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Chapter 475: Showing Off Mightiness

“Its not impossible for me to hand over the money, but you have to let me know your identity first, right” said Chu Liuyue calmly.

Seeing Chu Liuyues attitude, that man thought that she was afraid and acted even more arrogantly.

“Im Eight Direction Clans disciple, Wu Zhao!”

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes. Eight Direction Clan… is just a lowly clan in Xi Ling.

I didnt expect their people to dare to be arrogant in Ping Liang Square.

“I didnt ask for your name.

I asked: Based on what do you deserve to collect my money You dont sound like someone from the magistrate.”

Wu Zhao was dazed for a while before understanding what Chu Liuyue meant.

He clenched his fists and moved in closer.

Compared to his bulky figure, Chu Liuyue looked even more petite and small.

“Based on what Of course, its based on my hard fists! If you dont hand over the money, dont even dream of leaving this place!” He was clearly snatching money from her.

There were many transportation formations in Ping Liang Square, and all of them belonged to the Tianling Dynastys royal family.

Under normal circumstances and as long as it wasnt something special, these transportation formations could be used by cultivators.

But maintaining these transportation formations exhausted a large amount of manpower, so they would symbolically collect some protection fees.

Even if she was using the biggest transportation formation, it would only cost ten people one white crystal under normal circumstances.

Wu Zhao asked for ten of them once he spoke up; he was basically extorting money.

The key point was that even though the Black Guard was in charge of guarding this place, they basically only maintained the peace here.

Collecting the fees was left to some clans in Xi Ling City.

These clansmen would treat the transportation formations particularly well when they were using them.

They could also get some benefits from it, so it naturally was harmonious.

So even though there were quite a few Black Guards patrolling, none of them stepped up when they saw Wu Zhao finding trouble with Chu Liuyue.

Normally, the Black Guards wouldnt care as long as they didnt kill anyone.

Jian Fengchi crossed his arms and watched the scene happily. This Wu Zhao is just a stage-five warrior.

It wont pose a problem if I take action, but… It seems like Chu Liuyue doesnt intend on letting me intervene.

Coincidentally, I also want to see how Chu Liuyue plans to deal with these troubles after she arrives at Xi Ling City.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. Jian Fengchi can help me once, but he cant help me the second time, third time, or Nth time.

Besides, I know Xi Lings rules.

If I cant settle this matter myself, then I will forever be a weakling in front of the crowd.

“What if I say no” retorted Chu Liuyue slowly.

Wu Zhao sneered.

“Lady, it seems like this is your first time here in Xi Ling, and you dont know some of the rules.

I advise you to give your money obediently.

If not… it would be a pity if such a pretty face was ruined…”

“I say… no,” said Chu Liuyue definitely once again.

The smile on Wu Zhaos face quickly disappeared, and he revealed a vicious expression.

“You dont need to hand it over, but you have to win against me first!”

Then, he looked down and sized Chu Liuyue up once again.

His surrounding aura exploded and wrapped Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded.


The moment she said that, the surroundings quietened down.

Wu Zhao knitted his brows.

“What did you say”

“I said… okay!” Chu Liuyue pointed at herself. Not to mention that I dont have any white crystals with me.

Even if I did, I wouldnt waste them in such a place.

Wu Zhao was so angry that he laughed.

“Great, great! You said this yourself! You cant regret it later!”

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings and lifted her chin toward an empty space.

“Over there!”

Then, she walked over herself.

The crowd exchanged looks among themselves.

“Is she crazy She actually wants to challenge Wu Zhao!”

“Even though Wu Zhao can only be considered inferior-class in Eight Direction Clan, he is a beginner stage-five warrior after all.

That woman is just a stage-three warrior.

Isnt she courting her own death”

“Who knows what shes thinking… Anyway, she came with Jian Fengchi.

She mustve thought that Wu Zhao wouldnt dare to attack her.”

“Ping Liang Square has always had its rules… As long as you challenge one-on-one, nobody can intervene.

Even though Jian Fengchi has a distinguished status and is very strong, he must know that if he intervenes halfway, that woman will never be able to lift up her head in the entire Xi Ling City!”

“Now, I just hope that Wu Zhao, that violent fellow, wont hurt that womans face.

Such a pretty woman hasnt appeared in Xi Ling City for a long time…”

The crowd partook in heated discussions, but Chu Liuyue completely ignored them.

She walked to the vacant land and faced Wu Zhao.

“Country Yao Chens Chu Liuyue came here to challenge you!”

Wu Zhao loosened his shoulders and stared at Chu Liuyue deadly.

“Eight Direction Clans Wu Zhao accepts the challenge!”

Once he said that, his figure moved, and he rushed to Chu Liuyue first.

Even though he was big, he was very agile.

He was also very fast, like a moving hill.

In the blink of an eye, he was right in front of Chu Liuyue!

An ever so simple straight punch was launched.

To him, dealing with such a petite stage-three warrior didnt even deserve him to use his warrior techniques.

One punch is sufficient!

The loose strands of hair by Chu Liuyues ear flowed with the wind.

The strong wind from the fist caused her clothes to fly, and the suppression went straight for her face.

Seeing the fist that was almost as big as Chu Liuyues face almost land, quite a few people shook their heads in regret. This woman must be scared silly.

She doesnt even know how to dodge.

Looking at her previous behavior, she still had some confidence, but I guess it was just a pretense…

At this moment—

Chu Liuyue moved her legs, bent her soft waist, and moved backward, barely avoiding that punch.

Then, she raised her right hand and clutched Wu Zhaos wrist.

Wu Zhao was shocked. How did this woman avoid it just now

Without waiting for him to think properly, he suddenly felt excruciating pain in his wrist.

Chu Liuyue moved her fingers in before harshly twitching them up.

Almost at the same time, she raised her leg and kicked Wu Zhaos wrist.

The extremely numbing and sore feeling crept up to him, causing the strength in Wu Zhaos arm to be lost.

His arm instantly turned soft.

He was very shocked and angry as his other hand immediately came out and clutched Chu Liuyue.

But Chu Liuyue directly used that leg to lock Wu Zhaos arm and turned her body.

Her entire body turned in the air.

Wu Zhaos arm was stuck, and it was almost broken.

Chu Liuyue then landed on the floor light, while Wu Zhao slammed harshly against it.


The heavy body slammed against the floor, and Wu Zhao let out a deep moan.

“You…” Wu Zhao clenched his teeth tightly and was about to retaliate, but Chu Liuyue already rode on him and harshly stepped on his chest.

The thin and straight legs looked extremely beautiful, but they encompassed shocking strength.

One foot down—


Wu Zhaos chest actually caved a few inches in.

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