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Chapter 527: Surround and Attack

The scorching sun with the blazing light and heat swept across half the sky.

Finally, it landed on the Long Yuan Swords handle.


Countless rays of light landed, and the gigantic black swords body was instantly enveloped by the dazzling light.

Without the sun in the sky, the sky rapidly darkened.

The Long Yuan Sword instantly became the brightest existence in this land.

A spark of fire suddenly came out from the cracked ground, and terrifying heat started spreading along the Long Yuan Sword.

Following this, even more sparks started emerging from below, scorching and burning.

The surrounding temperature started to rise crazily.

“Quick! Lets go!” Upon seeing this, Chou Ding immediately panicked and hurriedly retreated.

But the moment he moved back two steps, he felt a scorching pain.

He turned around and realized that his behind started burning at some point in time.

The clothes behind him started burning immediately!

The frightening pain spread and made his five features contort.

Chou Ding hurriedly tore his clothes off, but his back was burned.

More than ten blisters also formed on it.

Even though he couldnt see his bodys condition, the pain was real.

He couldnt care about the rest as he swiftly escaped as far as he could. If they want to continue waiting, they should just do it themselves! Perhaps they will wait until death before the Long Yuan Sword even comes!

He swiftly crushed the green copper pearl in his hand.

The next moment, his body immediately disappeared from the ground.

Everything happened in one moment.

When Ning Jiaojiao and Yang Qiner saw this, they were all stunned.

Nobody had expected that the Long Yuan Swords last bolt of lightning—which they had waited so long for—was actually so horrifying.

The two of them retreated without hesitation, but their gazes were still glued to the Long Yuan Sword.

The two of them exchanged glances, and they could see the circulating murderous intent in each others eyes.

Ning Jiaojiao laughed.

“The Tianling God Realms skies are about to change.

Yang Qiner, are you not leaving”

Yang Qiners face no longer had the gentleness and shyness from before.

She returned a smile, but this smile was much fiercer than before, and it made ones heart turn cold.

“You havent left yet, so why would I go The Long Yuan Swords 81st bolt of lightning has already struck, and its about to choose its new owner.

Ive been practicing the sword since I was young, and I plan to enter the Purple Xiao Sword Sect to cultivate and specialize in swords.

However, you dont have any relation to the way of the sword.

Do you think the Long Yuan Sword will choose you”

Ning Jiaojiao felt something stuck in her heart. Before I came, I had never expected the Long Yuan Sword to awaken.

But since I came in time for it, how can I just give up

One could never be too careful.

“Yang Qiner, theres nothing you should be glad about.

The Long Yuan Sword is a legendary weapon, and if it only wanted to choose a person that specialized in swords as its new owner, it wouldve chosen a long time ago! Why would it be your turn Nobody knows who will die!” The moment Ning Jiaojiao said that, a spark of fire appeared below her feet again.

Ning Jiaojiao went on her toes and was about to fly.

But the next moment, she shockingly realized that she couldnt jump up into the sky anymore.

“How can this be” she yelled as she hurriedly escaped.

Yang Qiner also felt that something was amiss as her face drastically changed. If we cant fly in the sky, we will burn in this fire sooner or later.

The two of them couldnt care about arguing as they each avoided and hid uglily.

However, increasingly more sparks appeared beneath their feet, so they couldnt escape at all.

Yang Qiner suddenly drew her sword, jumped up, and flew toward the sky.

By doing this, she finally avoided the endless fire.

Ning Jiaojiao watched on as she secretly clenched her teeth.

She waved her sleeves, and a green barrier instantly appeared before her, completely enveloping her.

Who wasnt prepared!

They fought head and neck here, yet on the other end, Qiang Wanzhou didnt move at all.

He only moved back a small distance, but he was still looking at the heavenly pit.

Also, there were no defenses around him at all.

The sparks of fire kept burning in his surroundings, but he seemed like he was completely fine.

In actual fact, it wasnt that he did not do anything.

He was using his bodys harsh, cold air to block the fires invasion.

If one stood closer, one would see that there was always a thin layer of ice rapidly forming on his skin before melting.

This cycle kept continuing.

An average person couldnt withstand the two extreme forces that kept intersecting and replacing one another, but this was nothing to Qiang Wanzhou.

The harsh, cold air had accumulated in his body for many years, and he was long used to it.

To him, using the fires strength to melt away the harsh, cold air in his body gradually was actually a good thing.

In addition, Chu Liuyue had already used pills to train his body, so his tolerance toward fire had far exceeded that of an average person.

“This Qiang Wanzhou has a problem!” Ning Jiaojiao noticed Qiang Wanzhous actions as she muttered.

Compared to how disheveled she and Yang Qiner looked, Qiang Wanzhou seemed too smooth.

An idea popped up in her mind, and she looked at Yang Qiner.

Yang Qiner instantly understood what she meant.

Originally, she was reluctant to work with Ning Jiaojiao, but she was tempted when she saw Qiang Wanzhous calm and composed manner from the corner of her eye.

After hesitating slightly, she lightly nodded.

This way, the two of them had an agreement.

After a temporary pause, the two of them started rushing toward Qiang Wanzhou from different directions.

Qiang Wanzhou was focused on waiting for Chu Liuyue to come out.

He could already feel her aura vaguely, but at this moment, he suddenly felt danger lurking nearby.

He suddenly looked up and saw the duo charging toward him.

Both Ning Jiaojiao and Yang Qiner didnt expect Qiang Wanzhou to be this sensitive, and they were both taken aback.

However, they didnt know that Qiang Wanzhou had long developed animalistic alertness since he had lived in Nan Jiang since he was young.

Thus, he caught them red-handed when they planned to take action.

The trio kept quiet silently.

A hypocritical smile appeared on Ning Jiaojiaos face.

“We want to discuss something with you—”

Qiang Wanzhou spoke coldly first.

“You are joining hands to deal with me.”

It wasnt a question but a declarative sentence.

Ning Jiaojiaos face dropped.

The next moment, Yang Qiner was the first to react.

A poisonous dart instantly flew out.

Qiang Wanzhou raised his hand, and his force quickly formed a longsword.


The poisonous dart struck the swords blade, and it was reflected outward, landing into a spark of fire.

In the blink of an eye, the poisonous dart directly melted.

Yang Qiners hands trembled slightly. Qiang Wanzhous defense is accurate and harsh, and he is stronger than me.

On the other end, Ning Jiaojiao threw out a Xuan formation crystal.

A gigantic Xuan formation immediately appeared above Qiang Wanzhous head, completely enveloping him.

Ning Jiaojiao was just a stage-four Xuan Master on her own, but she had made sufficient preparations to win this Wan Zheng Competition.

A sixth-grade Xuan formation was engraved within the Xuan formation crystal.

Even an intermediate stage-six warrior might not be able to escape from within, let alone Qiang Wanzhou—who had just broken through to become a stage-six warrior.

Qiang Wanzhou looked up at the Xuan formation, and the light reflected in his eyes like the stars dazzling in the sky.

His sharp chin tensed up, and it seemed like a thin layer of ice covered his white and almost transparent face.

Just when Ning Jiaojiao and Yang Qiner thought that they were winning, a thunderous sword roar erupted from the Long Yuan Sword.


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