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In the forest, the three of them quietly walked forward, and the atmosphere was awkward.

Mu Qinghes expression didnt look good from the start, and his entire person looked like a mobile ice mountain.

On the other hand, Jian Fengchi focused on thinking about how to get information out of Chu Liuyue and Mu Qinghe.

As for Chu Liuyue… She was thinking about when the two of them started interacting.

In her previous life, she and Jian Fengchi were definitely not on good terms.

She hated Jian Fengchis frivolous behavior, and Jian Fengchi mocked her for her traditional and old-fashioned ways.

Anyway, when the two of them met, they would always have an unpleasant ending.

As for Mu Qinghe… He either accompanied beside her or was busy handling military affairs.

Thus, he rarely interacted with other people, let alone Jian Fengchi.

Sometimes, when Jian Fengchi was too overboard, Mu Qinghe would even willingly request to teach him a lesson, but Chu Liuyue stopped him most of the time.

This wasnt because she didnt want to do so, but that she was purely worried about Mu Qinghe not being able to control himself and beating the other party to death.

Jian Fengchi held some status, so it was quite troublesome to beat him to death.

She didnt expect that the two of them would become friends a year after her death.

It was very obvious that they had become trustable and dependable friends.

Chu Liuyue could confirm that the duo didnt interact much at first, and she wondered what had happened a year after her death.

However… Something popped up in Chu Liuyues mind. I dont even know why Mu Qinghe betrayed me, so its natural for me not to know these things.

Upon thinking of this, her interest faded away as she curled her lips up in a mocking manner, pushing these thoughts to the back of her mind.

Suddenly, Jian Fengchi thought of something and asked curiously, “Oh, yes.


Chu, your fiancé—Prince Li—seems to be here too.

Didnt you see him”

In the imperial mausoleum and the dimly-lit corridor, it was deadly silent.

After Elder Ye spoke, Emperor Jiawen and Rong Jin were taken aback as they looked in that direction together. There are still two more people here!

Seeing that the other party didnt respond, Elder Ye lazily said, “It seems like theyre people that we know, so they refuse to show themselves.”

He then looked at Rong Jin.

“Who did you come to Golden Inheritance Peak with”

Rong Jins heart sank as he instinctively denied it.

“I-I came here myself.”

With his tracks exposed, he originally felt guilty.

Together with Elder Yes suppression scaring him, he didnt even dare to address himself in a respectful manner.

Elder Ye shook his head and sighed.

“Crown Prince, are you still unwilling to admit it at this point Do you think His Majesty and I look gullible”

Rong Jin guiltily looked down, clenched his teeth, and felt very conflicted.

Who followed me in Only Situ Xingchen came with me, but I already told her to wait outside, and she agreed.

Its fine if it wasnt here, but if it really is… Then, Ill definitely implicate her.

At that moment, Rong Jin suddenly remembered what Situ Xingchen had said.

“…Your Highness, you cant let anyone else know about me helping you.

This way, even if His Majesty finds something amiss, I can find ways to help you get out of it.

After all, theres still my father.

However, if Im implicated in the situation as well… even my father cant do much.

Anyway, just be careful…”

Rong Jin felt that her words made sense.

Now that his mother was dead and he landed in such a situation, he could only depend on Situ Xingchen.

“I really came here alone!” said Rong Jin with clenched teeth.

Elder Ye looked at Rong Jin and felt that nobody could save him anymore.

Emperor Jiawen sneered.

“Really Just based on you alone, you can escape from Crown Prince Mansion and hide your aura all the way here”

Rong Jins face flushed red, but he refused to admit it.

Elder Ye was too lazy to talk to him as he spoke to the duo in the dark.

“If you refuse to come out, then well just have to fight it out…”

Then, the fan in his hands suddenly flew out.


One could hear it cutting through the wind.

The harsh, strong wind immediately swept across that area.


A similarly powerful force met with it.

Both forces slammed against each other ferociously, and the entire corridor trembled.

A white mist suddenly spread out.

Elder Yes expression turned cold as he immediately wanted to follow them, but the moment he stepped out, he furrowed his brows.

“The gas is poisonous!”

Emperor Jiawen and Rong Jin were caught off-guard, so they had already inhaled quite a bit of the gas.

They started to cough violently.

“Cough, cough cough—”

Upon seeing the duos reaction, Elder Ye looked terrible. If I run out alone, I can most likely catch the other party.

But if I leave Emperor Jiawen and Rong Jin behind, they will definitely be in trouble.

The most important thing now is to get them out of here and clear the poison in their bodies.

Elder Ye stared at the duos escape route with much hatred. What a pity!

He took out a jade bottle and quickly poured out two pills, giving one each to Emperor Jiawen and Rong Jin.

“Your Majesty, this poison is very dangerous.

Use this heart control pill first.

Well get out as soon as possible.”

Emperor Jiawen took the pill and swallowed it.

Rong Jin anxiously snatched the item over and quickly swallowed it.

Emperor Jiawen looked at him and felt disgusted. Rong Jin is really stupid and useless! When we return to the palace, I must severely punish him!

Elder Ye brought the two of them to go out.

“Elder Ye, why dont you chase after the two people first! I can go out on my own!” Actually, Emperor Jiawen really wanted to know who the two people that just escaped were.

It was fine that the people who entered the imperial mausoleum had heaven-defying powers, but how could he let off the two people that sneakily followed them into the imperial mausoleum like rats

Elder Ye sighed.

“Your Majesty, theyre very prepared, so its too late to chase after them now.

We can investigate this matter after we go out.

“However, the two of them didnt even show their figures.

Wont it be looking for a needle in a haystack if we want to search for them after we go out”

Rong Jin followed behind them and heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Elder Ye looked at Rong Jin with deep meaning.

“Not really.

Perhaps we might very quickly find out the duos identities.”

Rong Jin felt a chill run down his spine as he unwittingly hung his head lower.

The three of them continued to retreat in the same way.

Most likely because of the poisonous gas, Emperor Jiawen and Rong Jins bodies quickly couldnt hold on any longer as they walked increasingly slower.

If it werent for Elder Ye following them, the two of them might really be unable to get out of this place alive.

On the other end, Situ Xingchen and Elder Lian Ning had quickly run to the outside.

Situ Xingchen almost bit her lips until they broke, and her eyes were filled with vengeance.

“The Empress, that old b*tch, actually lied to me!”

She never expected Rong Jin not to be Heavens Chosen Son! She completely wasted all her efforts.

Elder Lian Ning didnt look too good, and he didnt say anything.

He only heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the light ahead.

“Your Highness, the entrance is ahead.

We can talk about it after weve escaped.”

But at this point, a large sound came from above the duos heads.

The nearby circular plate actually started to close slowly!


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