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Chapter 530: Rise!

Ning Jiaojiao dazedly surveyed her surroundings and then realized what had happened. I was forced to leave the Tianling God Realm! I have been eliminated!

Countless pairs of gazes—with all sorts of weird emotions—landed on her, making her feel very uncomfortable.

I still failed! No matter if its the Long Yuan Sword or the Wan Zheng Competition, I have gained nothing except a whole body of injuries! She clenched her fists tightly and slammed them on the ground.

But once she moved, she felt excruciating pain.

At some point, a few giant blisters had formed on the back of her hand.

Thus, her movements made it more painful than ever.

Ning Jiaojiao was in so much pain that her face became distorted.

“I really didnt expect Ning Jiaojiao to be sixth… I thought itd definitely be Chu Liuyue!”

“Even if its not Chu Liuyue, it should be other people.

Ning Jiaojiao can be considered to have one of the best backgrounds out of the rest, right Even if we think with our feet, her father definitely made all sorts of preparations for her! I really dont know what kind of situation it is inside…”

The messy discussions entered her ear.

Suddenly, Ning Jiaojiaos body stiffened. What are these people saying Shouldnt Chu Liuyue have long been eliminated

She almost instinctively looked at the black marble board floating in midair.

Most of the names had already disappeared from the originally filled marble board, so the last five names were especially clear.

Once she looked up, she saw one of the names—Chu Liuyue!

Her name is actually still there! She hasnt been eliminated yet! Ning Jiaojiao was completely stunned. How can this be Chu Liuyue had long been swallowed by the golden fire in the heavenly pit.

She shouldve left the Tianling God Realm then! What situation is this

Her face was as pale as a ghost as she stretched out her hand with much difficulty to point at Chu Liuyues name.

Her voice trembled.

“C-chu Liuyue is still there!”

The eight elders standing beside the transportation formation looked at each other.

Actually, they didnt understand this situation as well.

But this was the truth.

Elder Duanmu Chun nodded and confirmed her guess.

“Thats right.

Youre in sixth place, and the remaining five people havent come out yet.”

A scene suddenly appeared in Ning Jiaojiaos mind. When the Long Yuan Sword recognized its master, a ball of light charged out from the heavenly pit.

There indeed was a persons figure within.

Could that have been… Chu Liuyue No—thats not right! Even if that person was Chu Liuyue, there should be a total of four people only.

Why are there six

She looked at the five names on the marble board seriously and anxiously. Other than Chu Liuyue, Yang Qiner, and Qiang Wanzhou, there are still two people who I havent seen from beginning to end! W-what exactly is going on!

Ning Jiaojiaos heart was in a mess as countless thoughts clashed in her brain, making her mind hurt.

She hugged her head in pain and miserably roared.


The crowd was taken aback by her reaction.

But Ning Jiaojiaos eyes rolled up after this, and she fainted on the ground.

Elder Duanmu Chun immediately said, “Quickly, bring her down to get treated!”

“Yes!” The Black Guards surrounding the square immediately went forward and carried Ning Jiaojiao down.

However, Ning Jiaojiaos previous maniacal behavior made people have lingering fears.

The few elders exchanged glances, and they were all worried. It seems like they have clearly met with some agitation in the Tianling God Realm… Its a pity that we are only in charge of looking after this transportation formation.

Thus, we dont know what the situation inside is like.

Elder Duanmu Chun furrowed his brows tightly and sighed. I had long said that the Tianling God Realm shouldnt be casually activated and that people without the Tianling royal family bloodline shouldnt be let in.

Now, something has indeed happened! But at this point, its too late to stop them.

The only thing we can do now is to pray that the situation wont worsen.

Yuwen Jinghong looked at the names on the marble board and grunted. At the start, I still thought Jian Fengchi was insane for betting on Chu Liuyue coming in first, but it now seems like… theres still hope.

If this really happens… Jian Fengchi will make a fortune overnight! Should I continue to bet more…

He leaned toward Jian Fengchi and softly asked, “Where did you find such a powerful girl”

Jian Fengchi glanced at him from above.

Yuwen Jinghong immediately and sensibly shut his mouth and silently walked to the gambling table.

“Ill add another 1,000 white crystals!”

Tianling God Realm.

Yang Qiner was riding on her sword and barely avoided Qiang Wanzhous knife, but the sharp blade still left a bloody wound on her shoulders.

She quickly glanced at the wound on her shoulders, which was dripping with fresh blood.

Very quickly, her entire arm was drenched.

If the previous knife was angled even more accurately, it wouldve slashed my forehead. Yang Qiner was scared as intense horror filled her heart. Im not Qiang Wanzhous match at all! If this goes on, Qiang Wanzhou will directly force me out of the Tianling God Realm within a few moves.

She hurriedly looked up.

Her puppet was still in an intense battle with the legendary fiend.

At this moment, the Long Yuan Swords suppression suddenly erupted.

All the dents and pits on the ground intersected.

The lightning on the gigantic black sword glowed.

The winds were blowing!

The sky had already completely darkened, and only the Long Yuan Sword was dazzling brightly.



The roar of the sword reverberated throughout the place.

Chu Liuyue clenched the sword blade tightly, and her heart beat rapidly.

All her strength erupted at this moment.

The ground with endless fire suddenly rippled at this moment.

The Long Yuan Sword that had been buried underground for thousands of years finally loosened.

Chu Liuyues face flushed red, and crazy fighting intent burned crazily in her eyes.

The next moment, the Long Yuan Sword rose!

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