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Chapter 515: Great Phoenix Dragon

“I saw it unintentionally, but luckily, she didnt discover me.

However, I might not be this lucky when I see her again,” said Ning Jiaojiao softly.

The two mens expressions changed, but Yang Qiner said, “Ms.

Ning, your capabilities arent weak.

Why are you afraid of Chu Liuyue for no reason”

Ning Jiaojiao paused and said with deep meaning, “Chu Liuyues abilities are much stronger than what they seem on the surface.

Wasnt it very clear during the preliminaries How can someone like Jian Fengchi—who thinks so highly of himself—choose someone that cant do anything to join the Wan Zheng Competition”

The Yang Qiner trio exchanged glances, and they fell into an eerie silence the next moment. We have experienced this personally.

Just now…

“Truth be told, Ms.

Ning, we actually did meet Chu Liuyue just now.

Weve exchanged blows with her, but shes very scheming and has already escaped to the Long Yuan Swords side,” said the mustached man, but his choice of words was incredible.

Yang Qiner laughed in her heart but didnt show it on the surface.

“Really! She… Alone” Ning Jiaojiao looked shocked. I had heard Chu Liuyues name earlier, so I purposely tried to find out more.

But from their behavior, it seems like Chu Liuyue fought the three of them and managed to escape successfully.

The two men were awkward.

The skinny man immediately said, “She managed to take advantage of us after we were injured by the Long Yuan Swords sword aura.

Besides, her body is indeed weird.

This Long Yuan Swords sword aura is horrifying, but she easily managed to resolve it for some reason.”

Nobody mentioned the unusual crystal barrier that Chu Liuyue had.

At this point, Ning Jiaojiao started to doubt Chu Liuyue.

She voiced the motive for her approach.

“Since this is so, why dont we join hands”

On the other side, the legendary three-eyed eagle was leading Chu Liuyue to the bottom of the heavenly pit.

The moment they entered, the surrounding sword aura crazily came for her.

The legendary three-eyed eagles wings vibrated, and Chu Liuyue could immediately feel that the surrounding space froze rapidly.

When the rays of black sword aura reached this space, they slowed down in unison and even stopped completely.

This was the legendary three-eyed eagles God Realm!

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized something. So this is its trump card! Within this space, it has absolute control of everything! The Long Yuan Sword is a legendary object, but the legendary three-eyed eagle is also a legendary fiend! The sword aura is still lacking if it wants to use its strength to break the legendary three-eyed eagles God Realm.

The human and fiend then made it through the intense sword aura and went toward the bottom.

The lower they went, the more rays of sword aura there were.

They also became more ferocious, but the legendary three-eyed eagles speed didnt decrease.

Chu Liuyue rode on it, and her eyes were glued to the front.

When she was nearing it, she suddenly realized that the place where the Long Yuan Sword was buried had golden fire flash across.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled.

When she wanted to take a closer look, she realized that the fire had already disappeared.

She slightly knitted her brows. Did I see wrongly just now

But the legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly said in shock, “How could this be possible”

It was always cold and nonchalant and rarely used such a tone to speak, so one could tell how stunned it was.

“Whats wrong” asked Chu Liuyue hurriedly.

The legendary three-eyed eagle waved its wings and said, “Did you see golden fire suddenly appearing near the Long Yuan Sword just now”

She nodded.

“Did you see it as well I thought I was just imagining things.”

“Its not an illusion.” The legendary three-eyed eagle said determinedly, “Its the fire from the legendary fiends skeleton.”

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes.

“Fire from the legendary fiends skeleton What does that mean This fire… Did it originally belong to that legendary fiend”

She didnt know much about legendary fiends, let alone fire-related information.

However… the golden fire didnt look simple.

“…Is the legendary fiend below the Long Yuan Sword powerful” asked Chu Liuyue.

The legendary three-eyed eagle kept quiet for some time before saying clearly, “The only clan in the world that has this golden fire is—the ancient legendary great phoenix dragon!”

A huge uproar burst in Chu Liuyues heart.

“What! Youre saying that the legendary fiends skeleton that the Long Yuan Sword has is actually—How is that possible Thats an ancient legendary fiend!”

Chu Liuyue was in disbelief.

One had to know that an ancient legendary fiend was much stronger and older than an ordinary legendary fiend.

This is the highest existence only known in rumors! How did it appear here But as a legendary fiend, the legendary three-eyed eagle should know this better than me. She held her breath and actually became nervous when she thought of the golden fire she saw previously.

“Are you sure Thats really the great phoenix dragons skeleton”

The legendary three-eyed eagle was clearly stunned as it boomed, “The only clue now is that golden fire, but we cant be completely sure.

However… its pretty close to the mark.”

This meant that it had actually confirmed this but was just lacking the last bit of evidence.

Chu Liuyue didnt speak for some time as she felt even more conflicted.

She focused her gaze on the Long Yuan Sword.

When she looked at it again, it was indeed different from previous times.

“…When the ancestor failed to break through and become a stage-nine warrior, he had never entered the legendary higher cultivation world.

With his abilities back then, they werent enough to kill an ancient legendary fiend like the great phoenix dragon…” She couldnt help but mutter.

The Tianling Dynastys totem was indeed that of a sword slashing a dragon head.

Chu Liuyue had never imagined that the dragon head could be the great phoenix dragons!

The legendary three-eyed eagle said calmly, “Well have to see it to know what happened!”

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath.


At this point, retreating was not an option.

The only choice was to find out once and for all!


The legendary three-eyed eagle flapped its wings, and the God Realms power moved, instantly crushing the surrounding sword aura.

Its figure flashed, and it rapidly rushed toward where the golden fire appeared previously.

Gradually, Chu Liuyue felt a scorching wave that kept coming from the bottom of the heavenly pit.

Chu Liuyue clenched her fists tightly, and a bold guess surfaced in her mind. This thing is probably related to the strange weather patterns in this place!

The wave contained rich Heaven and Earth Force.

Even within the legendary three-eyed eagles God Realm, Chu Liuyue could still clearly feel the suppression intensifying gradually.


A soft, crisp sound was made.

Chu Liuyue looked over and saw that a hole had formed in the God Realm due to the crazy squeezing of the surrounding force.

The legendary three-eyed eagles body wavered before it flew downward at greater speeds.

Chu Liuyues heart hung high as she stared at the opening with a deadly gaze.


An explosion sound was heard, and the God Realm broke.

Chu Liuyue and the legendary three-eyed eagle were instantly exposed outside the God Realm.

She could clearly see that the legendary three-eyed eagles body had become much fainter than before.

The ferocious wave with the boundless black sword aura kept coming toward them.

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