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Chapter 426: Threat!


The sound of the door opening resonated throughout the dim room.

Situ Xingchen—who was locked in a cage—suddenly raised her head.

Her intricate hairpin had already fallen, causing her hair to droop down messily.

She looked very despaired.

The messy stains on her face made her look even more unkempt.

She had lived for so many years but had never fallen into such a situation.

The footstep sounds gradually came nearer.

A man came in and stood three steps away from the cage.

Inside the empty room, only two candles were dimly lit on the spotted wall.

Situ Xingchen couldnt see the incoming persons face, but once she saw his figure, she immediately recognized the other partys identity.

It was Emperor Jiawen!

She almost instantly stood up, rushed over to grab the cage, and harshly shook it.

“Let me out! Let me out! My father is already here, right”

Emperor Jiawen took a step back and fanned his nose.

Situ Xingchen instantly felt humiliated as her face burned.

She unwittingly released her hands and wanted to dig a hole in the ground to bury herself.

After she was locked, she ate, drank, and did all her business in this small space.

She couldnt even leave the cage.

One could just imagine how she looked like now.

She didnt know how long she had been locked up for as every day felt like a year.

Every second she stayed here, Situ Xingchen felt that she was a step closer to breaking down.

Ever since she was born, she was the most distinguished eldest princess of Country Xing Luo.

When did she ever suffer such torture

She had already cursed Emperor Jiawen countless times in her heart.

If she had the chance, she would definitely cut him up into thousands of pieces.

But at this point, she was still on the other partys cutting board.

Thus, she naturally didnt dare to be too arrogant.

Emperor Jiawen sneered.

“He did come, but I think hes on his way back now.”

Situ Xingchens expression froze.

It was as if a bucket of cold water was poured over all her hopes and desires, extinguishing them.

“Impossible! My father would never leave me alone! Youre lying!” yelled Situ Xingchen in disbelief. Father has always loved me.

Why would he just leave

“Dont worry.

Hes going back to prepare for your wedding with Rong Jin.

Youre his most beloved daughter, so, of course, he wont leave you alone.

Oh right, the date is set to be half a month later,” said Emperor Jiawen slowly.

“When the Empresss funeral is over, well hold your grand wedding.

It was originally set to be a month later, but your father seems to be very anxious and pushed it forward by half a month.”

“W-what” Situ Xingchen was utterly stunned. My wedding with Rong Jin Ive already told Father that Rong Jin is the fake Heavens Chosen Son! Father came here to dissolve my marriage agreement with Rong Jin and to bring me out of here! But whats going on now

“Its too rushed, so some aspects will be neglected.

But luckily, Rong Jin is no longer the Crown Prince, so we can save on a lot of unnecessarily long procedures.” Emperor Jiawen sounded relaxed as if he were really happy for them.

Situ Xingchen was so angry that her entire body shook. On purpose! Emperor Jiawen is clearly doing it on purpose! He wants to use this chance to humiliate us completely!

“You! You!” Since things had ended up in this state, Situ Xingchen finally ripped off the last of her disguise.

Her shrill voice echoed throughout the dark room, and she sounded like a female ghost crying miserably.

She shot Emperor Jiawen a deadly glare, wanting to see something through his blurred appearance.

But—nothing! Emperor Jiawen did not look like he was lying!

Situ Xingchens heart finally sank.

She knew that Emperor Jiawen was forcing her.

The moon was shining brightly, and the night wind blew lightly.

The Imperial City seemed to have fallen into deep sleep at night as everything was quiet.

Chu Liuyue followed that mysterious person the entire way.

Very quickly, she discovered that this person was heading for the palace!

Her heart skipped a beat, and she hesitated.

It wasnt that she didnt come to the palace before, but she clearly knew that the entire palace was actually a gigantic Xuan formation.

There was an invisible barrier outside the palace.

With her current abilities, it would be too hard for her to enter silently.

However, that man in front seemed to not care as he quickly rushed forward.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and followed. No matter what, I have to get to the bottom of this today.

After an estimated 15 minutes, the two of them finally arrived outside the palace.

This place was rather isolated.

Other than some patrolling imperial guards, there were no other people guarding here.

But when Chu Liuyue stood under the wall, she could clearly feel the suppression from the barrier.

She looked up and saw the mysterious person.

She saw that person stretch out his hand, and starlight flashed across his fingertips.

A tidy cut immediately appeared on the barrier.

Also, it didnt trigger anything!

Chu Liuyues eyelids twitched. I have seen this move before! It has helped me countless times before.

I didnt expect…


The barrier opened, and that man had already jumped across the wall to enter the palace.

Chu Liuyue could only see the corner of some black clothes flashing across the wall.

She took a few steps back and rushed forward as she stepped on the wall.

Then, her body was parallel to the ground as she directly rushed for the wall.

Her figure easily flipped over it as her legs bent slightly.

After that, she relaxingly landed on the ground.

She looked up and saw that the person had already continued walking.

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips. Is this person not at all worried that I cant follow him…

But she couldnt think much as she rapidly chased after him.

The two of them were like night cats as they completely disguised themselves in the darkness.

However, Chu Liuyue quickly discovered that this person seemed to be very familiar with the palaces structure.

Under that persons leadership, they easily avoided all the patrolling guards and directly entered the palace.

Chu Liuyue was increasingly confused. Why is this person so familiar with the palace Its like hes been here countless times… Especially toward the back.

The more we walked, we went into the quieter corners.

However, that persons speed was still the same, and he didnt travel with any hesitation.

After around ten minutes, that person finally stopped.

Chu Liuyue stood still, hid in the shadows, and looked over.

When she saw the two wordsBlessing Palace on the plaque, she knitted her brows. Why did he come here It looks like… but it doesnt—

Suddenly, Chu Liuyues gaze focused! Thats not right! This Blessing Palaces surroundings have quite a few hidden auras! There are people inside!

While she was thinking about who would be here at night, that mysterious man suddenly went forward.

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