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Chapter 543: Who Are You

Of course, Chu Liuyue didnt know what her man was thinking.

In the countless imagined scenarios, she always thought that she would have to cut and shred the duo into pieces once she saw them again before being able to resolve her hatred.

But when everything really happened now, she realized that something was different.

The hatred was as usual, and the anger was the same as before.

She also would never forget the heartbreaking pain of being betrayed, but there seemed to be armor around her heart, carefully and properly protecting it.

It was the armor that Rong Xiu gave her.

The hostility hidden at the bottom of her heart seemed to have faded away gradually.

This was because she knew that no matter what, there would always be someone in this world who would tolerate her and trust her with love and care.

She gently sighed and never felt this relaxed ever since she was reborn.

At this moment, a thought suddenly popped into her mind. When I resolve all of these grudges, I must personally tell Rong Xiu that I miss him and that… I love him.

Qiang Wanzhou was standing right beside Chu Liuyue.

He sensitively noticed that Chu Liuyues emotions seemed to be continually changing before finally returning to peace.

Also… the vibe that she gave off as a person seemed to be different.

He couldnt pinpoint what was different, but he was certain it had changed—a good change at that.

Previously, he always felt that Chu Liuyue seemed to be burdened by something.

Even when she smiled, there was something gloomy about it.

But things were different now.

Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng respectively sat on the last two seats.

Even though they hadnt officially gotten married, their marriage agreement was already in place.

Recently, they were also discussing their wedding date while starting preparations.

Hence, there wasnt much of a difference to the crowd.

After all, Jiang Yucheng was helping to deal with court matters now, and the duos very intimate relationship succeeded the formality of a wedding.

The eight people sitting around were about to bow, but they were stopped by Shangguan Wan.

These eight people had distinguished statuses.

Even though she was in power now, she was still very careful and polite when facing these people.

Purple Xiao Sword Sects master—Song Luan—smiled and said, “Old Song, I didnt expect your current disciples to be so stubborn.

Like before, I think you really have a way of teaching your disciples!”

The crowd grew increasingly quiet once he said this, and they looked at each other awkwardly. It seemed like all these masters saw whatever happened here earlier.

The round-faced woman instantly became nervous. If it werent for me, Master wouldnt be treated sarcastically now…

Weichi Songs face appeared to be even frailer than before, but his eyes didnt change after he listened to Song Luans words.

“Of course.

My Chong Xu Cabinets disciples are good.”

Jiu Xing Alliances master, Zhang Hua, sneered at the side.

“Old Song, is there nobody else in Chong Xu Cabinet How can you send such a young girl—who cant even uphold her own clans reputation and needs to depend on others for help—over… Even when shes like this, she still wanted to snatch the seat forcefully.

Dont you think its a little inappropriate”

Weichi Song lightly glanced at him.

“Its better than those people who dont know their place and try to overrule the ones above them.”

Zhang Hua was stumped. My Jiu Xing Alliances status indeed cant compare to that of Chong Xu Cabinet.

Even if Chong Xu Cabinet is about to fall, their reputation as one of the four biggest clans hasnt been removed.

Hence, they do have some backing.

He was so angry that he smiled and turned the ring on his finger.

“Old Song, your words make sense, so its my Jiu Xing Alliances disciple that offended you.

But… I wonder if youve heard of this before, Old Song When you bite off more than you can chew, you will eventually choke to death!”

The air in the surroundings seemed to freeze.

Saying this in front of Weichi Song was akin to pointing at his nose and scolding him!

This wasnt just subtle—this was true mockery!

“You need a young girl who has just matured to help you… Did Chong Xu Cabinet really fall to this step” said Zhang Hua as his face was filled with mockery.

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows a notch. In the past, Zhang Hua was very nice to Weichi Song as he tried to flatter and please him in all sorts of ways.

Once, in order to beg for a pill, he personally went to Chong Xu Cabinet and waited outside for half a month.

This was because Weichi Song was cultivating in seclusion, and he didnt want to send someone to inform him.

In the end, after Weichi Song came out himself and saw Zhang Hua, he then knew that Zhang Hua had come.

It was also because of this that Weichi Song treated Zhang Hua very well as if he was his own junior.

Jiu Xing Alliance and Chong Xu Cabinets relationship was also very close.

I didnt expect… Once Chong Xu Cabinet met with its demise and was heavily impacted, the one that couldnt hold back the most was Jiu Xing Alliance.

“If youre in the right, people will help you.

If youre not, youll be left alone.

How is it my fault that nobody wants to help your Jiu Xing Alliance” Weichi Song didnt budge. Even though things were different from the past, I definitely wont let other people bully my disciple as long as Im still Chong Xu Cabinets master!

“You…” Zhang Hua panicked.

But Weichi Song already turned to Chu Liuyue.

They were a distance away, and Chu Liuyue was sitting quite behind in the crowd, so it wasnt easy to look for her.

However, Weichi Song still managed to see her at first glance.

Suddenly, he was slightly stunned. T-this girl looks kind of familiar.

Its as if Ive seen her before.

Chu Liuyue met with Weichi Songs gaze and nodded slightly.

Light instantly flashed across Weichi Songs mind. Yes! I saw this girl at Hundred Herbs Building before! At that time, I focused most of my attention on the seal, so I didnt really care about what was happening around me.

But as this girl was very generous with her money, I noticed her a little more.

I didnt expect her to willingly help us after meeting us again today.

Chong Xu Cabinets status is very dangerous now, and people in Xi Ling City try to avoid us as much as they can.

Nobody is willing to be related to us.

This Chu Liuyue… She should know about this, but she was still willing to stand up for us… Its indeed puzzling.

Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng werent with these people beforehand, so they did not see the fight scene.

But before they came, their subordinates had already explained the situation here to them.

So even though Shangguan Wan looked very calm, her heart was filled with curiosity.

She searched the crowd as she smiled and said, “Thank you, Seniors, for taking the time to come down today.

Im really surprised and thankful.

All your time is very precious, so lets not talk much.

Well start directly, alright”

Her words had given them an out, so the few of them nodded in agreement.

Shangguan Wan nodded at Chan Yi beside her.

Chan Yi walked forward with a straight back, and her hands overlapped in front of her stomach.

Though she was wearing a palace maids clothes, she was very solemn.

The crowd saw her aura and quietened down.

Chan Yi surveyed her surroundings and said loudly, “Top ten of the Wan Zheng Competition, please step forward.”

Some people from the crowd walked out and stood in the center according to their ranking.

Shangguan Wan sat up straight.

“Who is Chu Liuyue that came in first”

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