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Chapter 52: Slap in the Face

Even though the Tian Lu Academy examinations were split into different batches and the examinations proceeded in their own separated zones, they would normally announce the top three scholars.

This was a reward to the outstanding students to some extent; it would also motivate the other students at the same time.

It was not surprising for Si Ting to emerge as the top scholar for the Xuan Master examination.

However, how did Chu Liuyue emerge as second place

The initial noisy mountain immediately fell into deadly silence.

Chu Xianmin froze, and chills ran down her spine.

She seemed to lose control of her own body.

Her mind was completely blank, except for that one sentence that kept ringing in her head, which almost made her brain explode.

Chu Liuyue! Second place in the Xuan Master examination! How is that possible How is that even possible

Xuan Masters were very demanding when it came to natural talent.

Even she was not lucky enough to become a Xuan Master, let alone that invalid Chu Liuyue.

Very quickly, the crowd broke into heated debates.

“Chu Liuyue in second place Are they mistaken”

“This is impossible, no matter how you think of it.

Didnt they say that Chu Liuyue was an invalid and that she lacked in a Yuan meridian”

“There must be a misunderstanding… Even if she could pass the examination, how could she come in second”

One had to know that there were quite a few other outstanding Xuan Master talents attending the same examination apart from Si Ting.

All of those people had trained for more than half a year in the academy.

How could they lose to Chu Liuyue

Someone hesitantly said, “Maybe… its really true Perhaps she really has shocking Xuan Master talent.

In that case, it would explain Teacher Bai Chens previous attitude.”

“Thats impossible!” screamed Chu Xianmin subconsciously.

She only realized that she had lost her composure when everyone looked over.

Anxiously, she explained, “I-I mean that Sister really doesnt have a Yuan meridian.

If shes talented as a Xuan Master, its impossible that our family wouldnt know… I-I dont know how she did it…”

In other words, Chu Liuyues second place came illegitimately.

Someone laughed lightly.

“Chu Xianmin, youve stolen the Crown Princes affection.

Even if Chu Liuyue had talent, she probably wouldnt tell you, right”

This sentence caused the group of people to burst out laughing.

The entire Imperial City already knew about what happened at the Crown Princes banquet.

Chu Xianmin took the initiative to offer herself to attract the Crown Princes attention, which eventually led to Chu Liuyue and the Crown Princes marriage agreement being dissolved.

How was it possible for both parties to have close sisterly bonds with such enmity

Chu Xianmin still had the audacity to act like she cared for Chu Liuyue.

Her acting was really good!

Chu Xianmins face immediately flushed red, and her entire body felt like it was on fire.

“Chu Xianmin, did you purposely say that because youre afraid of Chu Liuyue stealing your limelight”

“I didnt!” denied Chu Xianmin immediately, but the mocking stares around her made her feel restless.

She clenched her teeth in secret.

In the past, everyone knew that the position of Crown Princess belonged to her, and they all licked her boots.

They would never dare to say such words.

However, her reputation was already ruined now.

The status of Crown Princess would land in anyones hands except for hers.

All these people immediately fell out with her and were very sarcastic towards her.

“I-I just feel that its quite weird.

After all, this Xuan Master examination progressed too quickly.

Nobody knows…”

“Chu Xianmin, are you doubting Elder Sun” asked Ling Zhu with furrowed brows.

Sun Zhongyan held a very respected status in the academy.

Even most of the teachers did not dare to challenge him, let alone students.

A chill ran down Chu Xianmins spine, and she finally lowered her head.

“I-I… dont dare to…”

Seeing her current look, Ling Zhu shook his head silently.

He initially thought that Chu Xianmin was very smart, but he did not expect her to be so petty.

“The semi-finals are about to start.

The most important thing now is to settle yourself first.”

Chu Xianmin nodded and took a deep breath.

She could only turn the tables around if she was the top scholar for the warrior examination.

In another area behind the mountains, the 451st batch of students was having their examinations.

Rong Jin stood there and checked his sword.

A few youngsters behind him were filled with enthusiasm.

“Your Highness, it seems like youre bound to be the top scholar for the warrior examination.”

“Your Highness should be the strongest in the entire academy, right”

Rong Jin laughed lightly and looked into the distance.

“This doesnt count for much…”


Another firework exploded in the air.

Rong Jin took a look at it and squinted his eyes slightly.

A young man beside him laughed.

“Just now, Si Ting already emerged as first place in the Xuan Master examination.

It seems like the top scholar for the warrior examination has also emerged.”

Another young man turned his eyes and laughed sheepishly.

“Yeah! I think the top scholar for the warrior examination should be Chu Xianmin, right”

Rong Jin paused for a while, and his face looked much gentler.

“She is quite talented.”

Chu Xianmins reputation would recover slightly if she emerged as the top scholar; his face would also be saved.

A deep, thick voice sounded.

“Second place of the 453rd Xuan Master examination—Chu Liuyue!”

Rong Jins smile froze on his face.


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