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Chapter 497: Getting It at All Costs!

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Coming from a prestigious family, Im sure that Fourth Missy Jiang surely knows the principle offirst come, first served. Someone with a lofty status like you wouldnt rob others of their things, right”

“You!” Her words caused Jiang Yuzhi to choke hard. This woman sure has a sharp tongue!

Just when the enraged missy was about to go forward and teach Chu Liuyue a lesson, Xiahou Tingan gently said to her, “Yuzhi, this lady has a point.”

“Why are you even speaking up for her!” She shot him an angry look. Is he bewitched by her looks!

Xiahou Tingan knew that Jiang Yuzhi mustve misunderstood him when he saw her furious look.

He patted her hand while flashing her a reassuring smile.

“What are you thinking As the Jiang familys Fourth Missy, its indeed not right for you to do this.

Your father will surely tell you off if he hears about it later.”

At the mention of her father—Jiang Lizuo—Jiang Yuzhi restrained herself a little.

She was very afraid of her father because he—as the grand tutor—was very strict with himself and the family.

Stomping her foot in indignation, she cried, “But I want that piece of Jizo coral!”

“Dont worry.

Ill get you whatever you want,” Xiahou Tingan reassured her before stepping forward with a gracious smile on his face.

“We dont want to rob others of what they like either.

However, its rare for Yuzhi to come across something she likes, so Im willing to pay twice the price to buy this item.

The highest bidder wins, so theres no issue now, is there”

As soon as he said that, the servant behind them stepped forward once more and produced another ten white crystals.

The pageboy hesitantly looked at Chu Liuyue.


Chu Liuyue raised her brows. Money sure makes the world go round.

Im not losing out since theyre forking out twice as much for the coral, so Ill be at a disadvantage if I insist on what I said earlier.

While she hesitated, Duan Ziyu said to her, “Ms.

Chu, Master ordered us to fulfill your needs as much as possible.

If you really want that piece of Jizo coral, just give me the order.”

Chu Liuyue looked at him in surprise.

“Did he really say that”

Duan Ziyu nodded.

“He specifically instructed me about this when he came back the other day.”

Of course, those werent Mu Qinghes exact words.

What he actually said was:Since Im the one who brought Chu Liuyue over, everything she does in Xi Ling will affect my reputation.

Therefore, youre to keep a good watch over her.

If word were to spread that Chu Liuyue lost to someone else just because of a measly ten white crystals, others would surely think that the lieutenant was poor and stingy.

Chu Liuyue could roughly guess what Mu Qinghe meant as well.

Although the latter wasnt the type to care about appearances, there was a need for him—the lieutenant of Tianling Dynastys Black Guard—to stand firm and show his power.

This… doesnt seem to feel bad The corners of her lips slowly hooked up.

“Thank you, Officer Duan.”

Duan Ziyu politely responded, “Youre welcome, Ms.


After that, he walked forward and tossed a money bag to the pageboy.

“There are 40 white crystals in there.

Were getting the coral.”

Everyone in the hall was dumbfounded. Oh my goodness! Hes spending 40 white crystals to buy that piece of Jizo coral Even if theres another piece with better color, it may not even fetch that price! Is this person out of his mind!

Duan Ziyu looked at the pageboy.

“The highest bidder wins, no”

The pageboy hurriedly said, “Ill help you—”

Jiang Yuzhi anxiously tugged on the sleeve of Xiahou Tingan, who nodded and raised his voice once more.

“Ill pay 50 white crystals.”

Im ultimately the Xiahou familys Second Young Master.

Since when have I ever lost because of money Jiang Yuzhi is here, so all the more reason I cant lose to them!

Without even turning his head, Duan Ziyu doubled the offer.

“One hundred white crystals.”

The entire exhibition hall fell into silence as everyone else looked over at them.

There was nothing worth more than 100 white crystals on the first floor of the exhibition hall, yet the officer was offering that amount for just a piece of Jizo coral.

The other people couldnt help but think that he must either be out of his mind or simply beyond rich.

Mu Qinghe was indeed wealthy though.

Chu Liuyue stroked her chin. Most people think that Mu Qinghe is just a martial arts warrior who built his fortune from scratch and became a nouveau riche in Xi Ling City because of his abilities.

Despite his high position, they think that all of his assets cant be compared to that of old money.

But the truth is that its easiest to get rich with wars.

With Mu Qinghes iron hand and leadership, the army ended the decades-long rebellion at Dahuang Swamp in one fell swoop.

His wealth is immeasurable.

Even though Jiang Yuzhi and Xiahou Tingan came from big and noble backgrounds, they didnt have as much financial freedom as Mu Qinghe.

Thus, it was only natural that Xiahou Tingans countenance changed when he heard the other person double his offer.

It wasnt that he couldnt afford the amount, but it also wasnt exactly a small amount to him.

His family would surely chew him out should they find out that he had spent so much money just to buy a piece of Jizo coral.

His throat grew dry as he glanced at Jiang Yuzhi somewhat awkwardly.

“Yuzhi, that coral might be nice and all, but its not worth that much money.

Why dont we go take a look at other things, and Ill buy you something else instead”

Jiang Yuzhi instantly pulled a long face at him.

“Tingan, are you unwilling to spend the money on me If thats the case, Ill pay for it out of my own pockets!”

She then moved to take out her own money.

Seeing that she had gotten angry, Xiahou Tingan immediately pacified her by saying, “Hey, I was just joking with you! Did you take it for real Of course, Ill buy the coral for you!”

Jiang Yuzhi remained doubtful, however.


Xiahou Tingan could only bob his head in response.

“Of course.”

Gritting his teeth in determination, he looked at the pageboy and said, “Ill add five more white crystals!”

Pfft. Someone chuckled.

Although the sound quickly disappeared, everyone could hear the mocking tone in it, for the five white crystals sounded really pathetic when compared to Duan Ziyus generous offer.

Xiahou Tingans face instantly flushed red.

Although he felt rather embarrassed himself, he had reached his limit.

Duan Ziyus expression, however, remained unchanged as he said, “150.”

Color drained from Xiahou Tingans face once more as he felt the stares of others on him.

He turned to look at Jiang Yuzhi, only to hear her eagerly and anxiously saying, “Tingan, continue upping the offer.

Otherwise, well lose the coral to them!”

It was easier said than done though.

Knowing exactly what Jiang Yuzhi was up to, Xiahou Tingan felt a ball of anger surging from within him.

Being the proud missy she was, she disliked losing to others.

However, she was also afraid of getting scolded by her father for her excessive spending.

This was why she was urging him to pay the bill instead.

He had been trying all methods to please the missy for the past year, and now that the two families already had a marriage agreement between them, his efforts would all go to waste should he make her upset at this point.

But just when he was about to open his mouth to make a counter-offer, Duan Ziyu said, “No matter how much Second Young Master Xiahou is offering, well add 50 white crystals to the amount.

Were getting the coral at all costs!”

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