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Chapter 470: Snatch

Jian Fengchi took out a plaque, and it floated in midair as a faint suppression exuded from it.

Jian Fengchi loudly said, “Dragon Teeth Mountains Jian Fengchi!”

“So its Young Master Jian!” Hearing Jian Fengchis voice, the opposing soldier became much more respectful.

“What about the person beside you—”

“Take out the plaque Mu Qinghe left for you,” said Jian Fengchi softly.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and produced the plaque, which similarly floated in midair.

“Country Yao Chens Chu Liuyue!”

Her voice sounded as clear and calm as usual, but her palms were dripping with sweat in reality.

After checking that the duos plaques were correct, that person said, “Lieutenant Mu has already instructed us.

The both of you can be let in.


A ripple then appeared on Heavens Canopy.

Soon after, a long bridge slowly extended from Heavens Canopy and reached the duo.

Jian Fengchi and Chu Liuyue exchanged a glance.

“Lets go!” Then, he lifted his leg first and walked onto the long bridge.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and followed him closely.

The duo walked past the long bridge and became increasingly nearer to that entrance.

Chu Liuyue could already clearly see the soldiers faces, and her heart beat increasingly wildly as she got increasingly closer to the entrance.

“Young Master Jian, Ms.

Chu, please—”

At this moment, a ripple was seen far away.

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw two figures on the cliff.

A man and a woman appeared, and they looked very young.

Seeing the long bridge had already appeared in front of them, that man laughed loudly.

“The bridge appeared at the right time! Yunzhi, well definitely be able to make it this time.

Youre not worried about being late, right”

That woman chuckled.

“Ive never come here before, so its inevitable that Im nervous and anxious.

Cousin, why must you make fun of me Besides, Im only like this because Im afraid that Ill hold you back.”

That man laughed out loud.

“Theres still some time before the final deadline.

You dont have to worry! Lets go; Ill show you what the Tianling Dynasty is like!”

Hope filled the girls face.

That man produced a plaque in his hands.

“Sky-Soaring Clan disciple—Chen Xiyuan—specially brings Imperial Country Sui Yangs Zhao Yunzhi with the Dijing Yuan meridian back!”

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes. So theyre from Sky-Soaring Clan.

It seems like that girl was also brought here because she has the Dijing Yuan meridian just like me.

I originally thought that the people who did this only included Mu Qinghe and the other Black Guards.

I didnt expect the Sky-Soaring Clan to send people as well.

It seems like this matter is much grander than I had imagined…

After Chen Xiyuan finished his sentence, he put away his plaque and stepped onto the bridge happily.

“Hold on.” Jian Fengchi suddenly spoke up and lazily said, “This bridge is specifically summoned for Liuyue ane me.

According to the rules, you have to wait until we go in.

You also have to verify your identities before you can summon the bridge again.

Why do you want to share one with us…”

Before the soldier in charge could say anything, Chen Xiyuan laughed out loud and said, “It seems like the two of you have also just arrived.

It wont delay much of your time if we use this bridge together, right Isnt it great that we can go over together and that I dont have to summon another bridge”

Jian Fengchi crossed his arms and let out a sneer.

“It seems like you dont know what it means to be served first when you come first.

Your ears also arent working.

I said that I disagree.

Did you not hear me”

Whats great about it I dont think its great at all!

Chu Liuyue coughed softly. I forgot that Dragon Teeth Mountain and Sky-Soaring Clan have been enemies for thousands of years and that they have many grudges against each other.

Jian Fengchi naturally wont allow Sky-Soaring Clans Chen Xiyuan to do this.

Besides, according to his picky personality, he originally wouldnt agree to this, let alone with the two of them.

Jian Fengchis words made Chen Xiyuans expression turn ugly. I just requested to cross the bridge together, and its nothing big, yet the other party drove me to a corner.

How disgusting! Saying this in front of so many people has humiliated me.

This is my first time bringing my cousin, Zhao Yunzhi, out.

If I submit now, how can I raise my head in front of my cousin in the future His voice turned cold.

“This Young Master, Im just asking you for help.

Why must you behave in such a manner”

Jian Fengchi shrugged his shoulders.

“Its a pity that I dont like to help.”

Chen Xiyuan was so angry that he laughed.

He tidied his shirt and raised his chin.

“It seems like you still dont know my identity.

I am Sky-Soaring Clans disciple—”

Jian Fengchi raised his finger and shook it, interrupting Chen Xiyuans words.

“Pfft, Im not interested in your identities at all.”

He then turned to look at the soldiers and raised his brows.

The two soldiers by the entrance glanced at each other before looking at the distant Chen Xiyuan with solemn faces.

“You should wait first.”

The smile on Chen Xiyuans face froze. The Sky-Soaring Clan has a high status in the entire Tianling Dynasty, and everyone respects us no matter where we go.

I have never suffered such anger before.

“You—” He wanted to go up and reason with them, but he was pulled back by Zhao Yunzhi.

Zhao Yunzhi softly said, “Cousin, lets not fight with them and give in to let them go first.”

Jian Fengchi already had one foot past the entrance.

When he heard this, he turned around and chuckled. Give in! Why does it sound like were at fault Its usual for the Sky-Soaring Clans people to be shameless, but I didnt expect the people they bring in to be the same!

Chu Liuyue held her breath and walked into the entrance.

Heavens Canopys light scanned her body as if it was about to see through her at any moment.


A small, crisp sound was made, but Heavens Canopy suddenly had a strange movement.

Chu Liuyue was shocked. This movement seemed to be because of the water droplet in my body.

The surrounding soldiers noticed this movement and immediately looked at Chu Liuyue alertly.

Even Jian Fengchi turned back.

Chu Liuyue had a thought and forcefully suppressed the water droplets ripples.

That strange sound instantly disappeared.

“What… just happened” The soldiers stared at Chu Liuyue, and their eyes were filled with doubt.

Chu Liuyue innocently shook her head.

“I-I dont know.”

Jian Fengchi glanced at Heavens Canopy and knitted his brows slightly.

“I think its just a common ripple.”

The few soldiers then relaxed.

This did happen to Heavens Canopy sometimes.

If there really was something wrong with Chu Liuyue, the commotion wouldnt just disappear.

A few people still had their suspicions, but Jian Fengchi smiled.

“Do you not trust the person Mu Qinghe picked”

The few peoples expressions changed.

“Of course not.


Chu Liuyue felt relaxed as she stepped forward and crossed into Heavens Canopy.

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