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Chapter 45: Taking Part in the Exams

The noisy crowd was instantly silenced when they heard Yan Ge mention his master.

The people eyed one another, not expecting the mysterious master of Zhen Bao Pavilion to be behind this.

They could make an appeal if it were another reason, but it was him…

He was not someone to be trifled with!

Yan Ge chuckled.

“Dont worry, everyone.

To make up for everyones loss, Zhen Bao Pavilion will send a little gift to you all after this; we also seek your forgiveness.”

The crowd only relaxed when they heard that.

This gave them some leeway; thus, they took it.

“Second Master Yan, youre too kind! Since its the masters request, we can only oblige!”

“Of course! Zhen Bao Pavilion has been in business in the Imperial City for years.

How can we make things difficult for them Well just wait!”

“A gift is not necessary.

Second Master Yan is too kind!”

Everyone present was the elites of Imperial City.

What mattered the most to them was not wealth but their status and image.

They would not let things slide so easily if this were a different place, but the place in question was Zhen Bao Pavilion.

They still had their reservations.

Yan Ge chuckled and continued speaking.

“Thank you, everyone! Well gift everyone a Pobi Elixir later as an apology.”

The crowd was shocked by what they heard.

Pobi Elixir That was a rare, top-tier elixir!

Advancing from a third-stage warrior to a fourth-stage warrior was a huge challenge for all cultivators.

Many never made the leap, forever remaining in the third stage.

However, ones chances of succeeding in the breakthrough would double with a Pobi Elixir!

Although it might not sound like an impressive effect, it could help some people break through successfully and advance to the next stage.

Pobi Elixirs were extremely precious! Regular families could never get their hands on one! Even an existence like the four big clans could only produce a few! But Zhen Bao Pavilion… was giving one to each person present!

There were at least 20 to 30 people here.

One for each person, that was… Also, the Pobi Elixirs were just as an apology!

Zhen Bao Pavilion was really generous!

Some peoples expressions changed as they began to reassess Zhen Bao Pavilions standing.

Such a number of Pobi Elixirs simply could not be obtained through wealth…

What exactly was this places background And who exactly was their secretive Master who never showed his face

The Pobi Elixir managed to quell all the peoples discontent.

Even if they were still unhappy, they could not say anything more.

After a while, someone began to joke around.

“Second Master Yan, Zhen Bao Pavilion is losing a lot of money over this! Your Master can really bear to part with his money, huh!”

Yan Ge stood up straight and laughed graciously.

“Nah, our Master and Madam love one another.

What is all this if it can make Madam happy”

Everyone present laughed out loud and soon began leaving one after another.

Soon, the hall was empty, leaving Yan Ge and a few pageboys behind.

When everyone had left, and the door was closed, Yan Ge heaved a sigh of relief.

He rubbed his face that was stiff from smiling forcefully before he turned and entered the small room behind the main hall.

“When did Master get a wife!” he asked anxiously.

Only he knew how stunned he was when he saw the letter from Master.

The pageboy coughed.

“I also only found out today.

It should be… a recent development…”

“You follow Master around every day.

Shouldnt you know this” Yan Ge did not buy it.

He immediately stepped forward and took the letter out again.

He read it a few more times, and was still upset.

“Ive been following Master for so many years, yet I wasnt aware of this at all! Its fine that Master didnt tell me, but he also didnt tell you Things almost got out of control by springing this on me!” The pageboy felt wronged.

“I wasnt aware of this either! If you really want to know, go ask Master yourself!”

Yan Ge was shut down immediately.

He did not have the guts to do that! After pondering for a moment, he could not help but ask questions.

“Hey, who exactly is Madam Youve got to know that at least, right Tell me At least I wont offend her in the future!”

The pageboy sighed.

“Youll find out soon.”

Yan Ge was more curious when he heard that.

Their Master had not been interested in women before.

How did he suddenly get a wife What kind of fairy was able to conquer their Master

“Ive delivered the letter, so Ill be heading off first.

Settle whatever you need to get done here.

Master will be here soon.” The pageboy left in a hurry after that.

“Sigh…” Yan Ge rubbed his throbbing head as he watched the pageboy leave. Master risked offending all the elites of Imperial City just to choose a present for Madam… It looks like its true love this time!

Tian Lu Academy, back mountain.

Many students were gathered here.

There was chatter all around, and it was lively.

Excitement and nervousness were clear on their young faces.

“I wonder what this years exam format is! I heard that the prizes are especially good!”

“The academy has always been generous, so whats so special about that The important question is if we can place in the top few!”

“Thats true! The higher ones rank, the better the reward! The three sections students are examined and will produce three top scholars.

The top scholar for our section has to be Chu Xianmin, right”

“Sigh, speaking of her, why isnt she here yet Teacher Bai Chen isnt back yet either.”

As the crowd chattered, Bai Chen and the others finally arrived.

A teacher wearing a green robe, who was preparing for the exam, waved at Bai Chen when he saw the latter.

“Bai Chen, youre finally back! Why did you take so long with administering one exam You still have to deal with the Xuan formation…”

Bai Chen laughed and cut him off.

“Ling Zhu, I was not wasting time.

I found a treasure for our academy!” His voice was loud, plus he had his mind set on backing Chu Liuyue up, so his words spread and rang clear in everyones ears!

Everyone looked over.

Ling Zhu looked at him confusedly.

“What do you mean”

Bai Chen laughed out loud as he stepped aside and motioned for Chu Liuyue to step forward.

Chu Liuyue bowed graciously.

“Liuyue greets Teacher Ling Zhu.”

Liuyue Chu Liuyue! Ling Zhu eyed her from top to bottom and looked at Bai Chen with a frown.

“Bai Chen, you…”

“Little Liuyue has passed all three exams and is officially a part of our academy! I just brought her here to check things out!” His words silenced the lively back mountain.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue had stood out again, Chu Xianmin stepped forward with a smile.

“Teacher Ling Zhu, my sister wants to take part in the exam as well.”


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