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Chapter 522: Time to Make Money!

Jian Fengchi was dazed for quite a while before he reacted. Wan Zheng Competition Top eight

Upon seeing Jian Fengchis expression, the smile on Yuwen Jinghongs face gradually froze.

“It cant be that you didnt take this to heart at all, right”

“Isnt it just a competition Do I have to care so much about it” Jian Fengchi shrugged his shoulders lazily. This is especially so when this competition was organized by Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng.

Not only do I not care about it, but I also despise it very much.

If it werent to help Mu Qinghe, I wouldnt even intervene in this matter.

These few days after returning to Xi Ling City, he kept playing around and eating good food.

He didnt have the spare time to think about anything else.

Yuwen Jinghong grunted.

“To think she was brought here by you!”

Mu Qinghe found her; she really has nothing to do with me, Jian Fengchi thought to himself.

“Why hasnt the competition ended yet”

Yuwen Jinghong glanced at him in contempt.

“It seems like you really dont care about this at all.

I really dont know why you brought the lady here.

Four days have passed for the competition, and its the fifth day today.

There were close to 200 people participating in the competition, and theres only eight left now!”

Without waiting for Jian Fengchi to explain, he continued, “All the major gambling dens in Xi Ling City have now started to accept bets, and theyre all betting on who will take first place!”

Hearing this, Jian Fengchi became much more energized.


Welcoming Yuwen Jinghongs gaze of contempt, Jian Fengchi coughed.

“H-hows that girls paying rate”

“Of course, hers is the highest! She has the lowest cultivation level amongst the eight of them! No, she has the lowest cultivation level out of all the competitors!” said Yuwen Jinghong as he couldnt help but stroke his chin.


Speaking of this lady, shes really quite incredible! I dont think she survived to this point because of luck.

Not mentioning anything else, but you do have a keen eye for picking people!”

A sinister smile appeared on Jian Fengchis lips with a tinge of delight.

“Of course.”

Their conversation was going so quickly, so he didnt explain further.

“You came here just to tell me this” asked Jian Fengchi as he changed the topic.

“Ah-choo!” Yuwen Jinghong suddenly sneezed heavily.

He rubbed his nose.

“Aiyo, who is thinking of me”

Jian Fengchi glanced at him pitifully. Little Liuer was suddenly interrupted.

At this point, she has probably scolded all of Yuwen Jinghongs last eight generations.

“Hehe, I just came here to find out some things from you.

What rank do you think that lady can reach” Yuwen Jinghong rubbed his hands.

“I… Ive been quite tight on money recently, so I want to see if I can take this chance and win some money! If you say that she can rank eighth, Ill bet on eight.

If you say seventh, Ill bet on seven!”

Jian Fengchi squinted his eyes.

“The higher the ranking, the more money we get”

Yuwen Jinghong nodded.

“Whats the paying rate for her getting first”

Yuwen Jinghong said a number.

Jian Fengchi turned around and walked outside.

“Hey! Fengchi, where are you going” Yuwen Jinghong hurriedly followed him.

Jian Fengchi didnt even turn back.

“To make money!”

The Wan Zheng Competition was still ongoing, and it seemed like everyone in Xi Ling City directed all of their attention to this competition.

A piece of gossip spread throughout Xi Ling overnight: Rumors had it that Dragon Teeth Mountains Jian Fengchi had gone to all the gambling dens in Xi Ling City, heavily betting in each one that Chu Liuyue would take first place for the Wan Zheng Competition!

This was literally adding a whole pot of oil to the fire.

The crowd was originally already very curious and expectant toward the Wan Zheng Competition since it concerned the Tianling God Realm.

With Jian Fengchis movements, the news spread like wildfire.

Jian Fengchis actions were famous for being unconventional and him doing whatever he wished.

However, this action still stunned many people until their jaws dropped.

This was because the crowd thought that it was impossible for Chu Liuyue to come in first.

Jian Fengchi doing so was akin to burning money.

Even if he came from a rich family, they couldnt sustain his spending.

If there wasnt any special reason, why would he do this Hence, the entire Xi Ling knew that Jian Fengchi liked that Chu Liuyue he brought back!

Jian Fengchi was known for being flirtatious, but to this extent This was the first time.

The next moment, many people guessed: Could the playboy Young Master finally be settling down

Many women were devastated over this.

Hundred Herbs Building.

A few women were leisurely shopping around the first floor and were whispering about something.

“I heard that Chu Liuyue was brought back by Jian Fengchi from outside Heavens Canopy.

It seems like her background is so-so.

I really dont know what he sees in her.”

“Her family background is indeed not very good, but you didnt see her in person, right I saw her from afar that day, and I did see a rare beauty.

Its no wonder Jian Fengchi would be so into her.”

“So what if she looks good There are countless pretty women in this world.

I think Jian Fengchi is only mesmerized for a period.

After a while, hell wake up on his own.”

“Thats right.

If not, can she really enter Dragon Teeth Mountain and be their Young Madam”

The pageboy standing behind the crystal cabinets finally couldnt help but ask, “Ladies, may I ask about the Chu Liuyue you mentioned earlier… Is it the one that just arrived at Xi Ling recently”

The few women glanced at each other and nodded in confusion.

“Yeap! Whats the matter”

The pageboy smiled politely.

“I dont know where you heard the rumors from, but theyre ridiculous.


Chu is the Mu Residences important guest.

Why would she be related to Young Master Jian”

One of the women asked, “Which Mu Residence”

“Theres only that one Mu Residence in Xi Ling City!” The pageboy reminded, “When Ms.

Chu came here a few days ago, Lieutenant Mus trusted subordinate—Officer Duan—accompanied her here! Everyone in Hundred Herbs Building saw it clearly!”

At this point, the few womens faces changed. Chu Liuyue is actually also related to that grim reaper

Important guest… What kind of important guest is she that can make Mu Qinghe think of her so highly One has to know that his residence has never had even half a woman.

“Are you serious” asked the other woman anxiously as she stepped forward.

The pageboy pointed upstairs.

“Of course! That day, Ms.

Chu bought quite a few things alone, and the person that served her was directly promoted to the second floor.”

Who wasnt envious of him in Hundred Herbs Building Now, they were all waiting for Chu Liuyue to come again!

The few women exchanged looks, and one of them chuckled.

“This Chu Liuyue is indeed incredible.

Not only can she make Young Master Jian spend for her, but she can even make Lieutenant Mu act out of character.

How amazing.”

The pageboys face changed.

“This Missy, please watch your words.”

But that woman smiled even more brightly.

“What, did Hundred Herbs Building become her territory Cant I say something”


Chu is our Hundred Herbs Buildings important guest with a black gold card.

Of course, we prioritize Ms.

Chu.” A mans clear voice suddenly sounded.

The crowd turned around.

All the pageboys on the first floor greeted in unison, “Greetings, General Manager Yue!”

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