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Chapter 469: Whos That Coming

The bamboo forest was completely silent, and only the sounds of bamboo leaves rustling in the wind were heard.

Chu Liuyue felt that everything in the surroundings seemed to stand still and that only the face of the person in front was especially clear.

Her voice was light, and it instantly disappeared in this wind.

However, she knew that Rong Xiu heard it.

This was her biggest secret.

She originally thought that it would be very hard to talk about it, but facing separation, she realized that it was much easier for her to be honest toward Rong Xiu.

This was because she truly wanted to continue being with him.

Something seemed to ripple in Rong Xius eyes.

After a moment, he looked into her eyes and said, “If you cant go back, Ill look for you.”

“…Your Highness, why didnt you ask me why I have enemies in the Tianling Dynasty” Chu Liuyue was suddenly dazed. For the past decade, I was just an abandoned good-for-nothing from a family that was falling in Country Yao Chen.

Logically speaking, I shouldnt have any relations with the Tianling Dynasty.

However, Rong Xiu wasnt shocked or curious.

His lips curved up, and he smiled.

“I only care about whether your revenge is sweet, Yueer.”

Chu Liuyue paused.

Rong Xiu leaned in close to her ear, and his warm breath blew against it, causing it to heat up slightly.

“Wherever you go, I will follow.”

The skies were bright, and there were no clouds in the sky.

Jian Fengchi rode on his sword, and Chu Liuyue was following right behind.

“Youre really going like this” Jian Fengchi glanced at Chu Liuyue.

“For a very long time after this, you wont be able to see your father and your fiancé.”

Chu Liuyues eyebrows rose slightly.

“Young Master Jian, can you help me bring them to the Tianling Dynasty”

Jian Fengchi immediately said, “No.”

The Tianling Dynastys security was very tight, and everybodys identity had to be thoroughly investigated.

This was especially so since the place they were going to this time was the Tianling Dynastys royal capital—Xi Ling!

Even if one could cross over to Heavens Canopy, one couldnt enter Xi Ling without a suitable reason or identity.

Chu Liuyue stretched her arms wide open. My road is unknown and rocky this time, so its more convenient for me to travel alone.

Jian Fengchi sized her up, and his lips curved up into a sinister smile.

“But that Prince Li… He hid himself quite well.

According to his abilities, it wont pose a problem if he wants to enter Heavens Canopy.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at him. Jian Fengchi seems to be very interested in Rong Xiu as he keeps on talking about him.

She shook her head once again.

“He naturally has his own plans.”

After seeing that Chu Liuyue was an iron wall and that oil and salt couldnt enter, Jian Fengchis smile dissipated, and he grunted.

“I really dont know what you were thinking when you decided to be with such a scheming person.”

Chu Liuyue couldnt be bothered with him.

The duo didnt talk again.

After around an hour, they finally stopped near a mountain.

Jian Fengchi jumped down and waved his sleeves.

Dust flew up, and a transportation formation appeared in front of the two of them.

Chu Liuyues gaze focused, and she also jumped down before walking to Jian Fengchis side.

“This is the transportation formation I used when I came here.” Jian Fengchi raised his chin.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly. This mountain peak is to the southeast of the Imperial City.

It is completely isolated, so why would there be a transportation formation here

Seeing the shock and confusion on Chu Liuyues face, Jian Fengchi thought that she was curious about this transportation formation.

Hence, he explained, “This transportation formation can quickly get us to Heavens Canopy.

But if we want to reach the Tianling Dynasty, we have to go through two transportation formations.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Other than cultivators who tried to break through to become stage-seven warriors and could directly summon Heavens Canopy, others needed to personally go to where Heavens Canopy was before they could enter.

But she was curious about something else.

“This transportation formation seems old.”

Jian Fengchi touched his chin.

“Thats right, and it seems like its not regularly used.

I knew about this because Mu Qinghe told me that I could go from here.

Actually, I am also very curious as to why a transportation formation connected to Heavens Canopy is here.”

Emperor Jiawen had gone to the Tianling Dynasty in the past, so there was such a transportation formation in the Imperial City.

However, it was weird for one to appear in such a place.

“Perhaps the old cultivators built it last time.”

Jian Fengchi didnt care much about this transportation formation.

As he spoke, force gathered in his palm, and he placed it on the transportation formation.

A silver light flashed across, and the transportation formation was activated.

The duos figures disappeared on the spot.

The surroundings fell into darkness, and Chu Liuyue could only hear the turbulence grazing past her ears.

But luckily, Jian Fengchi had built a barrier.

Thus, she didnt suffer much from the strong force or suppression.

After some time, light finally appeared before their eyes.

Jian Fengchi said, “Were going out soon.”

Chu Liuyues heart clenched.

The next moment, her vision turned bright.

She felt a force pushing her and Jian Fengchi out.

She staggered backward and stabilized her figure.

“Look! This is Heavens Canopy, which the Tianling Dynasty is in charge of guarding!” Jian Fengchi raised his hands and pointed in one direction.

Chu Liuyues entire body stiffened, and she gradually raised her head.

At this moment, the duo was standing at the edge of the cliff.

Below the cliff was a boundless and violent blue-black ocean.

Far away, where the sea and the sky connected, the gigantic Heavens Canopy drooped down from the dim sky.

Countless stars flashed across it, and it dazzled like a river full of stars.

The endless Heavenly Dao suppressed them and flowed, almost covering the entire heaven and earth.

In the middle of Heavens Canopy was a team of soldiers wearing black armor and holding longswords.

They stood in one neat line.

Even from a distance away, Chu Liuyue could still clearly feel the murderous aura from the soldiers.

In the entire Tianling Dynasty, only the sharpest and strongest of soldiers had the right to guard Heavens Canopy.

Hence, all these people were the strongest of millions.

They stood there solemnly, and they had merged together with this heaven and earth.

The hands in Chu Liuyues sleeves trembled slightly, and the blood in her body seemed to freeze.

There seemed to be something burning in her stomach, and it was about to burst.

This scene was very familiar!

Tianling Dynasty, year 1645.

She just became of marriageable age, and she came here to supervise the area as the princess.

At that time, thousands of soldiers greeted her respectively, and the flags hung high in the sky, looking very majestic.

The her back then never wouldve imagined that she would come here again in such a manner.

Jian Fengchi saw that Chu Liuyues gaze wasnt right, and he couldnt help but ask, “Whats wrong”

Chu Liuyues gaze flashed, and a perfect smile surfaced on her face.

“Im just a little nervous.

Young Master Jian, you dont have to worry.”

Jian Fengchi nodded. This is her first time here after all, and its normal to be nervous.

“This is Tianling Dynastys Heavens Canopy! Who is the person incoming!” A stern voice sounded from afar.

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