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Chapter 53: Genius

Chu Liuyue Rong Jin almost thought that he was hallucinating her name being announced at Tian Lu Academys examination.

“Its just a similar name, right” said the youngsters uncertainly when they saw that Rong Jin did not look right.

Rong Jin sheathed his sword; his face was as dark as coal.

“Go find out whats going on.”

“Yes!” A young man hurriedly turned and left.

The remaining few looked at each other in confusion.

The Crown Prince really hated Chu Liuyue and would not be in a good mood upon hearing this name.

The few of them all quietened down instantly as they were afraid of angering Rong Jin.

However, they were not the only ones who heard the announcement.

The other students waiting for the examination had heard it crystal clear.

Some of them started looking at Rong Jin discreetly, wondering if thisChu Liuyue was the famous one in the recent rumors that spread like wildfire.

“Who is this Chu Liuyue Is she a hidden gem suddenly discovered amongst the junior sisters and brothers”

“I dont know, but Ive never heard of her before.

However, its not that one… right”

“Oh! I suddenly remembered something.

Didnt that Chu Liuyue say she wanted to be admitted to our academy If I havent remembered wrongly, her admission assessment was today, right”

“Shh! Be quiet! Dont you see how upset the Crown Prince looks Besides, how is it possible for Chu Liuyue to be admitted to the academy Im sure theres a mistake somewhere.”

Rong Jins face turned even darker when he heard the whispers around him.

Yes, he had almost forgotten that the only condition Chu Liuyue raised for dissolving the marriage agreement was to have one chance to be admitted to Tian Lu Academy. No, its impossible…

“Your Highness!” A shout broke the anxious silence.

It was from the young man who had gone to find out more information.

Upon seeing him, Rong Jin stepped forward and asked quickly, “What exactly is going on over there” Even he did not notice that his voice had an unconcealable nervousness.

“Your Highness, the second place for the Xuan Master examination on the other side is indeed Chu Liuyue,” said the young man while gasping for air.

Rong Jins heart sank, but he was still harboring a last bit of hope.

“Is there someone with this name in that batch of students”

In a difficult position, the young man paused for a while and avoided Rong Jins gaze.

“Y-yes, theres someone called Chu Liuyue…”

Rong Jin closed his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

There is indeed someone with the same name.

Exactly, how could that Chu Liuyue be a Xuan Master

“Y-your Highness…” explained the young man with a shaky voice as he knew that Rong Jin had misunderstood his words, “this Chu Liuyue is that one…”

Rong Jin was taken aback.

“What did you say”

The young man pulled a long face.

“Chu Liuyue was admitted into the academy today.

She participated in the Xuan Master examination as a new student.

She placed second in the examination.

All the students and teachers on the other end are currently going crazy over the news.

Its only a matter of time before the people here will find out about it.”

This news would spread to everyone in less than an hour.

Not only did the Chu Liuyue—who everyone could bully in the past—successfully enter Tian Lu Academy, but she had also come in second place during the mid-semester Xuan Master examination on the day of her admission.

This would definitely rile up the entire Imperial City.

Rong Jin did not recover his senses for quite some time.

Then, he grabbed the young man by his collar and hollered, “What nonsense are you talking about How can someone without a Yuan meridian be a Xuan Master”

“Y-your Highness, why would I dare to lie to you Elder Sun Zhongyan said it himself.

B-besides…” He gulped down a mouthful of saliva and was on the brink of tears.

“That Chu Liuyue was admitted into the academy after passing all three assessment categories.

Teacher Bai Chen said that Chu Liuyue is a rare genius that only appeared once every 100 years and that… s-she has a very bright future ahead of her.”


Rong Jin directly smashed him against the floor, and his face contorted.


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