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Chapter 44: Picking a present for Madam

Chu Liuyue replied with a question when she heard that.

“Why cant I be here”

“You…” After everything that happened at the Crown Princes birthday banquet, Chu Xianmin hated Chu Liuyue to the core! When she saw her now, she wanted to rush up and teach Chu Liuyue a lesson! But when the words were in her mouth, she suddenly noticed someone standing next to Chu Liuyue.

It was Teacher Bai Chen from the academy!

She forcibly swallowed her words and retracted her vicious gaze.

When she looked up and glanced at Bai Chen, she had her usual warm smile plastered on her face.

“Greetings, Teacher Bai Chen.”

The others around her only came to their senses then and began greeting him too.

“Greetings, Teacher Bai Chen!”

Bai Chen frowned without saying a word.

He had clearly heard the entire conversation from earlier!

Setting the enmity between Chu Liuyue and Chu Xianmin aside, Chu Liuyue had never provoked the others.

He never expected them to be so harsh with their words while conversing!

Although Chu Liuyue was not his treasure, he could not bear to hear anyone insult or defame her!

Bai Chen had an explosive temper, and his heart was burning with rage from everything he had heard.

Chu Xianmin worriedly exchanged glances with the others when she felt Bai Chens anger. Did he hear everything that we said earlier Even if he did, we were talking about Chu Liuyue, so why is he getting upset

“The academy recruited you here to cultivate and become stronger, not for you to gossip.

If your heart is not focused on cultivating, you should leave as soon as you can!” Bai Chens harsh words were to the point.

The girls turned pale.

This was a little harsh! They had never been reprimanded like this before, and they felt their faces begin to burn.

But given Bai Chens status, they dared not talk back.

The few of them furtively glanced at Chu Xianmin for help.

Only Chu Xianmin, the teachers favorite, could save them now.

Chu Xianmin was also shocked by Bai Chen. We just said a few things about Chu Liuyue.

Did he have to act out like this “Teacher Bai Chen, you might be a little mistaken.

It was just a passing comment.

We dont have any ill will…”

However, Bai Chen clearly did not feel like letting them off today.

“Oh So youre saying that I misheard

Chu Xianmin was stunned.

The academys teachers usually did not treat her like this, but today…

“Minmin did not mean it that way.

She was just asking because she was surprised to see her sister here.”

They changed the topic, attempting to shift the attention away from their insults toward Chu Liuyue.

At the same time, Chu Xianmin promptly recalled something. Bai Chen is the one sent to assess Chu Liuyue today! Looking at the time, the assessment should have ended by now.

But why is Chu Liuyue here, instead of going home

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes.

With a half-smile, she said, “Im taking Tian Lu Academys entrance examination today.

Didnt you know, Third Sister Werent you just talking about this earlier”

Chu Xianmin gritted her teeth silently, but could barely keep her smile on her face.

“Yes… that was why Im curious.

Teacher Bai Chen, the academy rules state that ordinary people cant come in, right”

The others behind her began grumbling as well.

“Yeah, how can Chu Liuyue the outsider come in”

“Thats a violation of the rules…”

Bai Chen laughed coldly.

“Against the rules Am I the teacher, or are you Im telling you that Chu Liuyue is a student of Tian Lu Academy from today onward! Whats wrong with her coming in here”

“What!” Chu Xianmin cried out in surprise and looked at Chu Liuyue in disbelief.

“How can that be” How could Chu Liuyue possibly get admitted to Tian Lu Academy

Bai Chen usually did not deal with Chu Xianmin, but now he was getting impatient. When compared with a Xuan Master, what is Chu Xianmins so-called talent The Chu family is a family of fools!

“Why, are you questioning me” asked Bai Chen coldly.

Chu Xianmin returned to her senses and hurriedly said, “No, no! I just…”

“Teacher Bai Chen, are you sure you didnt make a mistake Chu Liuyue has a defective Yuan meridian! She was born a good-for-nothing! How does she have the ability to enter the academy” The girl called Peipei could not stop herself from voicing her suspicions as she looked at Chu Liuyue with doubt and hatred.

Bai Chen was so upset that he started laughing.

“Im telling you that not only did she make the cut, but she also passed all three assessments!”

Chu Xianmin and the others were stunned.

When they realized the meaning of Bai Chens words, they had very colorful expressions on their face!

Caught between laughter and tears, Chu Liuyue looked at Bai Chen.

He came to her defense before she could say anything.

Chu Xianmins face turned green then white, unable to believe what she had heard.

But how could it be fake Bai Chen was standing next to Chu Liuyue!

What means did Chu Liuyue use! It was like a fire was burning in her chest, and she could barely stand!

“Minmin, Peipei, why arent you all here yet The exam is starting now! All the teachers are looking for you all! Youll be late if you dont leave now!” Someone appeared in the distance at this time.

An idea flashed across Chu Xiamins mind, and she looked at Chu Liuyue.

“Sister, you came at the perfect time.

The mid-term exam period is the academys most exciting time.

Why dont you go take a look If youre interested, you can take part as well.

This is a chance for you to familiarize yourself with more people in the academy.

What do you think”

Is she trying to get a feel of my abilities Chu Liuyue smiled.


Zhen Bao Pavilion was especially lively today.

It was not noon yet, but quite a number of people had gathered on the first floor, and they were all people of status.

They were all here for the same reason—Zhen Bao Pavilion had recently received a fresh batch of treasures, and they were holding an auction for them today!

The pamphlet had been sent to the various families a few days ago.

There were a few rare items, so several people showed up.

Zhen Bao Pavilions second-in-charge, Yan Ge, was making small talk with various people.

“Second Master Yan, we have waited so long for todays auction!”

“Yeah! I wonder who those few items will end up with!”

“Hehe, youll know when the auction starts! Youve worked hard, Second Master Yan!”

Yan Ge was full of smiles.

“Its nothing.

I have to thank you all for gracing me with your presence today…”

At this point, an attendant hurried over to Yan Ge, whispered into his ear, and handed him a letter.

Yan Ge smiled.

“Im sorry.

Everyone, please excuse me.” With that, he retreated into the small room behind the main hall and carefully opened the letter.

“Why would Master suddenly send a letter now…”

Yan Ges words were cut short by what he read, and he widened his eyes in shock! His expression changed rapidly, and it took him a while to calm himself down.

After a while, he walked out and stood in the middle of the hall.

“Im sorry, everyone.

Todays auction is canceled.”

Everyone seated was stunned.

“What! Canceled!”

“What is going on Weve been waiting all morning, and you just decide to cancel it”

Yan Ge shrugged apologetically, but his tone was firm.

“Im sorry, everyone.

However, theres a good reason for this cancellation.

Our master said that everything in Zhen Bao Pavilion, including the new batch of treasures, is temporarily not available for transaction.

He would like to pick a gift for Madam from them personally.”


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