me.

If he did not trust the rumors he heard, he definitely wouldnt have treated her that way.

“Little Liuyue… I had a bad attitude towards you previously.

Please, dont take it to heart,” said Bai Chen embarrassingly as he scratched his head.

Chu Liuyue looked at him in shock but saw that, although Bai Chen looked awkward, his gaze was sincere and honest.

He was genuinely apologizing.

Chu Liuyue blinked. This person is quite interesting.

It was true that he looked down on her before, and also true that he wanted to get close to her.

Was this change because she showed off her Xuan Master talent earlier However, she had already tried her best to restrain her talent.

This endgame was too simple.

She had started learning array formations when she was four, and she could create Xuan arrays when she was five.

She did not even care about such array formations.

However, it seemed like she had to lie even lower now.

“I know that capabilities are the most important thing.

Teacher Bai Chen, you dont have to take it to heart.”

Bai Chen was rather sincere when he dared to apologize to her in front of everyone as he had a relatively high status.

This gave Chu Liuyue a better impression of him.

This type of person was very straightforward.

One only had to show their true abilities to change their attitudes.

Bai Chen finally heaved a sigh of relief after hearing her say that and hurriedly asked her.

“Then, do you still want to continue with the heavenly doctor assessment”

The heavenly doctor assessment was even harder than the Xuan Master assessment.

Previously, he thought that Chu Liuyue was just acting strong, but now he was slightly expectant.

Perhaps… she was also talented as a heavenly doctor

Chu Liuyue looked down.

She originally thought that the Xuan Master assessment was a piece of cake, but she did not expect to shock these people.

Based on Bai Chens reaction alone, this incident was bound to spread like wildfire.

The winds howl around the highest peaks.

She had to be more careful about the heavenly doctor assessment.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Continue.” As she spoke, she opened the third box and took out the question paper from inside.

“Produce a drug formula with the ten herbs given.”

Chu Liuyue took a look inside the wooden box and saw that the herbs were split into ten different compartments, with different herbs in each of them.

Her eyes darted quickly, and she recognized the different herbs.

Most of them were very common herbs, but their natures were different.

Some were cold, and others were hot.

Amongst these different herbs was a Silver Ice Cicada, which was also known as cold herb; it was extremely poisonous.

Examinees needed to have thorough knowledge of all these herbs and neutralize their effects in order to create a good drug formula.

One would fail if they werent careful.

One might even produce a poisonous drug instead of a useful one.

The handling of the cold herb was the most important aspect.

Of course, Chu Liuyue knew how to handle the cold herb and remove the poison in it, but she obviously could not show it now.

After thinking deeply, she took out the herbs one by one, ground some into powder, and juiced the others.

Then, she combined them in different ratios.

Chu Liuyues movements were slightly hesitant in the entire process, and she would sometimes make a small mistake.

Bai Chen shook his head silently while watching at the side.

Even though he was not a heavenly doctor, he had some understanding of medicine.

Chu Liuyue was talented in this area, but her talent was very limited.

An hour passed very quickly.

Chu Liuyue finally finished her drug and passed it to Bai Chen.

Bai Chen took a look at it and shook his head.

“This… You barely passed, but…” Its nothing much.

This talent could only help her become a doctor, but not a true heavenly doctor.

Actually, it was already rare to find doctors.

If others could pass this assessment, they would definitely be over the moon, but Bai Chen had previously seen Chu Liuyues outstanding performance as a Xuan Master.

This was just a let down in comparison to that.

Chu Liuyue asked, “Teacher Bai Chen, do I pass this assessment”

Bai Chen quickly erased his other thoughts and looked at Chu Liuyue emotionally before laughing.

“Of course, you pass! Little Liuyue, youve passed all three assessments and have been admitted to Tian Lu Academy! Not many people in Country Yao Chen can do this.”

His deep voice boomed, and it clearly echoed throughout the court.

Everyone was in a daze.


What just happened

Not only did Chu Liuyue enter Tian Lu Academy, but she also passed the assessments with an all-kill

Was the world crazy


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