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Chapter 446: Still in Imperial City

Chu Liuyues brows twitched. It seems like Jian Fengchi kept himself busy while he was in the Imperial City.

He even knows about something like this.

However, he is strong.

If he truly wants to look into something, nobody can stop him.

Chu Liuyue calculated her options in her head before she nodded truthfully.

“Youve got your ear on the ground, Young Master Jian.”

Jian Fengchi raised his eyebrows before he smiled cryptically.

“Its a coincidence, but I found out about this by accident.

It was… On the day it was taken.”

Chu Liuyue froze! “Young Master Jian knows who stole the bronze cauldron”

Light rippled in Jian Fengchis eyes.

“Earlier, I said that I saw it coincidentally… Of course, that persons face was covered, so I didnt get a clear look.”

That means that he did see it and that… it really was one person! To be able to kill all the guards at Heptagon Alley without giving them the chance or time to call for help… This person has to be a top-tier warrior! There were a number of stage-four warriors among the guards! A regular stage-five warrior would never be able to do that! Chu Liuyue looked around her warily as she asked in hushed tones, “Can you tell me what that person looked like, Young Master Jian”

“I can only confirm that its a man and that hes a stage-six warrior.

As for the rest… Im not sure.”

“Did you see where that person headed with the bronze cauldron”

“That…” Jian Fengchi paused, then shrugged.

“I only took another look because I was surprised to find a stage-six warrior here.

Who cares about that bronze cauldron”

He didnt know that thing was that important then.

By the time he realized something was amiss, the other party had disappeared.

Chu Liuyue sighed when she confirmed that he was telling the truth.

“No matter what, thank you.”

This matter had nothing to do with Jian Fengchi, so it was normal for him not to pay attention.

“But if you really want to find that person… Its not like I cant help.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

“Didnt you say that you didnt get a good look…”

Jian Fengchi gave her a wry smile.

“It seems like Ms.

Chu has forgotten what I do”

Heavenly doctor… Heavenly doctor!

“You left something on that person”

Jian Fengchi flicked her on the forehead.


Chu Liuyue was speechless. If it were before, Jian Fengchi would never dare to behave so insolently before me, but now is not the time for all this.

“So, do you want my help You have three days anyway, and I dont have anything to do.”

Looking at Jian Fengchis expression, Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes. He still likes to stir up trouble! This isnt for me; its clearly because he wants a piece of the action and to watch others make a fool of themselves!

Chu Liuyue pulled her lips into a sincere smile.

“Of course! Thank you, Young Master Jian! When all this is over, Ill offer you my proper thanks!”

Jian Fengchi shuddered.

This Chu Liuyue looks just like that person when she smiles! Im always in deep trouble whenever I see that smile.

Shes dead now, but Im still scared whenever I see a similar expression.

Tsk! Im really traumatized!

“Fine fine fine! Ill help you!” Jian Fengchi turned his face aside as he backed away and sized up Chu Liuyue. In terms of features and size, they arent that similar.

But for some reason, I always think of that person when Im facing Chu Liuyue.

I refuse to believe that Mu Qinghe didnt have this illusion too!

“If you really go…” Jian Fengchi muttered.

“Go where” Chu Liuyue asked gently as if she didnt understand his expression.

Jian Fengchin pointed in the direction that Mu Qinghe left.

“Remember when I told you that you resembled an old friend”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“They would be shocked to see you.” Jian Fengchi smiled. Im not the only person with the same trauma, so theres nothing to be ashamed of! But Jiang Yucheng and company… I wonder what their reactions will be when they see Chu Liuyue! It would be exhilarating!

Jian Fengchi felt much better when he imagined that scene in his head.

“Its fine! Enough of that! Since youre so anxious, Ill help you find it!” With that, he pulled out a small bell.

The bell was the size of a thumb and was carved out of malachite.

Through the gaps of the carving, Chu Liuyue could see that something was gently hitting the bell and clanging.

Jian Fengchi concentrated on the sound, and an excited expression appeared on his face as he looked toward Chu Liuyue.

“That person is still in the Imperial City.”

In the palace, the atmosphere was a lot more tense.

Situ Xingchen was once again locked up in a dark and damp dungeon.

Blessing Palace had been burned down, so she was locked up in another place.

However, Emperor Jiawen had added more manpower.

There were guards keeping watch of Situ Xingchen within a ten-step radius all day.

Situ Xingchen had lost an arm and a leg, so she could only lie on the floor pathetically, sleeping and waking.

Every time she opened her eyes, she hoped that she would be in a different place.

However, it never happened.

Her heart was filled with despair. Even Elder Zong Ye hadnt managed to rescue me, not to mention others.

I havent heard from Father either.

“I didnt expect the Third Prince to really start an armed rebellion! I wonder if the conflict will reach the palace…” A worried voice echoed.

Situ Xingchen paused.

She realized that the guards watching her were discussing something in hushed voices.

“Yeah! No wonder His Majesty was so wary of him and even sentenced him to death by execution… His Majesty had seen this coming”

“So what Didnt he escape from the Northwest Army I heard that they were fighting outside the city gates! The Northwest Army is battle-tested and not scared to die! They also came prepared! I think they have a good chance of winning!”

“Not necessarily! Besides the imperial guards, there are also the strong warriors from the big families! How can they be beaten so easily”

“I heard that some people have escaped..

Its a pity that we have to stand guard here, or we could also find a chance—Ugh!” Before the person could finish, he made a short, sharp cry!

“You are…” Before the remaining person could finish his sentence, they were dead.

Situ Xingchen looked up immediately!

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