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Chapter 430: Opportunity

“Youre finally admitting it” Chu Liuyue slightly smiled. From the start, Situ Xingchen has held great enmity toward me for some reason.

No matter if it were the Qing Jiao Competition or when she later framed me for locking Rong Zhen up, one could tell that she didnt simply dislike me.

She actually hated me and was jealous of me.

Something seemed to be stuck in Situ Xingchens chest, and she felt so indignant that she was about to explode.

Finally, she couldnt hold it back any longer and scolded, “So what! I liked him for so many years, yet he doesnt even remember who I am! What about you Youre just an abandoned good-for-nothing from a useless family.

How can you be compared to me”

In terms of looks, Im not worse than Chu Liuyue.

In terms of background, I am so much better than Chu Liuyue! In terms of fate with Rong Xiu… I have accompanied him at Mingyue Tianshan for so many years.

What can Chu Liuyue compare to

“He was always high and mighty, and he stayed a distance away from other girls.

But… you! For you, he actually knelt down in front of so many people to get a marriage certificate with you! Im clearly the one who understands him the most! Only I am good enough for him in this world!”

Every time Situ Xingchen thought of this, her heart would ache.

She didnt understand what was so good about Chu Liuyue that Rong Xiu had to treat her like that.

It was as if… all the warmth and love was left for her!

Previously, when Rong Xiu sent all those people to burn the clothes with the cloud embroidery, she still had some hope in her heart.

But afterward, every single incident slapped her face.

Every single time, it made her realize that Rong Xiu cared more about that person than she had imagined.

This caused Situ Xingchens hatred toward Chu Liuyue to grow even deeper.

Chu Liuyue saw her face that contorted because of anger and vengeance, and her lips curved up slightly.

“How do you know that he doesnt know”

Situ Xingchens expression froze.

“Since you claim to understand him, then… Do you know why hes doing this” Chu Liuyue said slowly.

Every single word was like a sharp knife that stabbed into Situ Xingchens heart deeply.

The blood-red color on her face slowly faded away, leaving a face of misery and indignance. Thats right! How can someone like Rong Xiu not know what kind of person Chu Liuyue is But… he still chose her! The only explanation is that… Hes very devoted to Chu Liuyue, and he only wants her!

From a very long time ago, she knew that Rong Xiu wouldnt normally be charmed.

But once he was… He would only love one person for the rest of his life and give her his all.

“Y-you… What did you do…” Situ Xingchen clenched her teeth, and her joints became white as she gripped the cage bars with too much strength.

At this point, she unwittingly looked down and saw that her wrist had turned greenish-purple.

She was taken aback. If I really completely become a greenish-purple old lady, then next time… Then, there will be no next time!

Once she thought of that scene, chills were sent down her spine. I will never allow myself to become like that!

“As long as you let me out, I promise I will give you that thing!” Situ Xingchen said harshly.

“However, you must also promise to give me the antidote.

If not, even if I die, Ill become a violent ghost and come back to haunt you!”

Chu Liuyues lips curved up with much interest. To be serious, shes the one who came back from the dead to take revenge.

But Chu Liuyue did not become a violent ghost.

Instead, it was me.

Who is scared of whom

“It seems like the person outside came to save you,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

“You want to go out with me and take the chance to escape”

Situ Xingchens heart beat wildly.

“I dont know what youre saying!”

Chu Liuyue did not need her answer either.

“I just came here to take that thing; Im not here to save you.

If you dont want to hand it over, then… so be it! Ive already come in for a long time; I should get going.”

Then, Chu Liuyue actually turned and left.

Situ Xingchen finally panicked.

“Stand right there! Give me the antidote first!”

She could even feel that the poison had spread to her arms! Without long, her face would be completely ruined.

Chu Liuyue waved her hands.

Seeing the figure that was about to disappear from her sight, Situ Xingchen clenched her teeth and said, “Ill give it to you!”

Chu Liuyue stood still, turned around, and smiled at her.

“You shouldve been this decisive earlier.”

Situ Xingchens face was filled with alertness.

“Give me the antidote first!”

Chu Liuyue lightly flicked her fingers.

A palm-sized wooden box dropped down.

The greenish-purple mist suddenly seemed to be attracted by some force as it changed its direction and went toward the wooden box.

Situ Xingchen finally heaved a sigh of relief when the last of the mist entered the box.

“Take the thing out,” said Chu Liuyue.

Situ Xingchen widened her eyes and raised her hands.

“You havent given me the antidote!”

Chu Liuyue smiled lightly and said, “Ill naturally give it to you if you give me the item.”

Situ Xingchen was stumped and hated Chu Liuyue in her heart. This Chu Liuyue is so scheming! Shes not willing to be taken advantage of!

She hesitated for a while and knew that Chu Liuyue was capable of doing anything.

Hence, she didnt dare to be too arrogant as she touched her jade bracelet.

Then, a wooden box appeared in front of her.

Chu Liuyues gaze gently swept across the jade bracelet. Its a Cosmic Bracelet.

This thing is much more expensive than a Cosmic Bag.

This is because a Cosmic Bag is easily recognizable, while a Cosmic Bracelet looks no different from a normal bracelet.

This should also be the reason why Situ Xingchen could keep this item and not let it be snatched away by Emperor Jiawen.

“This is the box the Empress left behind.” Situ Xingchen took a deep breath in and finally pushed the wooden container forward.

“As long as you can open the metal cage, the item inside the wooden container is yours.”

Then, she took a step back as if she genuinely wanted to hand the item over.

However, she sneered in her heart. Theres a strong lock on the cage.

If Chu Liuyue wants to take the item, she has to solve this problem.

If she cant solve it, the item will still be mine.

If she solves it… then the metal cage will definitely be opened! I can then take the chance to escape!

Anyway, with Elder Zong Ye outside, I can definitely succeed.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes as if her head hurt.

Situ Xingchen stood quietly, but she secretly circulated her aura, waiting to deal a fatal blow.

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue said lightly, “Tuan Zi, bring the item over.”

A red figure suddenly jumped out and lunged toward the wooden box.

Situ Xingchen knitted her brows and finally recognized it as Chu Liuyues blood ferret.

The next moment, she heardkacha.

A hole appeared in the cage.

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