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Chapter 516: Awakening

But at this moment, the black pyramid in Chu Liuyues body suddenly caused a huge ripple to explode.

Those rays of sword aura actually stopped in front of Chu Liuyue instantly, and the ferocious scorching wave quickly retreated as if it had met something scary.

In the blink of an eye, everything disappeared into thin air.

Chu Liuyue was also stunned when she saw this happen to the countless black sword aura rays that had been closing in on her body and would pierce through her the next second. I didnt even have the time to throw out the crystal barrier in my hands, but it now seems like… I dont need to

At this moment, a silver lightning bolt struck above the Long Yuan Sword!

The high and mighty Long Yuan Sword seemed to have met with some enhancement as it became much sharper and brighter than before.

Previously, there were also lightning bolts that flowed within the Long Yuan Sword, but Chu Liuyues instincts told her that things were different this time.

As expected, when the first silver lightning bolt followed the sword body and entered the heavenly pit, the second bolt followed.

This bolt was much thicker than the previous one.

Thunder roared the next moment, and it struck.

Chu Liuyue stared at the Long Yuan Sword closely.

Gradually, she felt a strange familiarity. This feeling… is coming from the Long Yuan Sword and the black pyramid within my body.

Hong long!

A loud noise was heard from afar.

Ning Jiaojiao and the rest looked up in unison and saw a bright silver light flash across the Long Yuan Sword.

“Is… the Long Yuan Sword about to wake up” The skinny man suddenly yelled in shock.

When he finished his sentence, the others all widened their eyes and were stunned.

Ning Jiaojiao couldnt help but ask, “W-what do you mean”

She didnt specialize in the path of the sword, so she didnt quite understand what it meant.

As he was too agitated, the skinny mans face flushed red.

His voice trembled as he explained, “The Long Yuan Sword is a legendary weapon, and it has its own sword soul.

When the owner reaches his demise, it will follow him and hibernate.

Most of the time, many legendary weapons will fall into a deep sleep and be sealed forever.

But if it chose to wake up… it means…”

Ning Jiaojiao hurriedly asked, “What does it mean”

“It means that… Its going to choose a new owner soon!” The skinny man said this emotionally, and all his blood seemed to be coursing through his body rapidly.

The mustached man at the side seemed to have the same reaction.

In comparison, Yang Qiner looked pretty calm.

However, her gaze toward the Long Yuan Sword was filled with deep desire.

The Purple Xiao Sword Sect had always specialized in sword techniques.

Not only did they see the Long Yuan Sword in person today, but they could even see it wake up.

How could this not stir up their emotions

The most important thing was that when the Long Yuan Sword chose its new owner, this miracle might belong to them.

Ning Jiaojiao then completely understood.

She thought for a while and suddenly said, “Oh right, isnt Chu Liuyue by the Long Yuan Sword!”

Her words immediately reminded the rest and woke them up from their maniacal excitement as their faces all changed.

“This… Shes enjoying the benefits of a favorable position…” said Ning Jiaojiao hesitantly as her eyes flashed.

“It depends on ones fate to see who can get a legendary weapon like the Long Yuan Sword, not who is nearer to it.” Even though the mustached man said that, he started to panic. Who knows why the Long Yuan Sword suddenly woke up No matter what, Chu Liuyue is near it, and it will be more convenient for her.

Currently, they didnt even know what the situation was like on the other side.

Ning Jiaojiao scanned their faces and chuckled to herself, but she looked sincere on the surface.

“In my opinion, the Long Yuan Sword has hibernated for thousands of years.

Now that it has woken up, it will definitely choose a unique talent to become its new owner.

Not to mention others, but one should at least have a decent cultivation level in terms of the way of the sword.

In regards to this, my Xuan Feng Hall isnt good enough.

But you guys are Purple Xiao Sword Sect disciples, so you should be familiar with swords, right”

Her words tempted the two men.

“Not to mention just a Chu Liuyue, but even out of all the competitors in the Wan Zheng Competition, there wont be more suitable people than you to become the Long Yuan Swords new owner.

But if this miracle is stolen away by someone… If it were me, Id definitely die with many regrets! So… about my previous suggestion…”

“We agree!” The skinny man was determined.

The remaining Yang Qiner and the other man also nodded their heads in agreement.

Ning Jiaojiaos lips curved up. Even if I didnt say these things to agitate them, the few of them would also make the same choice.

This is because they were originally thinking about it already.

My words only nailed the idea even more harshly in their hearts.

Ning Jiaojiao suggested, “Lets join hands and deal with Chu Liuyue first.

When we find any treasures, well split them evenly.

As for the Long Yuan Sword… the fateful person will get it.

How does that sound”

“Thats a deal.”

Yang Qiner turned around to take a look and suddenly gasped.

“Quickly, look! Those black sword aura rays seemed to have returned to the Long Yuan Sword!”

The few of them looked up respectively.

As expected, they saw the countless rays of black sword aura come from somewhere and rush to the Long Yuan Sword.

At the same time, bolts of silver lightning kept slashing down repeatedly.

“Lets go!” Ning Jiaojiao was the first to react as she immediately rushed forward.

The other people didnt want to be left behind as they hurriedly followed her.

The ninth silver lightning bolt struck the swords body.

The next moment, the swords roar could be heard.

It was like a hibernating beast that suddenly woke up.

It then seemed like an opening had been torn through in the endless night, shining light in.

From the middle, one could vaguely peek at the insurmountable existence.

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes and looked at the Long Yuan Sword in front of her without blinking. The Long Yuan Sword… actually woke up on its own!

The surrounding black sword aura started returning to the Long Yuan Swords body continuously.

Choo choo!

A sound pierced through the skies.

The legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly gasped.

Chu Liuyue followed its line of sight, and her eyes shrunk.

She saw a golden fire suddenly coming out from below.

It still appeared where the Long Yuan Sword was stuck to the ground, but it was more intense than the first one.

Also… Not only did it not disappear, but it even started spreading in all directions.

In a short amount of time, the bottom of the gigantic pit was completely filled by the golden fire.

From above, it looked like the Long Yuan Sword was stuck into the golden fire.

“The legendary fiends skeleton should be below! We must hurry! The Heavenly Daos strength cant sustain me for long!” bellowed the legendary three-eyed eagle.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly.

“You mean… Youre going to barge into the golden fire”

The legendary three-eyed eagle gave an affirmative reply.

“The Long Yuan Sword has already awakened, and this is the only gap.

Once it recognizes someone as its master, the legendary fiends skeleton will belong to that person, or it will be completely destroyed!”

Chu Liuyue nodded as a red fire instantly spread out from her body and covered her entirely.

“Lets go!”

The legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly swooped down and rushed downward.

The human and the fiends figures instantly disappeared within that fire.


The light of the fire shot to the sky.

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