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Chapter 47: Si Ting

She looked at the young man in front of her.

He looked like he was 15 or 16 years old; he was slim, handsome, and looked tidy, but his entire person exuded an arrogance that made people feel uncomfortable.

“Teacher Bai Chen told me to come here.

Are you saying that its Teacher Bai Chens mistake” asked Chu Liuyue lightly.

The young mans expression changed slightly, and he knitted his brows.

Bai Chen was one of the top Xuan Master teachers in the academy.

He also held a very prominent status.

Even he did not dare to offend Bai Chen.

If he insisted that it was Bai Chens fault, it would not be of any advantage to him.

After a while, he sneered.

“Do you only know how to use Teacher Bai Chen as your shield If you have the capability, show it.

If not, no one will look up to you, even if you were admitted into the academy.”

Chu Liuyue replied with a simpleoh before saying, “Isnt that why Im here for the examination Brother, youre blocking my way.”

The young man choked on his words until his face turned red.

He wanted to lash out at Chu Liuyue, but he did not know what to say.

“Si Yang, come back.” A crisp voice sounded at this moment.

Even though the tone was calm, it had a tinge of undeniable authority.

Chu Liuyue looked up and realized that the voice was from another young man standing in the crowd.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows when she saw that young mans face clearly.

This was because that young man was very good looking.

His features were intricate as if a knife had carved them, and he looked extremely handsome.

He stood in the middle of the crowd, but all the surrounding people added up were still not as attractive as him.

The sun shone brightly, and the trees waved gently.

He stood with his hands behind his back like a sword that was about to be unsheathed.

He exuded a sharp, fear-inducing aura.

The badge on his front was also black and white.

He was clearly a Xuan Master.

This person… isnt simple, thoughtChu Liuyue to herself.

When she came over previously, she did not notice this person at all.

Logically speaking, she definitely wouldnt have overlooked the obvious aura coming from his body.

Thus, there was only one explanation left—this young man had completely hidden his aura previously.

This was sufficient proof that he was definitely not weak.

As if he had noticed Chu Liuyues gaze, that young man turned around and looked at her.

Shock flashed across his eyes.

He had seen the Chu familys Big Missy before, and he remembered that she was a cowardly weakling.

Why did she seem to have changed into another person

Once the young man named Si Yang heard this voice, he tightly pressed his lips against each other and said to Chu Liuyue with a lowered voice, “Ill see your true abilities in the examination later.”

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders and did not say anything.

She was not certain if he was capable enough.

However, the nameSi Yang… It seemed like he was someone from the Si family, which was one of the top four family clans.

“Big Brother.” Si Yang walked over to that person and became much more obedient.

Chu Liuyue instantly understood. Its him.

The Si familys younger generation is filled with talented individuals.

The most famous amongst them is the Si familys Eldest Young Master—Si Ting.

He was admitted into Tian Lu Academy more than half a year ago since he was the top scholar of the Xuan Master assessment.

Back then, Tian Lu Academys teachers had complimented him and said that his potential in this area was extraordinary.

They said that he would definitely be one of the best Xuan Masters in the entire Country Yao Chen in a few years time.

This had caused a big uproar back then.

The praises and compliments earned by Si Ting back then were way more than Chu Xianmin, who was the top scholar in the warrior assessment.

However, after more than half a year, Chu Xianmin kept improving and became more and more famous.

On the other hand, Si Tings fame seemed to have died down completely.

The crowd then gradually only remembered how outstanding Chu Xianmin was.

“Did you study the Eight Water Formation I told you about a few days ago”” asked Si Ting.

Si Yang hurriedly nodded.

“Of course! You said that as long as I understand this array formation, Id have hopes of becoming a stage-two Xuan Master from stage one.

Thus, I have been studying it with all my heart these few days.”

The people around him could not help but say, “Si Ting, when you were in seclusion, Si Yang has already successfully become a stage-two Xuan Master.”

Si Yangs face broke into a smile of happiness.

“Big Brother, even though I cant compare to you, I didnt give up.

I have also been training hard.”

Si Ting then forced out a smile; it was like a bright moon amidst the clouds.

“Thats great.”

Si Yang suddenly thought of something and inched closer to ask, “Big Brother, did you hear I think the rewards for this examination are pretty substantial.

Especially for the top scholar, it seems—”

“Everyone, take your places!” The examiners voice boomed before Si Yang could finish his sentence.

All the students immediately quietened down at the same time.

“Warrior examination in the first zone! Xuan Master in the second! Heavenly doctor in the third! All examinations will proceed at the same time.” As he was speaking, some teachers started leading the students into the various examination zones.

Chu Liuyue and the rest were quickly brought to the second zone.

Some teachers were already waiting there.

Chu Liuyue saw that everyone here were all Xuan Masters, no matter whether it was the teachers or the students.

She turned around to look and noticed that the three assessment zones were pretty close to each other.

She could even see the other zones.

However, the zones were still separated, with a gap in between.

“Welcome to the Xuan Master examination,” announced a teacher standing at the front.

“Actually, this examination is very simple.

Do you see the forest in front of you Youll succeed if you enter from here, make it through the forest, and claim the flag opposite it.”

Not only did the students not relax after he finished his sentence, but they all became nervous.

Everyone knew that it was not so simple to pass through the forest.

There had to be Xuan formations set inside.

“However, you must know this.

You all need to complete the task individually after you enter the forest.

Your results will be made invalid if theres any alliance.” When that teacher said this, his expression suddenly became stern.

“The teachers will monitor the entire examination.

You better hide all the tricks that youre thinking of.

Do you understand”

“Yes!” The students were all very serious.

Actually, these types of rules were very normal.

After all, the Xuan Master examination was targeted at an individuals capabilities.

What meaning would there be if they formed an alliance

“Okay, Ill announce that the Xuan Master examination… starts now!”

The teacher threw something out from his hands once he finished his sentence.


Bright fireworks exploded in mid-air.


Once the fireworks sounded, people ran inside without hesitation.

In the blink of an eye, their figures disappeared within the thick forest.

“Why are they rushing The fastest runner wont even win in a Xuan Master assessment,” grumbled Si Yang as he looked at Si Ting.

“Big Brother, Ill go first!”

It was better for them to go their separate ways since they could not work together.

Si Ting nodded.

Very quickly, people left one by one.

Only Chu Liuyue and Si Ting were left.

Si Ting was about to start walking, but he discovered that Chu Liuyue was faster than him, so he moved three steps to the right and back.

He instantly squinted his eyes.


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