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Chapter 46: Taunts

The quiet back mountain burst into commotion when they heard Chu Xianmins words.

There was a stunned expression on everyones faces, and they all looked at Chu Liuyue like she was insane.

Chu Liuyue is taking part in their exam

Ling Zhu frowned and looked at Bai Chen disapprovingly.

“Bai Chen, what is going on The academys exam is beginning soon.

You cant joke around like this.”

Bai Chen chuckled.

“Am I the kind of person to joke about this Since Little Liuyue is part of our academy, whats wrong with her taking part in the exam”

Ling Zhu was still doubtful, and he took another close look at Chu Liuyue.

Everyone in the Imperial City knew that Chu Liuyue was born a good-for-nothing.

Otherwise, she would not have been bullied by everyone as the Chu familys Big Chu Missy.

But Bai Chen was now saying that not only did Chu Liuyue make the cut for the academy, but she also passed all three assessments

How could that be There was only a handful who managed that in the history of the academy.

However, he knew Bai Chen well.

The guy had a straightforward personality; he would not have been that kind to anyone without any ability.

But he clearly really liked Chu Liuyue!

Seeing that Ling Zhu had not spoken in a while, Bai Chen waved his hand impatiently.

“Thats enough.

I know none of you will believe me.

You can just see her ability for yourself later when the exam begins!”

Ling Zhu could only go along with it since Bai Chen had brought up the idea.

“That works too.

Which exam is she taking”

Chu Xianmin also paid close attention to the conversation.

She really wanted to know what Chu Liuyue relied on, to be able to take the exam so boldly!

Bai Chen popped up in front of Chu Liuyue, his face full of smiles.

“Little Liuyue, which exam do you want to take Actually, the Xuan Master examination is a little easier.

It also wont take too long.

How about you pick this one”

Ling Zhu shook his head to himself.

He really did not know what was up with Bai Chen.

The shortest exam was clearly the warrior one.

The other two, no matter whether it was the Xuan Master examination or heavenly doctor examination, was time and energy-consuming.

Bai Chen clearly wanted Chu Liuyue to take the Xuan Master examination, but why…

Chu Liuyue knew what Bai Chen was thinking, so she smiled right back at him.

“Thanks for the tip, Teacher Bai Chen.

Ill take the Xuan Master examination then!”

The students in the crowd began whispering to one another when they heard that.

“Che, shes good at acting.

I refuse to believe that she really can pass all three exams.

She has a defective Yuan meridian.

How can she possibly pass the warrior exam”

“Who knows what means she used to pass the assessment If she were really capable, she should just take the warrior exam and prove herself!”

“However, Teacher Bai Chen clearly seems to care about her a lot… Doesnt he usually dislike mediocre but ambitious students”

“… Who knows! Well find out in a bit!”

Bai Chens expression turned cold when he heard that, and was about to explode.

“These kids! Ive got to…”

However, Chu Liuyue shook her head with a smile.

“Teacher Bai Chen, its normal for people to have doubts.

Ill make sure that theyre silenced by the end of the exam.”

Bai Chen felt much better when he saw how calm and confident she was.

“Okay, well silence them with your prowess!”

Bai Chen explained things to her as he looked around.

“Little Liuyue, there are three batches of students, and thats the way in which the exams are administered.

Even though all the students are in the back mountain, theyre separate.

Youre a new student, so youre in the lowest level.

Theyre all over there.

You just need to head there.”

Chu Liuyue followed his gaze, then nodded.

Chu Xianmin suddenly spoke up.

“Teacher Bai Chen, why dont I show Sister the way Its more convenient that way.”

Bai Chen narrowed his eyes at her and laughed coldly.


He still remembered the things that Chu Xianmin and her friends had said earlier! She clearly didnt harbor any kind thoughts toward Chu Liuyue! He did not feel comfortable with that!

The surrounding students looked at Chu Xianmin strangely. Why is Teacher Bai Chen treating her that way She has always been quite popular with the teachers…

Chu Xianmins face turned red as she stood awkwardly.

Ling Zhu could not bear to watch it and gently said, “Minmin, since shes your sister, I think its best that you show her the way.

Head over now.

The exam is about to start.”

Chu Liuyue walked over with a smile.

“Thank you then, Third Sister.”

Bai Chen did not say anything on account of Chu Liuyues actions. Little Liuyue is clearly not a pushover.

Chu Xianmin spaced out for an instant as she looked at Chu Liuyue, who was standing before her.

It had only been a while, but Chu Liuyue seemed to look better than she did before.

Her skin was fair; her eyes were kind, and her smile seemed to tug at ones heartstrings.

Chu Liuyue was just standing there, but it seemed like she exuded a powerful aura that made her seem more respectable.

Her eyes were like the stars in the dark night, able to illuminate everything!

The discomfort in Chu Xianmins heart grew because she already knew that Chu Liuyue looked much better than she did.

She gritted her teeth, repressed all her anger and jealousy, smiled, and led Chu Liuyue forward.

A lot of gazes were concentrated on them.

Chu Liuyue ignored them all, gathering with the crowd.

The students standing there were clearly the youngest ones.

They all had silver, circular name tags on the left of their chest.

There was a sword engraved on the tag, and there were words in very small font underneath the sword.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it, and the words werefour-hundred-and-fifty-three.

The sword was clearly Tian Lu Academys logo, and the number was the students class.

The same tag was on Chu Xianmins left chest.

Chu Xianmin pointed in a particular direction.

“Sister, everyone here is taking the warrior exam.

Thats the Xuan Master students over there.

You can head over now.”

Chu Liuyue glanced over and saw a dozen or so students standing there, emanating a different aura.

They were looking at Chu Liuyue with hostile and judging expressions.

Chu Liuyue headed over.

When she was three steps away, a young man stepped out and stood in Chu Liuyues way.

A cold voice rang by her ears.

“Not everyone can be a Xuan Master.

This is not where you should be, understand”

Chu Liuyue curled her lips and looked up.

The young man had a black-and-white name tag instead of a silver one.

This is the logo of Xuan Masters Chu Liuyue was a little worried. Why are kids nowadays so eager to be thrown down


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