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Looking at the face that suddenly appeared in front of her, Chu Liuyue was dazed.

“Your Highness”

Rong Xiu is really in the horse carriage

Rong Xiu quietly sized her up and saw her slightly messy and dirtied appearance.

Then, he raised his brows.

“Youre injured”

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Dont worry, Your Highness.

Im not injured.

The one who is injured… is Lieutenant Mu.”

Rong Xiu then seemed to notice the two men beside her as his gaze was quiet.

He nodded to acknowledge them.

“Lieutenant Mu, Young Master Jian.”

Mu Qinghe didnt react, but Jian Fengchi gave a meaningful smile.

“Your Highness, you didnt come very quickly.”

Rong Xiu clenched his fist and coughed.

“Its currently late autumn, and the weather is chilly.

Hence, its more troublesome for me to go out.”

Jian Fengchi did not care for his words. Rong Xius body is clearly fine, and his abilities arent weak.

If he wanted to come, he wouldve reached here long ago.

Speaking of that, its pretty weird.

When I saw Rong Xius worried appearance earlier, I thought he would immediately come to Golden Inheritance Peak, but I didnt expect him to take so long.

I wonder what exactly Rong Xiu was doing…

But the two parties didnt have much conflict, and Jian Fengchi was secretly a little fearful of Rong Xiu.

Thus, he didnt say much.

Chu Liuyue walked toward Rong Xiu, passed by Yu Mo, and lightly glanced at him.

“His Highness hasnt recovered yet.

Why didnt you bring a hand warmer for him”

Even though her tone was light, it sent chills down Yu Mos back.

“I admit my mistake!”

His Highness had always claimed to be ill toward the public, so he would always be adequately prepared every time he went out.

However, they came out in too much of a hurry this time, so he forgot about it.

Besides, given this weather, there really wasnt a need for a hand warmer…

Yu Mo lowered his head and thought about it, but he didnt dare to express it on his face as he hurriedly backed away in respect.

Chu Liuyue walked to the horse carriage.

“Your Highness, are you okay”

Rong Xiu lightly coughed.

“Im fine.”

Chu Liuyue then nodded in a seemingly assured manner.

“Thats good.

If your illness relapses because you came to find me, Ill feel very guilty.”

When Jian Fengchi—who was standing behind them—heard the duos conversation, his mouth and eyes became wide open as his eyelids twitched. W-what are these two people doing Who here cant tell that Rong Xiu is acting Why must the two of them act so seriously Theyre too immersed in their drama, arent they!

Rong Xiu stretched out his hand.

“Come on up.”

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly and placed her hand in his palm as she casually leaped up to the horse carriage.

Rong Xiu then looked at Jian Fengchi and Mu Qinghe.

“Ive been out for too long, and I feel uncomfortable, so Ill take my leave first.”

Chu Liuyue—who had just sat properly in the horse carriage—paused in her actions and quickly looked at him. It seems like Rong Xiu doesnt plan to let Mu Qinghe and Jian Fengchi board the carriage.

Jian Fengchis lips twitched even more harshly.

“W-what did you say You want to abandon the both of us here!”

Rong Xiu slightly raised his brows and smiled amiably.

“Young Master Jian and Lieutenant Mu have distinguished status.

It would be beneath you if you were to sit in my horse carriage.”

At this point, even Chu Liuyue couldnt carry on listening.

She covered her lips and coughed.

“Your Highness, Lieutenant Mu is injured.

I think its more convenient if we bring him back.”

A smirk appeared on Rong Xius lips, but Chu Liuyue suddenly felt that the surrounding air instantly became colder.

“If Lieutenant Mu doesnt mind, I would be more than willing.”

However, Mu Qinghe knitted his brows and walked in another direction.

Jian Fengchi was stunned and hurriedly followed him.

“Hey, why are you leaving”

Mu Qinghes eyes seemed to be covered by a layer of frost as he continued walking without a word.

“Why are you acting—” Before Jian Fengchi could finish his sentence, he suddenly thought of something and stopped.

Then, he rubbed his brows and felt rather helpless.

“I really dont know what sins Ive committed in my past life to meet with you master and servant in my current life.”

Mu Qinghe stopped in his tracks and coldly glanced at him, hiding murderous intent under his eyes.

“Even if Im injured now, it would be as easy as ABC for me to kill you.”

Jian Fengchi immediately moved back and glared at him alertly.

“Let me tell you! I came here to help you today! Dont think of repaying your gratitude with hatred!”

The moment Jian Fengchi finished his sentence, Mu Qinghe suddenly raised his hand.

A green fire rapidly flew out from his palms and went straight for Jian Fengchis head.

Jian Fengchi immediately waved his hands in front of his body as a barrier appeared and blocked the green fire outside.

Even though he did so, he was still quite affected by the terrifying impact, and his legs sunk into the ground.

Jian Fengchi couldnt help but scold, “Youre doing it for real!”

I just saidmaster and servant and yelledrepay gratitude with hatred! I didnt do it on purpose! Besides, how long has it been Whats there to mind The worst thing is that this fellow is already so injured, but his combat skills are still so powerful!

It was the nth time that Jian Fengchi felt astonished in his heart. This fellow really didnt waste his time being tortured in the army for so many years… Once he makes a move, he wants to claim ones life.

Mu Qinghes eyes flashed black as he staggered backward and almost fell to the ground.

Previously, he was quite injured.

Mow that he had suddenly used his force, his body couldnt withstand it.

But he still clenched his teeth and pushed through as he continued walking with a pale face, letting the wounds continue tearing open and bleeding.

Jian Fengchi followed him with a headache.

“Okay! Okay! My fault! Its my bad!”

Its inappropriate if I really get angered to death by Mu Qinghe.

Seeing the two figures gradually disappearing, Rong Xiu finally put the curtain down.

“Go back to Prince Li Mansion.”

“Yes!” Yu Mo acknowledged the order as he jumped back onto the horse carriage and swung his long whip.


The wheels turned, and the horse carriage proceeded in another direction.

Rong Xiu retracted his gaze and saw the dazed Chu Liuyue as if she was in deep thought.

His gaze was deep.

“Yueer, Yueer”

He called her twice, and Chu Liuyue finally recovered her senses.

“Hm Whats the matter”

Rong Xius gaze looked unaffected as he lightly asked, “What are you thinking about”

“…Nothing.” Chu Liuyue shook her head and averted her gaze.

Actually, when she saw Jian Fengchi and Mu Qinghe quarreling, she suddenly thought of something.

Mu Qinghe really didnt sit on horse carriages.

As for the reason…

Actually, there was once when the two of them departed on a journey together.

They sat on two horse carriages for convenience.

In the end, they met with an attack on the way, and because Mu Qinghe was in another horse carriage, he couldnt rush to her in time.

That time, she was only slightly injured, but Mu Qinghe knelt in front of the palace for a day and a night to atone for his sins.

Ever since then, he never sat on a horse carriage.

Rong Xiu suddenly held her hand.

Chu Liuyue was dazed as she looked up at Rong Xiu.

The two of them stared straight into each others eyes.

Her heart tingled, and she slowly said, “Actually, I was thinking.

Why did you come so late today, Your Highness”


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